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When Was Jamb Form Out

When are the JAMB results for 2013/2014 coming out?

howdy Papa I havent been on plenty and so I havent gotten any vio's these days yet once you get the e mail in basic terms hit respond on the best it has an instantaneous digital mail addres to customer care, that's often what I did.

Is jamb result out 2012/2013?

Yes, the result is out and is available for you to check online here:

You can also check the JAMB-UTME 2012/2013 cut-off marks for all the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education here:

Door jamb not flush with wall?

The only real solution is to install a unit with the same jamb as the old unit. But since your unit is already installed, you now have to make a jamb extension. If you are somewhat handy, it's not that hard to do. All you need is some 1 x material (depending on wether you are staining the jamb or painting) If you are painting, just get a #1 or #2 material, but if you are staining, you need to have clear material. It is possible to get 3/8" rips of 1 x at a Home Depot if they have it in stock. If not, just get a 1 x 4 x 8' and use a table saw or a circular saw to rip it down to 3/8". It might be time consuming, but the straighter you cut, the better it will look. Just install it with finish nails, or brads, apply some wood glue in the joint to create a good bond. Make sure the extension jamb is flush with the jamb so it looks like one continous piece upon completion. Afterwards, install your casing. It is ok, if you jamb is sticking past the wall surface (anywhere form 1/16" - 1/8") it will be covered up by the casing. Hope this helps.

Pls when is unilag's post jamb result coming out?

you will have to keep your ears open and your eyes as well,they normally use the punch news paper and the punch daily news paper both in Nigeria, and also the in campus monthly publication of each department would certainly prove helpful to you.By the end of October is my guess.

You can fill IN the form or you can fill OUT the form, but you cannot fill it UP.

Application Forms are not available right now but most probably the JNU entrance examination would be conducted in the month of May 2019. The exam would be conducted by National Testing Agency and would be computer based with MCQs.

In terms of outcome, they mean the same thing. Usage, at least in my Canadian neighbourhood, varies depending on how specific the circumstance is.[Clerk hands you a blank form.]Here, fill in this form.Here, fill this out.

How do I install door trim when the window and door stick out farther than the drywall?

Hey, it what im hearing is what I think you need to put trim around the doors and windows. This is to hide the gap, look at any door or window in and building, it should have trim around it. If the door and windows are flush with the sheet rock just installed some 1'x 2' trim or what ever size you want. Just use trim nails and nail it to the wood of the door and window. As far as the base by the door, try to get trim that will go all the way to it to fill the gap. Best way is to use as wide a trim as possible so worst case you may have to pull of the base and trim it down, recaulk and paint. If you get the trim to small where it does'nt butt up to the base you will have a gap, you could caulk it or buy more base to extend over. So its better to cut the base with the wider trim. After you install the trim caulk it to the sheet rock, do all caulking first and fill any nail holes with wood putty. Let it all dry for a few hours at least. If its raw wood then put a primer on it, after it dries give it a light sand to make the finish smooth. Just real fast with some 100 grit sand paper will be fine. Then put two coats of finish paint, most doors and windows are semi-gloss. Don't use flat paint as a finish, it will absorb water, if you don't like a shin get satin or egg-shell. As for if you ever need to caulk a larger gap there is material call "backer rod". Its round spongy tube shaped material comes in different sizes, you shove it in the crack the caulk over it to help hold the caulk and use less. You can get it at any construction supply or Home Depot or Lowe's. Hope this helped. Good luck!