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Where I Find Custom Race Belt Factory

This is an “upgraded” version of my Formula Atlantic Road Racer. The wheel of course is quick removable !!!!!! The CURVED PANELS you see under the wheel is where your KNEES Rest. Those are NOT factory stock. They help blunt that bulkhead,for it is only 3/4″ thick and tends to hit most drivers just below the knee caps . IT is 10″ inches wide there in these 1980′s Era Aluminum Monocoque Chassis. This a modification so you emerge after the race with a little bruising ,not BLACK NECROTIC contusions. Later cars are little bit better with a smoother carbon fiber chassis,but still many of these machines are barely a foot wide there. Padding it is impossible for most .The hole you see in the bottom center is to let you look at fire system's Halon Bottle. It is also the bolster of the seat. The seat is just the flat aluminum floor,often with a custom foam insert. NOTHING is really padding. This car typically for a race has about 3/4″ to maybe 1″ inch of ground clearance. It's a long way down and IN to get to the pedals that you can't see. You can't see any of your body beyond your forearms and hands .So in essence “You WEAR the car” , rather than SIT in it.

You can purchase the wood custom cut or laser cut from American Laser Supplies. or American Laser Supplies.

Can install racing seat belts in a stock seat?

5 element racing belts are bolted to the floor of the automobile to custom greater healthful the driving force. with the point to respond to your query, confident they are in a position to. yet they're designed to stand up to a considerable rigidity of a crash. the belts could carry, however the seat does not and you're able to desire to be injured worse. get a racing seat to circulate with the belts, an further 2 grand might desire to keep your existence.

Infant Car Seat Designed like a race car seat?

I drive a 2005 Mustang. and so does one of my friends. One of my friends is looking around for car seats. About a year ago they came out with a car seat that was designed like a race car seat. With the fancy seat belt on it. It was in a street car magazine. But now that I need to know what brand it is to find it, I cant find the mag or any car seat similar to it. Please help!

I’ve heard about this before, and after a quick google search I couldn’t find much, so don’t take this as the perfect answer.There have been prototypes for a few rifles systems to turn them into belt fed, most give a feeder inserted into the magazine well, and need a customized bolt to work. If i were to turn my RPK into a belt fed, I would use that method. However using a different top cover, changing the bolt, and maybe adding some ramps, you could possibly have what we’re looking for.This is the best picture I could find, but it’s (probably) an AKMRegardless, it would be the same thing more or less, just a little bigger.

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Is it necessary to have lots of fitness or brawn or bulk in your physique to drive heavy bikes like enfield classic 350 or HD street 750 ?

Thank you folks for your explanation . it really helped.
But I have one more query towards this.

So, when Iam test driving these bikes I should essentially judge my comfort level handling the weight of these bikes while

1) it is at stand still ,
2) taking a u-turn or leaning

Right ? Please add more if I missed anything.