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Where Can I Buy A Jones Magazine

Where can I buy a Jones Magazine?

I've seen it at Barnes & Noble or Books A Million.

Target is hit or miss. If the Target is in an upper class neighborhood then they'll have it. if it's in a solidly middle class neighborhood then you might find it, you might not.

you're not going to find it at the drug store. you're going to have to look for it at someone who has a large selection of magazines. If the place you're looking at carries Nylon magazine then they usually carry Jones as well.

Can u buy a playboy magazine under the age of18 at a store??

Sadly, no.

What can you tell me about the news magazine EIR, Executive Intelligence Review, and its founder Lyndon LaRouche?

Lyndon LaRouche used to have tables at every major airport with a picture of Jane Fonda, at a time when she was controversial. As soon a Fonda haters walked up to the table they were sold his magazines. He was convicted of using this method to steal peoples credit cards and fund his various efforts to run for President.According to the FBI the US Communist party used human stink bombs to disrupt labor unions and spread false information. The LaRouche organization looked like an FBI version of a stink bomb to disrupt leftists political groups and leftist information.One of the more widely reprinted articles in Covert Action was one I authored about Robert Moss and Brian Crozier. Crozier later wrote that he took the private elevator of the CIA director every time he visited to get paid. For about 20 years the CIA funded Moss and Crozier to spread disinformation. They were the top of the worldwide pyramid of fake news.LaRouche came out with a special issue devoted entirely to Moss and Crozier in which they ended up working for the KGB.LaRouche had one of his goons call me off and on for 1 year to ask questions about 5 different articles in Covert Action. Martin A Lee, a person who at the time was unknown, then took this information, plagiarized content from my articles verbatim, and together with a confederate at Mother Jones was introduced as an expert on the CIA. Mother Jones admitted knowing about the relation to the LaRouche group, and even paid them for the research that went into the artcle. They admitted to the plagiarism. They still backed this Lee person’s next project Acid Dreams, which became both a book and a documentary. In this version, the CIA was like your cool uncle who really started the US campus counter-culture by spreading LSD. Forget MK-ULTRA.

Which magazines does Target carry?

From what I can tell, as a customer, Target has a pretty standard newsstand selection. All of the top titles in several categories: men's/women's, food, travel, health, cars, sports, entertainment, bridal, etc. I've noticed some local titles, too. For example, the Target stores in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) usually carry San Francisco magazine and sometimes carry Diablo magazine.

Why still the superficial topics in most women's magazines?

I took a women and media studies class in college, and I bet the info we found out then hasn't changed much (I did a couple of research papers on magazines):

1) Most of the Women's magazine owners were men
2) Most of the Women's magazine editors were men
3) Most of the Women's magazine writers were men
4) Just like television, the main reason the magazines existed, was to sell ads
5) Many women's magazines owners/editors are pressured by their advertisers to create articles relating to their products (ie What will solve your man problem? Shave more)

I've never bought a women's magazine. I have been given sub's that I've thrown away. I subscribed to Ms for years, Curve (lesbian), off my back, and The Women's Review of Books. I've liked these progressive mags enough to subscribe at various times as well: Mother Jones and Utne Reader

I've picked up copies of B*tch, Bust, Jane, Signs, and progressive mag's like In These Times and Dissent, and gay mag's like Out and the Advocate.

How many members do not subscribe to magazines?

I like the magazines, but always forget to re-subscribe to them. They cost extra, and I usually buy a few years worth or membership at a time. Thanks for reminding me Mother Jones. I am going to buy some more membership and magazines. Maybe this time I will become a life member.

For the case that overturned the California magazine ban, is it true that Xavier Becerra presented an article from "Mother Jones" as evidence?

Yes, it is true. Mentioned in the decision on Page 48.This Court has observed that the quality of the evidence relied on by the State is remarkably thin. The State’s reliance and the State’s experts’ reliance on compilations such as the Mother Jones Magazine survey is an example. The survey is found in the Attorney General’s Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment at Exhibit37. It purports to be a survey of mass shootings. It does not indicate how its data is selected, or assembled, or tested. It is unaccompanied by any declaration as to its accuracy. It is probably not peer-reviewed. It has no widely-accepted reputation for objectivity. While it might be something that an expert considers in forming an admissible opinion, the survey by itself would be inadmissible under the normal rules of evidence.The State says that the survey “has been cited favorably in numerous cases,” citing three decisions. Id. at n. 13. Of the three cases listed, however, the survey is not mentioned at all in one case, mentioned only as something an expert relied on in the second case, and mentioned only in passing as “exhaustive” but without analysis in the third. On the other hand, after the Attorney General’s brief was filed, the Third Circuit noted issues with the Mother Jones Magazine survey, remarking, “Mother Jones has changed it definition of a mass shooting over time, setting a different minimum number of fatalities or shooters, and may have omitted a significant number of mass shooting incidents.” Ass’n of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc. v. Attorney Gen. New Jersey, 910 F.3d 106, 113 (3d Cir. 2018); see also Ass’n of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc. v. Grewal, No. 317CV10507PGSLHG, 2018 WL 4688345, at *5 (D.N.J. Sept. 28, 2018) (state’s expert Lucy Allen admitted that the Mother Jones survey omitted 40% of mass shooting cases).Emphasis mine.https://d3uwh8jpzww49g.cloudfron...That is NOT a ringing endorsement of the government’s approach to “evidence”.

Someone tell me the pros and cons of Edward Jones!?

Pro - Puts a human face to putting your money into a mutual fund with a high commission rate and high expense ratio. It's better than not investing, but do you really need to give up 5% of your investment upfront to have a guy tell you that you are "investing for the long-term" when the market is crashing?

Con - High commission rate. You can do better. Go direct to a company like Vanguard. They have no upfront commission and very low expense ratio (annual cost of operating the fund as a % of your assets).

Educate yourself. Subscribe to Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine and start reading. In the meantime, start plunking your money in the Vanguard 500 Index fund or the Vanguard Star fund. Those are great starter funds - and they'll probably do well for you over the long-term as well. As you learn more and build up your assets, you can do other things. But, you'll probably have a high % of your investable assets in one of these funds.

Given that the market has been climbing and is at an all-time high, it might be worth considering just investing half of your money into a stock mutual fund now and putting the other half into a money market account for the time being, just to protect yourself in case the market has any major corrections. If the market does go down, then what you have stashed in cash won't go down with it.

Good luck!

What is the "boyfriend loophole" mentioned by Alabama Senator Doug Jones relating to the Second Amendment in this week's Time magazine?

He’s referring, inartfully, to “straw purchases”. The act of having someone who can pass a background check to buy a gun for someone who cannot pass one.He’s calling it the “boyfriend loophole” because this crime is often committed by women at the behest of their boyfriends to buy guns for them because they have “issues” filling out the forms and can’t pass the check. These women know something is up or even know outright their boyfriends are convicted criminals but let themselves be persuaded it is no big deal. That love is more important than committing felonies.It has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment and it isn’t a “loophole”. It is a felony and should be prosecuted whenever these boyfriends are found with guns their women filled out a form, signed stating the gun was for them knowingly lying about it, and then handing it over to someone they know couldn’t have one. That is another separate Federal and State crime.And one of the few crimes where a criminal signs a confession on penalty of perjury and conviction for violating Federal firearms laws. Which carry a penalty of 10 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine. Then virtually never prosecuted.