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Where Did You Find Your Group Of Friends In High School

I don't have a group of friends in high school?

I'm going to be honest you probably think high school is everything right now guess what? It's not you have your whole life ahead of you and i'm going to tell you just make friends don't go to a certain group because half of those people wont even be your friends and that's just apart of getting older. The easiest club to join is drama club or a because even if you don't perform you can be behind the scenes or a foreign club you sound like an awesome girl you will be just fine.Those mean girls probably don't and won't have anything on you !!! As for the 2 girls drop them and choose and talk to who you want to. Just have fun it's your world go out there and take it!!!!!!

How to make friends on the first day of high school?

Be yourself. And give yourself time to find the right friends. My first semester of HS sucked because I wound up in classes with the same kind of people I knew in middle school. I had maybe one friend.

But I decided I deserved better than that, and second semester I started to find people who were more fun and were more in tune with me. Then it takes time. You meet their friends, and more people, and slowly you build those relationships and by about sophomore year I had a good group to hang out with.

Guys are pretty easy to get to know actually even if you're shy. Guys like to show off, like to tell stories, like people who listen to them, and like people who stand by them. You don't have to BE like them (and you shouldn't be if you don't want to be), you just kind of have to listen to them and put up with them and appreciate them for who they are.

You just kind of have to give it time for guys to trust you and open up to you. And if they know youre a little bit adventurous and easy to get along with you should have no probs making friends.

Its a great thing to have good friends and it'll make high school a lot more fun and easier to get through. So good for you dude for breaking out of your shell. I went through the same thing and it led to a lot of good things.

How do i make friends with the "emo" group in school?

hi guys. well i really dont get along well with the people in my friend group. and they are kinda weird and in your face. they're all into stuff like justin beiber when im into black veil brides slipnott paramore avenged sevenfold etc. and i also have a very unique style (just not in school because of the dress code grr) im friends with someone from the "emo group" - shes called amanda- and they all look like great funny people and they just seem alot nicer and cooler than people from my group. i have tried hanging out with them a few timez but amanda kinda goes off and talks to other people and im just left standing there. shes tried introducing me once to 2 people in the group but they were just leaving and i just left because,again, she was talking to others.i just want them to notice me and, in a way, take me on into their group. i think i could relate to them alot better then my group. it really dosnt help that im basically socialy retarded and find it hard to make friends :( does anyone have any ideas what i can do to get their attention and notice me as more of a "scene" kid than a "weird geeky" kid (sorry for the label :(( ) anything is greatly appreciated.
and to anyone who thinks im a poser or whatever you call them, dont leave any nasty comments, i just dont want the rest of my high school life spent with people i dont like anymore :(
thanks xx <3