Where Can I Get Billy The Puppets Trike

How is billy the puppet from saw riding a tricycle on its own?


Jigsaw. Billy the puppet dolls?

This Site Might Help You.

Jigsaw. Billy the puppet dolls?
Im looking on the internet for the "billy the puppet' doll from the movie saw. and I keep finding the 10inch ones and the 20inch ones but is there any site that are selling the real life sized ones? with the tricycle and all? Theres some on ebay but there like 700 dollars, is there...

Where can I buy a billy the puppet mask (from The movie "Saw")?

Check here:
You will find what you like!
Good luck!

Master of Puppets vs ...And Justice For All?

1. Which album has the better riffs? Master of Puppets
2. Which album has the better lyrics? AJFA
3. Which album would you say is heavier? AJFA
4. Which album has the best solos? MoP
5. Which album do you think influenced metal the most? MoP
6. Which album can you listen to from start to finish the most? MoP
7. Which album had the better instrumental? MoP
8. Which album could you not live without? MoP

MoP obviously influenced others more. But AJFA is a very underrated album. Its lyrics are much more dark and just better. It targets the corrupt justice system, and other things.

And I seriously love the riffs in the title track, ...AJFA. Especially at the ending, like the last twenty seconds, bow now now now. ******' sweet.

Bonus answer: Uhh, I'd have to say The Call of Ktulu. So dark and awesome, love it! :D

Where can I find a lifesize billy jigsaw puppet ?





<3 saw

Where can I get a cheap tricycle for a jigsaw puppet costume? (UK)?

At a big bike store or big toy store (they may include trikes with bikes or trikes with toys.)

Where can i buy a jigsaw tricycle?

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle

Roadmaster Duo Deck 10-Inch Trike

Metallica were more 80's than 90's (although I did love Load and ReLoad, and S&M was the best live DVD of that decade). Neither have  I  heard enough of Smashing Pumpkins to make my judgement on them.However I'd go with the Grunge Movement in the 90s, Pearl Jam, Mad Season, Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Fuel, Stone Temple Pilots (the latter two were not so "grunge"-y) and even Hole had a few good songs. These guys defined a genre and therefore I believe they were the best of the 90's.