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Where Can I Find Info On This Law Code

Hammurabi's law code point of view?

'The code is often pointed to as the first example of the legal concept that some laws are so fundamental as to be beyond the ability of even a king to change.'

What was Rome first law code?

possibly the law of the 12 tables--

"The first legal text is the Law of the Twelve Tables..."

i say 'possibly' because there were laws before the 12 tables--

"Before the Twelve Tables (754–449 BC), private law comprised the Roman civil law (ius civile Quiritium) that applied only to Roman citizens, and was bonded to religion;..."

Was Hammurabi's law code fair?

For it's time yes, however in general no, the usual 'eye for an eye' that people learn in school isn't entirely accurate. It was an eye for an eye if the offenders were of the same class other wise it was very different. Such as if you were a rich man and killed a slave all you had to do was pay half his value to the owner. But if you were a slave and hit a rich man, you could be killed out right.

What is the difference between ACT and CODE in case of law?

A Code is a type of legislation that tries to exhaustively  cover a complete system of laws as it  existed at the time the code was enacted, by a process of codification. Thus it is clear that a code is a special type of action made by legislature.Basically, all laws that existed in form of statutes or customs or rules or regulstiond related to a matter are compiled and given a formal sanction under one umbrella.

Catherine the Great, Proposals for a New Code of Law—1767?

1.How does the law code reflect Enlightenment ideals? How are the concepts of society, laws of nature, equality, and liberty portrayed? What is the role of the community?

2.What is the role of government in the law code? In spite of the Enlightenment ideals expressed, how does the law code uphold characteristics of an absolute monarchy?

3.What is the significance of the statement “Russia is a European State”?

Questions about Law Code of Hammurabi?

What is the oldest known maritime law code?

Transportation of goods and passengers by water is one of the most ancient channels of commerce on record.This mode of transportation was and still is indispensable for international trade since ships are capable of carrying bulky goods which otherwise would not be carried. Rules governing relationships among participants of sea-transport have also been known since c.1st millennium BC.Ancient maritime rules derived from the customs of the early Egyptians, Phoenicians and the Greeks who carried an extensive commerce in the Mediterranean Sea. The earliest maritime code is credited to the island of Rhodes which is said to have influenced Roman law. It is generally accepted that the earliest maritime laws were the Rhodian Sea Laws, which have been claimed to date from 900 B.C., but which more likely appeared in the form recognized today during the period from 500 to 300 B.C. These laws were recognized in the Mediterranean world as a method of providing predictable treatment of merchants and their vessels. The complexity and attention to detail found in the Rhodian Sea Laws demonstrated the sophistication of commerce and trade of Ancient Greece – a world of commerce, the center of which, Rhodes, was in a position to dictate terms for trade.Although the decline of Greece and the rise of the Roman Empire did alter the influence of the Rhodian Sea Law, a uniform code based on the Rhodian Law remained and was recognized as essential to peaceful and profitable Mediterranean trade: the Mediterranean Sea was for more than one thousand years [300 B.C. to 1200 A.D.] only ruled by the Rhodian Law, although augmented with some additions by the Romans. Thus, the Digest of Justinian, dated 533 A.D., states the following regarding any controversy arising in the Mediterranean Sea: "This matter must be decided by the maritime law of the Rhodians, provided that no law of ours is opposed to it."But…something from me.The oldest unwritten law must be to rise a hand…like say hello when you see another boat.If you got no same answer, they are enemies ….for me sounds like LAW. I hope it helps.

Was the Hammurabi's Law Code Reiliable?

Please be specific about what you mean by "reliable."

What is a legal code in the USA?

A legal code is a comprehensive system of laws.For example, the legal code of my state, Washington, is the RCW, the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). It codifies all the state laws as passed by legislation.Let’s look at a law in the RCW: Title 9 is crimes and punishment. Chapter 41 is firearms. All firearm related laws can be found in chapter 9.41. Section 113 (Firearm sales or transfers-Background checks-Requirements-Exceptions.) implements universal background checks. Thus, the test of the universal background check law can be referenced as RCW 9.41.A legal code is just a catalog of all the laws enforced by a jurisdiction.