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When Should Application For College Be Sent

College Application Process?

Go to the admissions /apply web page for the schools and it will either send you to theirs to fill out or sent you to the common application. That is how you know. anything above a 1000 on the SAT is good. Remember colleges are looking for well rounded individuals. Colleges don't require you to have good vocabulary but its a given that you should. Or everyone will seriously think you are dumb and don't belong there. The world is a harsh place, just warning you now. But don't be scared. Don't forget to look for the supplimental forms the different colleges want. For example with the Common app they ask for four forms to be printed and then filled out and mailed to the college.

Can I send colleges my TRANSCRIPT before the APPLICATION?

You can do that but when your transcripts come they have nothing to match it to until your application is submitted.
Works either way.

When do you apply for college?

junior year is the year colleges look at; take your SATS/ACT get your GPA up, get your transcript information, do your AP exams.

Senior year by October-December you should have sent in your applications to your schools. then FAFSA and all the stuff the school requires you to send. By February, the acceptance/rejection letters from colleges start arriving. by June you should know where you should be going. :)

Accidentally submitted my college application!?

I was working on my college application, and it was basically all done, but the essay wasn't completely revised yet... I accidentally submitted it by pressing the wrong button! I emailed the undergrad office of admissions and explained the issue... What should I do?! Please help! :(

What happens if I accidentally send my college application twice?

Don't worry about it. Just call the school and tell them the situation they probably won't even care. The only thing I'm worried about is that it said your application was incomplete call the school and ask them if it is possible for them to check your application status to make sure you actually have a complete application. As far as sending two applications they won't care about that trust me it happens all the time.

What Happens if You Don t Pay a College Application Fee?

I was going through free college applications in my emails and I applied to one college not realizing the fee wasn t waived. I don t really want to attend the school, I m just applying so some schools can be my backup. Even though I sent in the form, if I don t send in the payment will they just ignore the form?

Can I submit my college application if my letter of recommendation hasn't been sent in yet? Will colleges get the letter after it is turned in to the Common App?

This is probably a bit late of an answer. Yes, you can submit the Common Application while your recommendations have not yet been uploaded, as long as the recommender is already assigned to the University. The college will recieve it as soon as the recommender uploads it to the common app.

Sending transcripts to for my college transfer applications?

Unfortunately my college guidance center really couldn't help.

I have forms here to forward my transcript to any addresses I'd like.

My question: I am applying to transfer to another university and will be completing the online applications. Do I need to have the transcripts already sent to them in advance? Do I send the transcripts to a specific office per school? I suppose I'm confused how they receive them and pair them up with my application...

Any help/info on this would be GREATLY appreciated!

When applying to US colleges, should I only send my transcript for 9,10 and 11th grade?

Yes, since you are currently a senior (12th grade) at high school, your transcript should contain 9–11 grades. If you are admitted and commit to this college, you’ll be required to submit the final transcript for 9–12th grades to finalize the enrollment paperwork.(In some countries, high school years are different: it could be 9–11th grades, or even 8–10th, or 7–12th. If you have a question about transcript requirements, contact the admissions office directly. )If you apply early action/decision and are deferred, you’ll be able to submit the fall semester grades as an update + any new awards or test scores.You ask “Should I send my transcript…” - I just want to make sure that you know that the transcript must be submitted to college directly by your school, not by you as an applicant. It can be submitted electronically or mailed to the address provided on the admissions website. Pay attention to the translation requirements for the foreign documentation.