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Where Do I Take My Mum On Holiday

I miss my mum who has gone on holiday?

invite some friends over and have a party or sleepover. Im sure she wont be gone for too long and she will miss you loads too. Have a picture of you and her in your room or something and you will be fine. I watched a movie every night with a cup of hot choc and i just relaxed and though about how i bet my mum was having a fab time

I know how you feel as i have been in the same position, but i had a great time with my friends and when she got back i was so happyyy.

you could also arrange to talk on skype with her once a day after school too!!

My mum keeps telling me not to go on holidays: what could this mean?

First guess is she's jealous. Second guess is she's tight with money. She mentally compiled a list of what she approves of to spend money on and expensive or frequent (to her) holidays aren't on it. Third guess is a combination of the two. She won't allow herself to spend money that way and she's jealous that you can.Fourth, she's nervous about saving money. These trips are red flags in her mind that you don't know how to save.Fifth, she's worried about the pregnancy but since that's a vague worry, it feels more convincing to say it's a waste of money.If you can afford it, go for it. After you have a baby it will be harder to dash off on a trip. You'll have other cool things to do! :-) But trips will be more daunting.

Mums gone away on holiday and i miss her?

You need to learn at some point to feel more confidence in your ability to take care of yourself. I know you miss her. It sounds like you are very close. What you need is a substitute friend or mother figure to help you feel better till she comes home. I was very attached to my mother as well. I lack self confidence. You need to learn that you are okay just because you're you. In the meantime, find friends and other activities to keep you busy. That helps.

How to celebrate my mum's birthday while we're on holiday?

Every year my mum's birthday seems to be while we're away on a family holiday. For the past couple of years she's admitted that she kind of hates it because she doesn't get 'made a fuss of' as much as she would if we were at home. Usually we take presents and a card for her away with us but this year (her 46th) I want to make it a bit more special for her..
Does anyone have any ideas? Bearing in mind of course whatever I take along with me will have to fit in my suitcase and stay there..
I've thought of taking a cake along with me, but as her birthday is a week into our holiday I'm not sure if it would go stale?

How can I convince my mum to let me go on holiday with my boyfriend?

I assume you’ve talked with her about it already and she has her reasons? I’d guess her main issue is security. She wants you to be safe. One way to reassure her is to let her know you’re a simple phone call or text away. Maybe she also hates to see you grow up too soon. Plan an itinerary—where you plan to go and stay (for instance, you’re going to the Smithsonian and staying at The 4 Seasons). That shows you are adult enough to have a plan—not that you’re just trying to escape from home and avoid chores. ;-)

Is it a good idea to take your mother in law on holiday with you?

I suppose it depends on the relationship. One or both my grandmothers used to go on vacations with us all the time. Neither of my parents seemed to have a problem.

My mum is pressuring me to take a holiday job, but I'm reluctant to do so because I was the victim of workplace bullying last year. What is your advice?

you've gone through it last year, and you're apparently very sure it's going to happen again.Working is an integral part of your upbringing. It doesn't just provide extra cash, but it brings you in contact with other people. Clients, colleagues.It offers you new situations in life. New learning experiences.What have you learned from yourself, taking into account the workplace bullying from last year? So that it won't happen again.I'm fairly sure that place you worked at, the place you were the bullying victim, isn't the only place you could have a holiday job. Aside from that, bullying shouldn't be allowed and you could take that up with your supervisor.That doesn't mean you area snitch or whatever you think you will be called. It does mean you are the one standing up to the bullies. The one making an effort to cut that cycle.Oh yeah. Bullies are weak, insecure, insignificant little bastards who bully because they feel inadequate. You can use that to counter the bullies.

How do I convince my parents NOT to make me go on holiday?

That question made me smile. When I was a kid, we had some pretty nice holidays. But there was never any discussion with the kids to see what they wanted to do, so sometimes we’d get lucky, and other times vacations were extremely boring. In each case, one parent had simply chosen what they liked to do. Yawn. For kids, that’s not much of a plan, but that approach is pretty popular.So one time when yet another snoozer vacation was announced, I said, I don’t really want to go, how about if I just stay at Grandma’s? At first they were surprised and maybe slightly dismayed - I’m sure that they viewed any vacation as a generous gift (and it truly was). But it went down easier due to what I proposed to do - Grandma was living alone, and this would give her some company for a week or so.So on their way to wherever, they dropped me off at Grandma’s. They loaded me up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat during the week, which was somewhat odd because Grandma was a great Chinese cook. Maybe there was a pinch of guilt due to visiting without staying, and not wanting to burden her with extra household duties.I wouldn’t say that my time with Grandma was scintillating with excitement. She was quite old, and not in robust health. We mostly just hung out, ate, talked a bit, watched TV shows, and were companionable. But we were tight, and we enjoyed spending time with each other. She would cook me special stuff that she knew I liked. I also had time where I just could relax and do what I wanted in peace. This was better than fishing out in the middle of nowhere and not catching anything, or being over-scheduled to visit lots of places that only a historical geek would like.So maybe you can make a case for doing something other than what your family wants to do. If you have a job and want to make more money, proposing that might work. Maybe there’s some activity or camp that might be fun if finances allow. I don’t think that “because I want to stay with [girlfriend or boyfriend]” would go over too well.That said, I do like Kathleen’s very simple idea. :) Good luck.