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Where Did Mr Duggar Go To High School

Did or do you like high school?!?

I HATED high school- it was one of the worst and most traumatic experiences I ever went through, and I still bear the emotional scars, many of which run so deep they go to my soul. I spent most of those horrible years just trying to STAY ALIVE- I had no energy left over for learning anything, the way a lot of kids who are subject to severe bullying and ostracism don't. I was a total outcast- and to this day, I have NEVER been able to understand why I was such a target for the hatred of so many people. This was more than just teasing- it was ostracism of the most brutal sort imaginable. So I would have to say that yes, I learned some life lessons there- but not the kind that any parent in his or her right mind wants their child to learn.

What I learned: That people are judgemental and cruel- and that they are quick to condemm whatever is different than what they expected.
People LIE, and they LOVE TO GOSSIP.
People STEAL- and they can steal your soul if you aren't careful.
That people HATE other people who are different from them, no matter how minor the difference is.

That IGNORING teasing or ostracism NEVER WORKS, and in fact, it makes things worse. Equally bad is being a tattletale or what was called a "narc". In fact, being a "narc" was a good way to get the SH*T beat out of you- and if you managed to avoid that, it was a good way to end up alone.

That the PAIN and RAGE never GO AWAY, even YEARS after the fact, and the MEMORIES can last A LIFETIME.

Enough said.

"In school " means you are attending school (at the moment or in general).  in most cases you could actually substitute the word "attending""don't call me now,  i'm in school""are you still in school in June?""in the school" refers to the school simply as a building"look for me in the school, not the library."sometimes both can be appropriate" i left my wallet in school" ( i left it there when i was attending class)"i left my wallet in the school". ( i left it in that building)"at school" is a less common form that refers to the entire school grounds as a landmark for location purposes. it  is generally a form that would only be used by people who attended the school, ie,  "meet me at school".  as a pure landmark reference, it is more common with "the" .  I can't think of any use of "at school"where  you could *not* use the article, so in the absence of any comments to the contrary, i'm gonna say be on the safe side and add it."meet me at the achool""my car broke down at the school" note that the last example specifically refers to a locationoutside the school building. the school is simply being used as a landmarkhope that helps!  gotta love English, huh?please note, these are american guidelines. this is the kind of idiomatic stuff that sometimes the British or Aussies handle differently.

Do they actually do this in high school?

All of this was part of phys ed when I was in high school (except that my hs did not have a swimming pool).

I have heard that phys ed has changed somewhat in my district. The athletes still have more traditional boys' or girls' phys ed classes to build strength and to prepare for competitive sports, Most other students, however, now focus on life long fitness through recreational sports (often taught in coed gym classes).

I expect policies vary across school districts.

I am in this exact situation right now with my daughter. She is also a 4.0 gpa 8th-grader, and our school district allows parents to request an inter-district transfer to a school other than the one indicated by the location of your home. (In other words, there’s a default area for each school, but you can ask to go to a different one. There are five in the district.)I’m literally going to register my daughter this afternoon, after I post this Answer.In her case, her primary reason for attending a different school is that she believes that most of her middle school friends will be attending that school. All the schools are good academically, but her school of choice has a different approach than our default school.Each school is several miles away from our home. Her older brother attends our default school and is very happy there. He’ll be a Senior when she’s a Freshman, and would be driving her to school. If she goes to the other school, I would have about a 20-minute drive out of my way to take her there each morning. Because it’s not our default school, there aren’t any carpool opportunities that we know of.For the OP, you don’t say why you “know” one high school would be “better for you.” I find it very hard to believe that your parents “don’t care.” Parents are very much in the business of caring about their childrens’ well-being and education. Why does “almost every adult” you see agree with your parents? Have you considered their reasoning, as you are asking them to consider yours?Have your parents spoken with your guidance counselors directly about this? What are your guidance counselors taking into account that your parents (and apparently all other adults) are not?I can completely understand your anxiety about this. In addition to the situation I’m in with my daughter right now, when I was your age my mom wanted to send me to an all-boy school in another town because she thought it was “better” for me. I was able to convince her not too, but it was an anxious time for me, too.I think your best course of action would be to arrange a meeting with you, your parents, and your guidance counselors, to discuss the potential pros and cons of each school, and then to go with your parents to the two high schools to speak with representatives there about it. It may be that one school or the other is not as good a fit, and you can make your decision together with better information.

I can't go back to High School - isn't that ageism?

