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When Will Walmart Get More Playstation 4


If you buy new games in Target or Gamestop, their going to cost $59.99 plus tax. Wal-Mart go for $59.85 plus tax. At Gamestop, they also sale used games that are good condition for about $52-54 plus tax. As a guy & gamer, if you want to surprise him, buy him a 1600 Microsoft points which it cost $19.00 & a Call of Duty:Black Ops-Hardened Edition that cost $70.00.

I never heard a game called "Bullerproof". Do you mean "Bulletproof" from the rapper from 50 cents? That game is from the original Xbox console & I'm not sure if that game will play on the Xbox 360 but I believe it will work. Or do you mean "Bullletstorm"? Go with Call of Duty:Black Ops because is popular & very worth it. Especially he likes the military & history. Happy buying!

P.S. Buying him will be enough for his B-Day present & maybe take him for a lunch or dinner. Just make sure that you don't go over budget or debt since you don't have a job yet.

How much is a ps4 at Walmart?

Well in many main stores ( Target, Walmart, GameStop) it's $400

Does Walmart sell one month membership to playstation plus?

Even if they did, what's the point of just 1 month? The price would be very expensive, and after that month any games you had downloaded will be unplayable unless you start up your subscription again.

How late can you return an item to Walmart?

After having worked in multiple Walmart’s in different markets and states I can honestly say that every store is different, because not every store or for that matter manager on duty or store manager follows policy the same way. In some stores you will not receive cash for a no receipt return even though policy states you can, you will only receive a gift card. I work at a store like that even if you return a item under a dollar we’ll give you a gift card. In some stores especially ones who are open 24 hours a day, you may return items if the service desk is closed for the night at other registers but not at all stores. At some stores certain customer service managers might be willing to go to a regular register turn a key to make it possible to do returns on them and then do the return but some customer service managers wont in the exact same store. For myself once I start the close down and am escorting or in possession of cash from the registers I have closed, I will not digress from that duty to do a return. In general if the store is not open 24 hours a day it is easier to do a return before the service desk opens than after it closes because there is more time for the customer service manager to do it. The closing customer service manager has a finite amount of time left to get her job done versus the one who’s day and duties are just beginningAs for the length of time to do a return in general most everything we carry is a 90 day return however there are items that are 1 year, 30 days,15 days, and 14 days as well. Some of those items if they carry a serial number and your cashier properly scanned it at the point of sale we can pull up if it is returnable without a receipt. Some items will not be allowed by law to be returned no matter what.If you are getting the idea that there are a lot of rules for returns you would be correct, if you are getting the idea that it really is luck of the draw in some areas you would again be correct.

Can I use a Wal Mart money card to pay bills like ACH Debits from a traditional checking account?

According to WalMart Money's website you can set your account up to pay bills via ACH.

Can Walmart track stolen items?

They can talk to the police and file reports so if any of the stuff shows up in nearby pawn shops then they would know about it. That's sort of it beyond the electronic sensors that would go off if you tried to grab any of that stuff and walk out the door.

If you're thinking of stealing anything then you're probably going to get a rude awakening when the guy who was next to you turns out to be one of their plainclothes security guys as you stuff something in your bag. The electronics section is probably the worst place to steal stuff because they'll always have people around it because electronics are expensive.

Can I take an item back to Walmart after 4 months?

As a CSM I only ever let it go if we were talking about days. Like under 97 (policy is 90). If you have a receipt and it says it's been longer than that, the answer is no. A way around this is if you don't bring your receipt. As long as it wasn't a clearance item, then there's no way we can know how long it's been. However, non-receipts returns count against you, so be careful with that.Once had a women try to return a fan she had purchased last year because it stopped working. However, she had obviously bought a new one and stuck the old one in its box. Tried to return it as though she had bought it yesterday. The thing was nasty and covered in dust like it was old. That was a no.