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Which Bed Frame To Buy

Should I buy a bed frame online? Why or why not?

Hey,You can buy a bed frame online from https://www.bestpricefurniture.c... at an affordable price. They provide all types of furniture like home and office etc.

Where can i buy this bed frame?

in town market

Where is a good place to buy bed frames?

This is for a 15 year old girl and a 13 year old girl so it cant look like its for really old people but not like its for 5 year olds. Prefferably ones with Head and footboards.

Which to buy first the mattress or the bed frame?

I'm looking for a new bed (either full or queen) and I've been looking at gently used mattresses and box springs in the classifieds. I think it would be smarter to find a mattress that I like and then look for a frame to fit it but my mom thinks I should find a frame first. Which do you think I should buy first?

Can I buy a mattress set with no bedframe?

My adult son puts his box spring right on the floor. Although he has a frame, he chooses not to use it. I think that one should use something to raise the box off of the floor even a little bit to allow air to get underneath the box for proper ventilation. What they call a "box spring" today is really nothing but a wooden framed box covered with filling and material. there are really no "springs" in them anymore. One could just put there top mattress on the floor and be done with it.
Just think if you fell out of bed, you wouldnt fall very far!

Anyway most stores that sell mattresses really won't sell just a top mattress. They want to sell you the set. You really don't need to buy a frame but if you don't already have one, it is nice to get one eventually. You can get one at a yard sale, news paper ad, thrift store, any of many places that sell used items. They are not part of the set. It is sold separately.

"Big Lots" once known as "Pick-N-Save" will sell just the top mattress since many of their beds are platform beds that don't require a box spring thingy.

A regular mattress is just the top mattress that one would sleep on. The "mattress set" is a combination of a top mattress and the "so called" box springs.

Places to buy cheap bed frames?

The Salvation Army store near me sells them. About $50, I was just shopping around for a frame recently!