Are you telling us, that they won't let you re do high school? Well you
probably could go to a night school and take classes. But why not
go to nighschool and get some college credits. I hear you can also do
that online.
Did you ever see, "Mr Belvedere goes to College"? It was a wonder-
ful picture in the Mr Belvedere series of the 40's. The series deals with
a genius who is a professor by his occupation and does experiments
to experience things and writes about them later. Clifton Webb is the
actor who was Mr Belvedere and plays his character, to the limit.
I've had nightmares where I have gone back to highschool to relive
the experience. I'm usually walking the halls alone, and I can't find
my locker, or if I do, I can't remember the combination. I never had
those problems, in real life, so it is troublesome, why I have dreams
that I did. I need a dream analizer!

I went to state-run schools (I say state-run instead of public, because in some places “public” schools are actually private)From 1st-6th grade I was in the state-run school in my home town and lived at home, my school had about 400 students.from 6th-10th grade I was in a state-run school with boarding. The boarding building housed children from three state-run schools, all with about 400-some students (Germany generally has three different schools you can attend, one for academics where you later can go to university after you graduate in 12th/13th grade, one for more practical things, after which you go into an apprenticeship when you graduate after 9th grade and then one kinda in between those, where you also generally go into a apprenticeship after graduating after 10th grade). There were about 80 boarders.For 11th-13th grade I switched to a different state-run school with boarding, it was only attached to one school which had around 450 students, of which 20–30 were boarders.

Pretty much the same as he is today: unruly, charismatic, obsessed with winning.Trump attended New York Military Academy (NYMA) for 8th grade and high school.  His father Fred sent him there because he thought "the discipline of the school would channel his energy in a positive manner.  At his initial middle school, the Kew-Forest School, Trump appears to have been a bit of a hellion.  In a biography, he recalls giving a teacher a black eye because he thought the teacher "didn't know anything about music."Once he got to NYMA, by most accounts Trump behaved and performed fairly well.  He wore a military-style uniform, participated in marching drills, and attained the rank of captain.  Trump once claimed that the school gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military" which doubtless offended many veterans.According to the New York Times, his mentor at the NYMA, Theodore Dobias, called Trump “a conniver, even then.”  Dobias recounted the following story:When Mr. Trump’s high school classmates showed up for a Columbus Day parade in New York City, expecting to lead the procession, they were dismayed to find a group of Roman Catholic girls arranged ahead of them. Mr. Trump announced that he would take care of the problem. When he returned a few minutes later, having negotiated a Trump-like deal, the cadets were put at the front of the parade.Mr. Trump, he said, “just wanted to be first, in everything, and he wanted people to know he was first.”  Still true todayAlso, in 1964, the year he graduated, his peers voted him the "Ladies Man" of the class.  Again, no shocker there.

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What are your Opinions of the Duggar Family?

I think it's pretty cool that they have that many children. and there house is HUGE! And it would be cool to have that many siblings.

However I have read on several sites that they have a 'buddy system?' In which after the child is a few months old it is given to an older sibling to for him/her to take care of daily.
I have a problem with this, I believe
The MOTHER should be taking care of HER baby not her Babies taking care of other babies.
And they have a signup sheet in the kitchen for those who feel as though they need more 'one on one time' with their parents.
You should'nt need a SIGN UP SHEET!
You should know and communicate with your children.

Lastly, do they have any friends outside of their home? I mean they are homeschooled and it appears as though they don't have lives outside their home.
And why do they all dress the same way? I mean...should'nt they be able to decide what they want to wear? And why do the girls wear nothing but dresses/skirts...?

Perhaps my opinions are rather 'harsh' and 'judgemental' of the Duggar family. I personally do not know them and I'm sure my opinions would change if I did meet them.

Your thoughts?

What do you think of the Duggar family of Arkansas having now 17 children (naturally)?

I asked a question about that to a little bit ago, so now I can offer an answer as well.

I admire them and will admit to being just a bit envious. I'd sure like to make an income that would support a family like that!

17 Kids, all home schooled, and they are debt. free living in a house they built themselves. Wow, that's impressive!

Financially, I wouldn't know where to begin. I have a good job and my families needs are met, but not without pinching alot of pennies and many times we go without many of the things we'd like to have and do and we only have 5 kids!

Can you imagine what a trip to Buger King would be for a family like that? Okay, let's all get into the family bus... I called ahead and the manager has roped off the entire rear section of the restaurant for us. Okay, that's 7 kids meals, 2 chicken sandwich combos, 4 whopper combos, 4 orders of chicken fries, 2 salads, and 17 apple pies!.... $147.97... and Mr. Dugger could you wait right there a minute while I go change the Mt. Dew syrup, your kids have already ran it out!

Truthfully, I don't think I could handle it emotionally. I don't blame them for homeschooling, the stress of dealing with all of the bull from having 5 kids in public schools alone is enough to drive you batty! Sign this, fill this out, I need money for this, I need help with this, my teacher wants to you come in, I got another detention.... AHHHHH! My job is my vacation!

Well if that's the life they want, may God continue to bless them.