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Where To Get Nike Pros Cheap

Nike Pro help???????

Because nike pros are only sold through nike or approved retailers it very hard to get nike pros at a really cheap price.
The only way you could possibly get some really cheap is to buy some off ebay.

If you don't want to do that then there are alternatives to Nike pros. Alternatives that wont burn a hole in your pocket but are just as comfy.

Here are some alternative brands that i would recommend instead of Nike Pros...
1) Lululemon Shorts - - Great fitting and very high quality too ! Made by a brand which is very popular in Canada. The brand is also starting to become very big in the US. These shorts (unlike Nike Pros) have been designed specially to stop the shorts from riding up (which happens alot if your playing sports in them or doing something active) . You can learn more about this technology on the website i provided.

2) Under Armour Shorts - - These are really sexy shorts. And whats even better is that they are quite affordable when compared to the competition. The way the shorts fit are amazing too!

3) Adidas Shorts - - Adidas is a close competitor to Nike so they pretty much make very similar products and that includes spandex/compression shorts. Not only that but they are half the price too !

4) Brazil Brands -,shop.browse/category_id,111/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,42/&Itemid=40 - Dont ask why but spandex shorts and yoga pants are huge in Brazil. So if you were to visit a Brazilian sports fashion site like this one you will find your self being presented with a huge selection of spandex shorts . Great alternative to Nike pros.

Hope this helps :)

Pros/Cons NFL Nike jerseys?!?!?!?!?!?

Nike make great athletic gear the only problem is that the prices are crazy

Why do people wear Nike Pro?

Nike is a brand that is widely available to purchase. The company makes many different items that people would want at a variety of price points.The combination of customer demand, ease of purchase, and relative affordability is the reason a lot of people wear Nike.

What color/kind of underwear should you wear with white Nike pros?

probably just a pair of white or (if you can find them) tan colored bikini-style underwear. if you can stand it, i would suggest a thong (i know, but at least there wouldn't be any lines.)

What do you think about the Nike Pro Hijab?

Well, seems it’s kinda interesting. I like how it wraps the user’s head, so smooth! Let’s take away from profit-oriented rumors, this is still quite lovelypic from For the Brave and the Bold: The Nike Pro HijabBut, I see that this kind of hijab should be only worn as an add-on, or a inside part of a dress. Why? Sorry folks, this form is hijab is actually unacceptable according to orthodox Islamic teachings. It only covers the user’s head instead of her chest (Qur’an: 24:31). The clothes also exposes the user’s body curves (Qur’an: 33:59). Again, I’m so sorry.However, I see there’s a local (Indonesian) brand that sells exercise-friendly hijab that is more acceptable - for Islamic teachings - than this. So yeah, Nike got a competitor (I don’t mean to promote or endorse, but I’m just showing an appropriate example)But overall, these dresses are great steps to enhance Muslim women to exercise under their obligation to cover their bodies. Or ‘the other way around’

How do I not get a camel toe in Nike pro shorts?

Wear better shorts.

There isn't a way to fix that without causing discomfort. Don't buy the shortest shorts you can find and you won't have that problem. 2.5 inch shorts are ridiculous.

Buy loose shorts.

Do you where underwear under your nike pro combat leggings?

For these leggings, they are slightly see through in daylight. If your not going to wear a longer top long enough to cover your front and back, or a pair of shorts over the top, I recommend some moisture wicking boxer briefs. Kind of like spandex shorts but designed as underwear for working out in. They come in different lengths depending on what you are after, but do a great job of cover what needs to be covered.

I tend to use these leggings as a base layer mainly due to the 'see through' nature. Under a pair of jeans or shorts will be fine for adding warmth. If you want to wear leggings on their own, might I suggest ones that are completely opaque and a bit thicker from your local sports store.

The type I wear when I run or cycle are compression leggings. Skins, 2XU, BsC, Performax, Zoots etc are all great quality made leggings that are completely opaque and should serve your purpose well as adding better muscle support and recovery properties after a workout.