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Where Can I Watch The Pg Version Of Saturday Night Fever Online

What is your review for the Ready Player One movie?

I read the book way back in 2014 and when I came to know Steven Spielberg is on board to make the visual spectacle, I couldn’t have been more excited.Just imagine this setting:A world where people spend their time in a virtual game and can make money out of it and spend in the real world. You can be anyone you want and there is pop culture all around.A movie which starts off with references to Batman climbing Mount Everest does get your mind racing. Then, things keep coming and you’re just left amazed at how everything you love is embedded in the movie. There is a King Kong, a T Rex, characters from Halo, lot of popular Anime characters, references to The Shining, Star Wars references, Harley and Joker dancing in a Night club, Gundam, Chucky, Chun Li from Streetfightet, Back To The Future references, and a dance off from the Saturday Night fever.These things surely does get you in the mood to enjoy the movie. The first half an hour you’re hooked on to the screen and you’re expecting more and more. The visuals and the setting is simply amazing and something every gamer ever will fantasise and orgasm about.Then, the script dies a bit in the middle before interval and till the climax. You’re sitting and hoping for something exciting. Although, I will have to give the climax a big applause. It’s like all the movies and games you have enjoyed battling it against each other.Godzilla battling an Iron Giant, Gundam battling Godzilla and so on. At the core of all this is an underlying emotion that comes out towards the end.The creator of the virtual world reveals why he created it in the first place. The conversations and monologues are a direct burn at the present digital world and at a point you realise how absorbed we are in a virtual world of our own.Not giving away spoilers, the movie is a visual marvel and Spielberg does justice to the book but not completely. Personally, I liked the book better, the movie lacked a bit of substance in the middle.Having said that, the movie was a wonderful experience but keep in mind that if you don’t understand most of the pop culture references, you might probably not enjoy it much.The movie is what Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would have made if he was to make one, full of Easter eggs and references.

Does anyone know if I can buy the PG version of Saturday Night Fever on DVD?

Sadly no, they have not ever released the PG version of Saturday Night Fever on DVD and I don't think they ever will. Which is a shame because I do agree with you that the PG version is a superior cut. And it lies in the fact of content. There are some things that just make me cringe on the R version and that detracts from the characters and their likeability. There are a few details that you do miss though such as the language at some points, most famously the scene in the paint shop about how the world works on peoples dreams and aspirations for life. But other than that there isn't very much going for it.

Which one is correct, "Why didn't you come yesterday" or "why don't you came yesterday"?

Every English verb would have three forms namelyPresent tense - V1 - Come , GoPast tense - V2 - Came, WentPast participle - V3 - Come, GoneIt's important to understand the sentences starting with 'did’ always take V1 form.Secondly, it's referring to an act of yesterday. Hence 'did’ is the right word to be used but not 'don't’.So the right sentence is:Why didn't you come yesterday?

How can I translate the following Hindi sentence into English? "Kal do prakar k hote hain."

Well it is impossible to have a literal translation of this sentence into English because unlike Hindi, English doesn’t use a common word for yesterday and tomorrow.The closest translation would be ‘That you faced difficulties in your past, and you have a brighter tomorrow to look up to’

What movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s should today's young adults really not miss?

In the twisted, smart, funny category of "don't miss," I'd recommend (I've included IMDB links to my picks, and ratings beside them):Airplane! (1980) - PGThe Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) - PGAll of Me (1984) - PG-13Top Secret! (1984) - PGReal Genius (1985) - PGRaising Arizona (1987) - PG-13The Princess Bride (1987) - PGA Fish Called Wanda (1988) - RWeekend at Bernie's (1989) - PG-13Wild at Heart (1990) - (the listing says R, which is what I remember it being in the theaters, but the detail page says NC-17) - Some intense sexual situations and a scene with intense violence, but definitely twisted in a quirky way, with some subtle humor.Death Becomes Her (1992) - PG-13Fargo (1996) - RMultiplicity (1996) - PG-13Mars Attacks! (1996) - PG-13Liar Liar (1997) - PG-13Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) - PG-13Men in Black (1997) - PG-13