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Where Can I Buy Normal Wristbands The Athletic Ones How Much Is It

What are some materials needed for basketball?

Clothes: T-shirt or a tank top will do; sport bras, Basketball shorts (that are at least your knees)
Basketball shoes, you can a pair form any sport store, a basketball, and of course the goal and the net.

Is buying a Fitbit worth it? If so, which one?

I really enjoyed my Fitbit wristband when I had it.I initially got a Fitbit Flex as a present, and thought it could be interesting to use.Initially, I used all the functions including sleep monitor etc. But after a month or so, I started slacking off. It was simply too much hassle to register each time I went to bed, and each time I got up. So I stopped using that function.I stopped using it after some four months, and after a while I borrowed my brothers Fitbit Surge. Now this was much simpler to use, and I actually enjoyed it for quite a while.My only gripe with it is, that if you really want to use it you have to wear it almost all the time. If you wear it almost all the time, you’re much more likely to be one of those who develop a rash or an allergic reaction to the fabric.I’m one of those lucky someones. After having used it nonstop for a month or maybe two, I got a reaction. From one day till the next, the skin underneath it looked like it had been burned and started itching like mad. I took it off and waited two weeks, put it on, and the next day same result.So I haven’t used it since. But I definitely liked the newer model a lot better. Just the fact that it automatically registered my sleep patterns, instead of having to be told whether I was awake or not, was a huge improvement.My advice, if you want a Fitbit wristband, opt for the more expensive models. Do some research and find out which model fits your needs. It might very well be a better use of your money to give that little extra. I’d rather pay more for a product that I’ll use, than less for one I’ll toss away in frustration after a month.I’d probably be leaning towards either the Fitbit Surge or the Fitbit Charge HR models… but I don’t have any idea if they got some newer models.

Which is the best Fitness Band available in India and why?

The fitness bands segment has evolved a lot from where it was a few years back. There are now plenty of options available in the store and thus it important to pick the best of the lot.If you are someone who wants to monitor your heart rate while you work out, you should definitely strap on one of these stylish looking fitness bands.Here are the best Fitness Band with heart rate monitor available in India.BEST FITNESS BAND WITH HEART RATE MONITOR IN INDIAFitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchTomTom Adventurer GPS Multisport Outdoor WatchApple Watch Series 3Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity TrackerFitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super WatchFitbit Alta HR – LargeTomTom Spark 3 Cardio GPS Multisport Fitness WatchGOQii Heart Care TrackerTomTom Touch Cardio Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate MonitorGarmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker

What makes a girl hot and wat kind of style is a turn on (for teenagers)?

Everyone has different taste. A friend of mine really prefers thicker girls, because he just does. Some people like really skinny girls and some more average. It just depends on the person. But the thing is, when you get down to it, that one person that is going to love you for you won't care about your size or shape. So the best thing to do is dress and look the way YOU want to. When we look in the mirror we want to like what we see, right? and once you do, people WILL notice that confidence and probably find you more attractive as well.

A lot of the time, looking how you want is a matter of just accepting the way you already look. And people will tell you stuff like "Don't change yourself! You're beautiful!" and that is true, but you can do things to make yourself more comfortable in your body. Like if someone thinks they're out of shape then they can eat better and workout. Making small goals to change is a good thing.

Now, in case you're interested I think what makes a girl hot PHYSICALLY is thick, dark hair; athletic body; cute face; and clothes that aren't too girly(maybe even tomboyish). But you see, that's a very general description because I can't describe my dream girl. And EVERYONE will have different pictures of attractiveness.

So I guess if you take anything out of this I would hope it would be that you should dress and look how YOU like, and then people with similar taste will come to you :]

I wish you luck [:


Bruises from Volleyball?

when you first start playin your arms are gonna feel sore & num & all red, That is very normal!
because your arms are not used to the constant blood movement from your arms& the ball being hit over & over!
ITS OK just ice it

Why do Baseball players wear wrist-tape?

More for defense than anything -- prevents the two bones of the lower arm from bowing slightly if landed on during a diving catch.

Do phiten bracelets and necklaces really work?

Phiten is a Japanese company that patented a special process for incorporating Titanium in regular fabric and rubber on a microscopic level (so you can't see or feel any metal). They use this process to make lots of different styles of sport necklaces (and bracelets and other things), saying that the titanium helps align the flow of energy in your body, making sore muscles feel better, and improving athletic performance. Many people think this is a scam because it sounds impossible, but the vast majority of people who have some kind of muscle pain and actually try wearing Phiten products, find that they help! And a huge number of professional baseball players (not to mention tennis and basketball and other pro athletes) wear these now. You can buy them all over and try for yourself. At least one site, offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can return it for any reason for 60 days.