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Where Can I Watch The Movie Amelie

Is the movie amelie all in french?


Have you seen the movie AMELIE?

movie poster:

someone keeps insisting i watch this.

As a man i can't bring myself to sit through 2 hours of this... the movie is described as "quirky"... now you tell me how many normal 20-25 year old MEN will you find that have actually seen this corny sh.i,t... how can I as a man watch this... i asked my friends and none of them had even heard of it, confirming my belief that only girls and effeminate men have watched this.
the movie is also french.. which is more reason not to watch it.
maybe im wrong. (unlikely)

Advice on watching the movie "Amelie"?

So I have the soundtrack on my ipod and I am absolutely in love with it. I want to watch the movie SO bad! BUT, it's rated R and I'm only 15.
Okay, let me explain. I'm Mormon. My parents are usually pretty lax about me watching rated R movies, but I asked my dad if I could watch it and he said, "we'll see..."
So what is it about this movie that my parents wouldn't let me watch it?
I read some reviews on it and it says there's sex scenes but to be humorous. Do you think that's a good enough excuse?
Thanks for answering in advance. I realize it's kind of a daft question.


Did you think "Amelie" was a good movie?

I liked the film very much. I thought it was a very nice and (some parts) emotional movie. You could watch it on a Sunday afternoon with you family or friends...

Is Amelie really that good of a movie?

It's a good movie.

Not great...but good enough to escape Europe and get into the US market.

Where can I watch Amelie the movie with English subtitles?

I love this movie and i would love to watch it online but the only place i can find with english subtitles is youtube but that version is rubbish quality, please help

Helpful answers only please
thank you

What are some movies similar to Amelie?

I’ve raised the same questions to lot of friends for years ..!Because, it’s my favorite feel good movie everIf you wanna try similar suggestion is try Barfi! (2012 movie) and Charlie (2015 movie)These two movies reminds me Amelie (2001 movie) but, still both are really worth to watch

Why was the French movie Amelie so popular?

For French:Nostalgia: the movie makes a lot of references to some clichés of childhood in France and to French history (Le tour de France)Innovative way of filming and editing: The presentation of the characters at the beginning is really new in French movies. Use of a voice to describe the action is also kind of new. Like a documentary. The way the camera moves. The fast forward action and so on. It was something unseen in French movies so far. it gave a really dynamic and also kind of soft tone to the movie.The music: partly because of nostalgia, partly because of “French way of life in Paris cliché”. Choosing the accordion was a great choice and the original tape is beautiful.The story is classical. A love story. It is the most successful kind of movie in France. ++ if it’s take place in France in our time. Plus, it is well written, with a lot of jokes, kind moments, some action, and suspense. Characters are good and well played. It is a really good script and great acting moment.For the rest of the world:France cliché : Paris, Montmartre, French way of lifeCute story, with no problem of cultural gap.And also, it’s a really good movie!

One of the films Amelie watches by herself...?

Ahhh, I love Amelie!

It is an excerpt of the documentary "Born for Hard Luck" by Tom Davenport, featuring "Peg Leg" Sam Jackson. You can order it from here:

If I remember correctly, he was saying the Medicine Show Spiel:
"You look at me, you look at a man that was born for hard luck. I was born on the thirteenth day, odd day, on Friday, on a bad luck day. To show you that I is in hard luck, if I go up the street walking fast, I run over something. I'm in such hard luck, if I go up there walking slow, something run over me. I'm in such hard luck, if I'm sitting down I'm in everybody's way. I'm in such hard luck, if it's raining down soup at this very minute, everybody'd be standing there with a spoon--why, I'd have a fork. Yes sir, I was born for hard luck!"

Where can I watch Amelie with English subtitles?

After a long struggle I found this link :)