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Where Is The Setting Of Mockingjay

What is the setting in the book "mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins?

I would say in Panem. (The future of North America.) I haven't read the book yet, but I'm pretty sure it takes the same setting as the first two books. I really want to read the Mockingjay. :(

A quote from Mockingjay about the setting?

"There is already a substantial underground facility here, developed over centuries to be either a clandestine refuge for government leaders in time of war or a last resort for humanity if life above became unlivable." It's on page 17, Paragraph 1.

It is a description of District 13 and what it is intended for. It is a place that is under the rubble of where District 13 once stood.

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The Plot of Mockingjay?

I would say neither, maybe hero takes a journey. The hunger games comes again and president snow, who hates katniss announces that past victors will re enter the games. A boy and girl from each district. Katniss is the only girl so she is automatically in it and Peeta is chosen. During the games there was a plot to escape the arena( katniss n Peeta didn't know about it) katniss was pretending to be pregnant and cared about Peeta n wanted him to win. A hovercraft saves katniss and a few others. Peeta wasn't rescued. This hover craft is from district 13. Thought to be destroyed but since its product was nuclear weapons they weren't destroyed but the Capitol left them as a secret. In 13 the leader Coin makes katniss the mocking jay, symbolic leader of rebellion. Many if the districts rebel. They save Peeta from the Capitol. Katniss runs to greet him n he starts choking her. They tortured n brainwashed him against her. 13 and other rebels invade the Capitol. Katniss n her crew are the only ones left in the Capitol. When they finally reach president snow he is on a balcony and below are hundreds of children. A hovercraft sends down parachutes(thought to have good stuff) and they blow up. Before the second round she sees Prim, her sister, in the crowd. She is killed. She figures out that 13 did the bombing. Coin, 13 president suggest having a last hunger games with Capitol children. Katniss agrees. :O when she is about to kill president snow she re aims her arrow and kills coin so that she doesn't do the other hunger games n become the same as the Capitol. She goes back to 12. Her and Peeta get married n many years later have children. I know there's a lot left out but I did the best I could. So if the hero has a journey katniss has to decide which side is right-she finds out the Capitol n 13 aren't that different. And kills both presidents so a new one can make good changes.

What time period was it during the mockingjay?

Time- future (after the war that left them with Panem-the Capitol & 13 Districts), present-tense

What is the resolution in the book Mockingjay?

I'm not sure if you're asking for a school assignment or if you're just curious but I will answer your question either way
At the end of the novel, Katniss leads a small group of rebels into The Capitol to assassinate President Snow, but outside his mansion, there are bombs dropped, and Prim dies. Katniss wakes up in the hospital and doesn't want to live anymore. She wanders around, depressed and crazy, as she was at teh beginning of the novel. She is told she is going to publicly kill Snow, and when she is supposed to, she kills Coin (The District 13 leader) instead, because Coin was setting up to be just like Snow was. Then they lock her up for a long time, and ship her back to the remains of District 12 with Haymitch. Greasy Sae watches over her as she lives alone in her house, her mother refuses to see her for various reasons, and Katniss imagines Gale got some fancy job at The Capitol and got married. One day Peeta returns to 12, and the two slowly start to become friends again (Peeta's memory has been altered and he thinks Katniss is evil, and hates her), and eventually they start a romantic relationship. The novel ends with an epilogue, set about 20 years in the future, when Katniss and Peeta have children, and Katniss dreads having to tell her children why she and Peeta are so messed up mentally.

Mockingjay summary please?

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This really isn't cheating unless you asked someone to write it for you. Kind of cruel to assum that by asking for help, this person wanted someone to write out the summary for her. Since you're having trouble it's safe to assume that you have little understanding of writing a summary. I had to do this a billion times in college so I can help with that. Summaries are actually very easy to write. The issue would be with mockingjay. There is a lot to explain and the story doesn't follow the typical story arc. What you can do is perhaps make a list of everything, pertaining to the main story, that happens in the book. The beginning conflict, climax, and resolution will weave their way around it. For instance, since the story opens up with Katniss in district 13 with the rebellion and separated from Peeta, that would constitute as a conflict in the story and deserves to be mentioned. Obviously things happen from there and other problems arise and then are solved. Once you have your list of events, you can string them together with words. Your summary really should end up being no more than 3 paragraphs so you may find yourself having to omit certain events. Be sure to stick to those that pertain to the story. I hope this helped at least a little bit.

Summary of Mockingjay?

I am making a book cover for a project, I have everything done, so I'm not cheating, I just want to see some other prefrences to see if I did it right.
Pretend you are trying to "hook" readers' interest in the story by explaining its contents on the back of the book, How would you tell the people what the book is about and persuade them to pick it up and read it? Make the book jacket realistic.

To prove that I already did it, here's mine:
“My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old. My home is District 12. I was in the Hunger Games. I escaped. The Capitol hates me…”
The Hunger Games may be over, but the fighting is not. Katniss has put herself and everyone she loves in danger of President Snow, but she has one promise that she made to her friends, her family, District 13, that she tells herself needs to carry out. She must kill Snow.
Mockingjay is a gripping novel, leading you through the war between the Capitol and the rebels. Suspense, thrills, romance, drama, all put together in this breathtaking novel. People change, events happen that you wouldn't even think of happening. The suspense is a killer and you will not be able to put this book down for anything. This third and final book in The Hunger Games series will have you at the edge of your seat at every second.

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Ahhh. This is one of those explanations that the movies left out, isn't it. So, the background of the Hunger Games (all this is in the first couple chapters of the first book, so I don't think a spoiler warning is necessary). In the future, the damage to the environment (particularly rising sea levels) destroyed the economy. The United States collapsed, probably into martial law for a while. Thirteen districts (numbered, which is why I tend to think origin in martial law) were created, ruled from a 'Capitol' up near Colorado Springs. This devolved into a very nasty dictatorship, where the outlying districts were taxed into near-starvation to support the people of the Capitol in decadent lifestyles. Due to this inequity, the people of several of the districts revolted. There was a civil war. In this war, the capitol used its technological advantage ruthlessly, using biological warfare and biologically altering various animals to serve as weapons. One of these mutations was the genetically engineered bird, called a jabberjay. It was a mutation of a talking bird, like a parrot, that could reproduce entire conversations. The Capitol used them as spies. However, the rebelling districts figured out what they'd done and used the jabberjays for counter-intelligence. Politically embarrassed, the Capitol abandoned the jabberjay project; they'd only created males, so they expected the mutations to just die out. However, unexpectedly, the jabberjays proved able to inter-mate female mockingbirds. Their offspring could no longer enunciate clearly enough to reproduce conversation, but could (and would) still reproduce the cadences and melody of any noise they heard. People called these new birds mockingjays, and they became a symbol of the Capitol's fallibility, and of successful rebellion. So, when Katniss wears a mockingjay pin, it is seen as a daring sign of resistance to the Capitol's rule and regime.