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Where To Buy Victoria Beckham Clothes In Stores

Is Victoria Beckham the owner of "Victoria's secret"?

Victoria's Secret was started in San Francisco, California in 1977 by Stanford Graduate School of Business alumnus Roy Raymond,who felt embarrassed trying to purchase lingerie for his wife in public and awkward department store environment. He opened the first store at Stanford Shopping Center, and quickly followed it with a mail order catalog and 3 other stores

* Victoria Beckham is a spice girl aka Posh Spice..who is married to David Beckham, famous soccer player.

Is victoria beckham the owner of victorias secret?

what the hell?
what were you thinking? that is the dumbest thing i've heard all day. where have you been? what are you 8 years old?
common sense young lady..victoria's secret has been around way wayyy even before the Spice Girls were known. Victoria Adam Beckham has her own clothing line though, and has just recently released a book called, "that extra half inch" or something like that.



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How is Victoria Beckham involved with Victoria's Secret?

There is nothing in common between Victoria Beckham and Victoria's Secret the company, Except the first name. While the difference is well known some think there is a connection between the two especially since in 2000 Beckham had a reality special titled 'Victoria's Secrets', which aired on British television and gave television audiences a view inside her life. You may also want to see my answer on Why is it called Victoria's Secret?

Why are there no Victoria's Secret stores in Paris?

It seems the brand is going to open a store soon in Paris, according to this link.First Victoria’s Secret store in Orly AirportI lived in Paris most of my life and I still considered myself to be a Parisian woman even if I moved abroad.I only recently bought my first Victoria’s Secrets underwear in Singapore airport when I realised I forgot to pack my underwear.I was very surprised by the prices : I didn’t even perceived the brand as “ premium “.I thought the design was unoriginal and the quality rather low.As to why they didn’t open a shop before, I have no facts but only guesses from my experience :The brand doesn’t appeal to Parisian Women. It’s too much glitter and glam. Their vision of “ sexiness “ is too agressive and cliché. We are more into subtle, romantic and delicate.To launch their brand at full effect with a flagship store, they need to open a shop in Paris at a premium strategic location. Those locations are rare and concentrated around the same spots like the Champs Elysees and the Opera House for example.The competition is hard : we already have a lot of choices.It’s an American brand, not an European one. And there is a certain skepticism and disinterest for American fashion brands. We really really love our French brands.

Where can I buy Victoria's Secret in India?

I've been a frequent buyer of VS for my girlfriend. I go for Victoria's Secret (@victoriassecret) • Instagram photos and videos as it's the official account of Victoria's Secret there's no doubt about the products.

Should I take a job as a store manager for Victoria's Secret or Starbucks?

It depends on the location. Big city? In a mall? Stand alone store? I'd go with Starbucks if you like coffee. People love Starbucks. With VS, many employees are cliquey, sometimes catty and the hours are not great. Many employees are college students, there's a high turnover and your stores well being will depend on daily sales performance. People have no problem spending $5 for Starbucks. But trying to get your sales associates to make unrealistic sales goals (ex: sell $500 in one hour) may be more stressful. And trying to get enough credit cards opened is a nightmare. VS is more ‘glamorous’, but I think Starbucks might not be so bad. You won't have to worry much about people trying to steal coffee, vs people stealing at VS. But on the Plus side for VS, you will get a nice store discount and freebies, and store managers travel sometimes. Source: Worked at Victoria's Secret.

Do the women who buy Victoria Beckhams very expensive fashion line purchase it because of its design & quality or just because of the Beckham 'brand'?

Since many people won't recognize any difference between Mrs Victoria Beckham line of designs and Mrs Ivanka Trump (politican, business person) line if designs, the purchase offers only bragging rights. Quality-wise, high end items (Ralph Lauren or those mentioned above) are pretty much the same: looking better than the regular wear, yet not distinctive enough to be attributable to either designer.

Cheap Victoria's Secret stuff?

Unless you plan on shopping at the sales only you are not going to find VS stuff for that cheap. Once the discontinued stuff runs out on the VS website and in stores, it can only be found on line at sites like this one.

Bottom line: Shop at the sales if you want something very cheap or be prepared to pay semi-cheap to normal prices for items.

Good luck.