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Where Can I German Or Italian To Hire For My Law Firm In Egypt

Why did the Roman Empire fall?

A slave based society can not pass through the next stage of economic development which is industrialization. No need to make a work saving device, just get more slaves. - ( I put this before barbarian invasion because if the Roman empire was able to grow economically it could make up for so many failures on the battlefield. )A slave based society amplifies the difference between the haves and have nots. Not just between slaves and freemen, but between rich slave holders and poor unemployed freemen. This greatly reduced the amount of stake holders within the Empire. Why should you fight to defend a society you have no stake in?The Emperor system neither produced good Emperors on a regular basis or allowed for a peaceful line of succession. Civil War is the most wasteful and dangerous of enterprises when faced with an outside enemy.The Emperor system also needlessly added to the states bureaucracy. Just one example is Governor-ships. With each new Emperor political favors need to be payed back and new Govern-ships where created until the ranks of Governors swelled beyond what would of been recognizable in the 1st century.In the 3rd century AD, for reasons not completely understood today central Asian horsemen poured out to of the Russian steppe pushing Germanic tribes in front of them, pressing them up against the Empire.Extended conflict along the Rhine/Danube, and the extensive use of Germanic mercenaries allowed a technology transfer to such a degree that by the 4th century it was difficult to tell the difference from a German in the Roman army and one that was fighting the Roman army.The reopening of the Silk Route allowed the freer movement of goods and ideas, but also plague. Plague ravaged the Empire who’s densely populated cities where highly vulnerable.These pressures and mismanagement pushed the Roman tax system beyond the Laffer curve optimum. Taxes where pushed higher, revenues fell and then taxes where pushed higher again. The currency depreciated and the amount of silver used in the coinage was reduced by dilution.

How can I find the top law firms in Pakistan?

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What is the proper answer to "Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?"?

The answer is either yes or no. The answer you provide is dictated by whether you are legally authorized to work in the United States. If you are not an American citizen and are not a legal immigrant, you would know if you are authorized, since you would have gone through the process to be able to work here. It is a laborious process.If you answer no, you will not be able to get the job unless you obtain authorization and the potential employer is willing to help you. Include a cover letter in which you state you would like to obtain authorization. If you are filling out an application, and there is a place where you can add this information, add it to the application. Hopefully, this will help avoid having your resume thrown out, if you are a good applicant.If the job listing states, "must be authorized to work in the US," there is no point in applying for the job. If it does not, then apply for it and see if the employer is willing to sponsor you. If you answer yes and are lying, then when the employer finds out you are not authorized to work in the US, you will not be hired or you will be fired if you somehow got hired, and potentially reported to the appropriate authorities. Do not lie.

A medical a malpratice suit is held in what court?

Civil court

Multiple nationality: Can the legal (passport) name be different, in different passports/nationalities of a person with dual citizenship?

To answer the current version of the question, yes, someone with multiple citizenships could very well have different spellings of his/her name in each passport. This happens most often when a non-English (26 letters) character is used, and especially when name is originally spell in a non-Latin script (e.g. Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, etc.)So, first of all, someone with multiple passports should always present the appropriate passport to immigration/passport control when entering or leaving one of his/her "home" countries. If traveling to a third country, use same passport to enter and exit that country.Now, you also present your passport at the ticket counter as identification and evidence that you can travel to the country your are going to. In this case, present the passport with the same name/spelling as the ticket.The only problem I see is that if—on the inbound or outbound leg of your journey—you use a passport with the matching name, but it requires a visa at the other end. In this case the airline may not let you board. You will then have to present your other passport, and explain that you are a dual citizen, but with a different name. The ticket agent may then need to call the supervisor, who will then have to call someone else... So, carefully consider which name you purchase the ticket under.

Why did feudalism develop in Europe and Japan? What are some similarities? What are some differences?

wow, very nice, i will write you a whole essay if u dont be careful

feudalism developed for the want of an order, of rank especially, in society. Someone would proclaim himself the sovereign, but others, wanting to become like him, and make otehrs feel inferior, would give themselves the status of being higher than the rest.

the king would go along with this, since, as the tradition started becoming permanent, people grappled for his attention and good will with gifts, etc.
all of this started in europe, primaraly in england, around the 9th or 10th century.
europe: in 1512, the people revolted and made their king sign the magna carta, establishing their position, and an ever lasting rivalry, since they now had a say in the government, and could outrank, ergo the feuds (fights) for rank

the king wanted to control everything, even rural ppl, and tehy came to court, wanting a promotion

in japan: the emperor ruled
no revolts
a bit more orderly, and peaceful on the outside. I cannot give too much information, since i did china, but i know that they were similar, in wich case it really depended on the family, and birth, where as the emperor did not have much say (not bothering to) in the rural areas

How is bierlikor (beer liqueur/liquor?) made?

I'm a beer geek living in Germany right now, and among their interesting selection of beers I've come across something very interesting. They call it bierlikor. I've seen/tasted it at a few breweries, and it's fantastic! It's thicker than beer, generally gold colored, and retains some hop/malt flavor but is much sweeter and has around 30% alcohol.
As a homebrewer I'm very interested to know how it's made. I might like to make my own. On one brewery tour I tried to get details about how it's made, but they would only tell me it was "reduced beer." I know a couple ways to "reduce" beer are icing (freezing to remove water) or distilling, but I believe these would just make an ice beer or a strange hopped whiskey. Does anyone have more insight on this mysterious liquid?