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Wheres The Best Place I Can Find And Buy Specific Comic Books Online

I'm not sure why you asked a Chicagoan where you, a San Franciscoian, can buy fish online, but I'll give it a shot:Try: San Francisco Fish CompanyorSan Francisco Royal Hawaiian Seafood

I use nearly exclusively. It publishes recipes from several cooking magazines, including Bon Apetite and Gourmet. The user votes and reviews are very helpful, and there are lots of them on the best recipes. There are new recipes added every month as the magazines come out. Most of the recipes, even the simple ones, have an "upscale" feeling to them (they have more leek recipes than casserole recipes).  I also like their iPhone app because it has many ways to search, such as by region. On rare occasion, I use I find it's user-submitted recipes to be less reliable, but it has a huge user base, so the ratings system works well. You can sort the comments by "most helpful," which is a good feature because the comments often contain improvements on the recipe. I use mostly for comfort-food recipes like queso and mashed potatoes. If you want to bring a casserole to work and not look like a food snob, allrecipes is a good bet.

Wheres the best place for guitar tab books?

This isn't exactly what you asked for, but I hope it gives you some of what you can use:

You'll find guitar music searched by band name or song title. There will be tabulature, simple chord diagrams, and lyrics. Many songs will show several versions; simple notations, alternate keys and more complex notation. There are also examples of bass tabs in some searches.

Hal Leonard is a music publisher that might might have the hard books you can buy. They're much more comprehensive than Mel Bay.

Where to sell comic books online?

I agree that ebay is probably going to be your best place to sell them fast. You do not need to buy a price guide. You can look up the values at for free. Keep in mind unless the comic was printed before 1970 or is a key issue of a popular series like x-men you probably will not get guide value even on ebay. Most of the comics printed in the 80's and 90's will often sell for under cover price which can be way less than guide value. The only people who would normally pay guide for a common 80's issue are those trying to find specific issues to complete a collection. If you have any key comics from the 1950's or earlier though you may be able to sell them for guide value or more. For example just lost a bid on ebay two days ago and my bid was close to double the guide value. If you have anything valuable ie an issue worth over a few hundred dollars you can probably go to HA auction and have them sell it for you.

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I recommend:Large inventory, professional profiles, good feedback mechanisms- to large inventories- inventories, regional, and often specialized- (selection is regional)- Local car museums, e.g., Local classic car dealers- Car club newslettersI've found personal contacts and local car clubs to be endless sources of information and inventory. Plus, with local contacts, the seller and the car have been vetted many times over. The car club I belong to,, has a classifieds page for Studebaker automobiles and parts.

Is there any place I can go to read comics online for free?

there are about an information superhighway sites which will arise in case you only search for "examine comedian books on line" or some thing similar yet i'd recommend downloading a torrent. i latterly were given Batman #477-670 plus annuals and specials

Where is the best place to buy anime on dvd, manga books, and hentai movies cheap?

Depends on how cheap you really want to get? Animenation, Barnes and Noble and Amazon all have parts on their site where you can buy used copies of some of the manga books and anime dvds. Animenation also has a streaming hentai option if you dont want to download it onto your computer. If you become a Barnes and Noble member, you can save even more at there store. Ebay is ok for buying some bulk manga for cheap, but beware. I had a friend who bought from a lower seller and even though the listing said great condition they were tore in spots.

As for the people that will tell you that you should just watch/read anime and manga online for free, dont really listen to them. Yes, if the manga or anime hasnt been released/licensed in the states then go ahead, but if you really like the story you should buy it when it becomes available. I read manga on and if I like the story enough, I will go out and buy the series at Barnes and Noble. The advantage of reading manga online is that you get to try before you buy. I have been reading some really great manga, Bitter Virgin for example, that I cant wait to see if they release it in the US cause I will buy the whole series.