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When Was The First Time You Got Drunk Not Just Like A Sip But Actually Drunk

When was the first time you drank alcohol?

My mom handed me my first beer when i was 13 years old.
I drank it and she handed me two more.
That was the first time i got drunk.
When i was 14 i was drinking everyday and doing hard drugs.
I got kicked out of school and sent to alternative school for possesion and intoxication of alcohol.
I was sexually assaulted twice while being drunk. Once by a friend and once by a family member.
I got alcohol poisoning and had been sent to rehab.
But that didnt stop me.
When i was 15 i was raped while unconscious from drinking and became pregnant and ended up dropping out of school.
Havent drank a drop since. Almost been a year. Kept the kid.
Please be careful.
Drinking can change your life forever.
And please think about drinking before you do it.

How Old Were You The First Time You Actually Got Drunk?

The first and only time I ever got drunk was when I was 25. I am 55 now and I don't drink any alcoholic drinks any more. It makes me tired. I don't have a good time. I don't like the way it makes me feel.

When was the first time you got drunk? What happened?

When I was 15, I went to a night club for the first time.Okay, calling it a ‘night club’ is probably a huge exaggeration. There was a place in Zagreb called ‘Stross’, which used to throw partys for high school students. In contrast to real ‘night clubs’, where things rarely started happening before 1 A.M., people started gathering at ‘Stross’ around 8 P.M.; by 1 A.M. everything was already over.In any case, I was incredibly excited. It is no joke, your first big night out. Moreover, some cute girls from the class were also going , which merely increased the tension.As mentioned, we gathered at Stross around 8 P.M. In order to calm my nerves a bit, I went and grabbed a beer (in Croatia, it is legal to buy alcohol only if you are older than 18, but do you really think anyone who organizes parties for high school students cared about that?). I think it was the first time I actually drank alcohol, if we disregard the customary ‘oh let him try some wine’ taints at big family gatherings. And I kinda liked it.Anyway, approximately four hours and three beers later, I found myself half asleep on the back seat of the friends’ parents car. I wasn’t quite wasted, but I wasn’t quite myself as well. However, I was present enough to realize the dangers awaiting me at home - suppose my parents found out I have been drinking?My ride was curteous enough to give me a lift all the way to my building. I got out of the car, called the elevator, climbed to the sixth floor, put my key in the keyhoole and took a deep breath.“Okay, Vjeko, let’s play it cool.”My parents were watching TV and were just in the middle of some movie. I entered the room, chatted with them cooly and effortlessly, told them a bit about the night out and withdrew to my room.“Well, that went better than expected”, I thought, before falling asleep.The next morning, I woke up and went to breakfast. My parents were already sitting there. When I entered the room, they immediately turned their attention toward me and looked at me with indicative smirks. Something like this:That’s when my mother asked me:“Son, do you love us?”I wondered why on Earth she asks me that first thing in the morning.But then she explained to me that last night, I ‘cooly’ entered their room, turned off their TV and suddenly went full emotional:“Father! Mother!I love you so much!I looooooove you!You are da best!!!”

How old were you when you first got drunk?

I don't know. Late 30's early 40's? I did the math. I treated it like a dose of medicine. I was "technically" drunk. Had I driven I would have been arrested. But I didn't feel a thing. No side-effects...nothing. I tried the "experiment" a total of 3 times with similar results. I varied the rate at which I drank. I varied the amount. I should have felt something. But I didn't.

I still don't know what a "buzz" is. Nor did I get the benefits of "relaxing" that I sought. It's supposed to be a depressant. A doctor told me that to get the desired effects I would have to "overdose" and pay for it with unwanted side-effects. I gave up on using alcohol as a drug. The side-effects that have been reported are not worth it.

How old were you when you first got drunk?

Probably 22-23, I didn't really care too much about alcohol, but I think the first time I got noticeably drunk was around there.

What age were you the first time you got drunk?

I cant remember the first time I drank, I would occasionally get passed a beer or get a sip from my dads when I was younger, But the first time I got drunk, I was 13 at a friend's house, we were drinking Whiskey maybe Vodka, and dr pepper but we were also taking shots, my friends were all older, better drinkers than me, and one of them was doing push ups and head rolling on the floor because he said that makes you drunker so I joined him, to this day Im not sure if that was true or just a myth but I dont do that when I drink anymore anyways because although I do prefer to drink cheap macro lagers I enjoy the taste, getting a nice buzz is good too, I woke up the next morning laying in the bed next to my friend, his mom was cooking hash-browns, eggs, and sausage and once that smell hit me I felt like I was about to puke, wasn't my funniest drunk story, but it was my first time, nowadays I prefer to having a fun loving person to drink with, me and my brother buy some Icehouse beer just about every weekend, start a campfire, play video games, watch a movie or TV, and for whatever reason my brother tends to love to talk politics when we drink, Its a nice get away from my daily life

At what age did you get drunk for the first time?

Nine.I went to a wedding with my parents. (An interesting aside was that the bride and groom were third cousins and I was third cousins to them both on my father’s side. Not sure how my parents answered the question of, “Bride’s or groom’s family?”) My mother didn’t drink but politely took a sip for the toasts before passing the booze to me. In additions the waiting staff gave me my own alcohol (quite legal in England in 1974). I was absolutely hammered and went to sleep under the table!Oddly, I didn’t have a hangover.

Will i get drunk off a tiny sip of vodka as a first time drinker?

You won't be affected at all. The only thing will be the taste haha. You won't like it at advice on that is swallow as fast as you can.. But you really won't get drunk or even tipsy. A tiny amount of vodka like that. Even for someone who never drank's like sipping water. However if you do plan on getting drunk. I wouldn't recommend it. It's fun at first but after an hour or two it's one of the worse feelings ever. Just get a good tipsy. & you'll still have a blast.

When was the last time you were drunk?

May, 2015 — The bottles emptied without any effect on me (with a reason)It was the last day of my college as the B.Tech. program of four years came to an end. My friends decided to get high. I never used to get drunk so I was compelled by to do try it with them for once to which I said, YES.The same day we bought this :Yes, the Antiquity (whisky). Exactly these two bottles depicted in the image above.We were seven guys and the first peg went for me as I was drinking for the first time.The second peg went for our college life and its ending. And this went on.It was quite good as 3 friends out of 7 lost their senses and these things happened. The first one started vomiting and he was out.The second one started singing in his own way some old song.The third one came near to me, hugged me and said “Bhai(brother) I Love you. You loved your girlfriend a lot, whole college knows that. But she is not a good girl, be intelligent please. Try to understand me, she is not serious for you. Leave her and lead a happy life.”I was smiling and hugged him with brotherhood.I smiled because, they didn’t know I already broke up with her months back.I smiled because the reason for my break up was she cheating on me and not being serious for me.I thought that yes love is really blind as apart from me everybody knew that she was not serious for me and didn’t love me. Except me everybody knew she was not the right girl for me.I smiled at my self (crying inside)I had two more pegs after that and left. :’)My friends were surprised seeing me in my full senses after 8 pegs of Antiquity. They asked me ‘HOW ?’ I was not able to explain them that whether it be alcohol but nothing takes over you when you are damn broken from inside.