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Where Can I Find A Good King Size Double Bed

What is a good king size bed, at a reasonable price?

My husband & I are looking to get a comfortable king-size bed. There are so many advertisements & companies out there saying they'll beat competitors prices, and we've gone in mattress stores before and felt bombarded by the salesman and didn't end up buying anything.

What is a good brand? Serta? I've heard that pillow-tops can loose their fluffiness pretty quickly.

And what is a reasonable price to expect to pay?

How much does a good king sized bed and mattress cost?

I saw this idea in a do-it-yourself magazine a while ago so you may consider it an outdated idea but it might work for a short term resolution. (I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the magazine. The DIYer's were duplicating a high end Asian look on a budget. ) A light weight material (like masonite or quarter inch ply wood at home improvement stores) painted in a matching or contrasting color of the bed frame laid under the mattress on top of the bed frame will give you a clean contemporary look, until you can afford to buy a king mattress. Their end result was very pretty. Good luck!

What is a good size bed for my height?

I am 18 years old and 5'10 and we don't live in a big home, with 3 rooms. My parents have a king size bed for themselves, my 2 older brothers that I share one room with have a full size bed while I am stuck with a twin size bed on wheels which has given me trouble to sleep. My younger sister who is 16 has a room to herself just because my parents say she's a girl and needs her own room and she too has a full size bed. I find this unfair that I am stuck on a small bed that doesn't let me sleep and has given me back problems while everyone sleeps nice and easy on bigger beds.

Do you agree that it should be equal for atleast everyone in the house to sleep on the same size bed?

Where can I find good bedding?

Honestly, walmart. They are durable and affordable and come in MANY different styles. Just take a look at some of these:

Wether you are looking for something mature and sophisticated:
something teen and fun:

They pretty much have it all for under $75. And its nice because a lot of the bedding (mostly the teen selection) is reversible. So you can have a pattern when you want it, and then maybe as you get older you can flip it for a plain color.
Check them all out if you want:

Where can I find a summer/spring king sized comforter set/bed in a bag???

If you do not have a large sized front loading washing machine take the comforter to the laundrymat and use the double or triple loader machines-they are more than big enough. If this is a down comforter, use a clean tennis ball or tennis shoe in the dryer to get the feathers to fluff. I wash mine 3 to 4 times a year. The duvets (the covering) I wash more often.

Overall, Costo mattress are decent and since Costco has one of the easiest return policies, you could always return the mattress if you don’t like it. For the quality you get for the price you pay, I think there are better deals out there such as one of these highly rated mattresses.Foam mattresses are more comfortable for most people and it’s easier to transport. You can buy them online and receive them in a narrow box since they’re rolled up. With spring mattresses, it’s a whole big deal. The delivery person might ask for your help if you live on an upper floor.If you’re set on a mattress at Costco though, I’d just go with whatever is in your price range since you could always return it and try another one if you don’t like it. Many of the mattresses listed at the link above have free returns as well. The benefit of those is that you get to read the hundreds or thousands of reviews from other customers.

The length of a twin bed is 74″, while the length of a king bed is 80″. If you put two twins side by side, you would still have the disparity in length.Also, a twin is 39″ wide, so two twins would be 78″. Compare that to the width of a king bed at 76″. So there would be a 2″ difference in width as well.Source: Mattress Sizes And Dimensions- A Comprehensive Overview

There’s nothing like falling into bed on the end of an extended, difficult day at paintings. it can be, quite likely, one of the greatest emotions ever. but what if your bed is vintage and sporting out?it is able to create all forms of troubles to your again, not to mention that it gained’t be as enjoyable to fall into bed on the end of that long day you just had. perhaps you've got been looking and searching and simply can’t decide on what to get.Or perhaps you idea of attempting to find a new mattress nowadays as you cracked and creaked your manner off of your lumpy antique unhappy excuse for a dozing platform. nicely, here is a quick list of a few excellent options to replace that unhappy mat you’ve been slumbering on.For the functions of this submit, we are able to be focusing greater on twin sized mattresses for the solo sleeper, even though maximum of these additionally have an option for as much as queen or king sized as well.Know more visit best twin mattress

I think when you are in love, your partner can sleep on the floor and they would STILL have a good night’s sleep! At least that was how it was with my ex and I!However, when talking about mattress comfort, a good king size or queen would do. Or if you both want… two fulls put together! Good luck!

Standard Kingthe standard king, also known as the eastern king is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it the same length as a queen size bed but a full 16 inches wider.California KingCalifornia king, also known as western king mattresses are 4 inches longer than a standard king and 4 inches narrower, making them 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. California king mattresses are better suited for exceptionally tall people who have trouble fitting comfortably on a standard king.Split KingThe split king-size bed is comprised of two extra-long twin mattresses pushed together. Extra-long twin mattresses measure 38 to 39 inches wide by 80 inches long, pushing two together results in a bed almost exactly the same size as a standard king, measuring 76 to 78 inches wide by 80 inches long.