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Which Celebrities Are Bringing Awareness To Social And Political Climate For Ex The Environment

How does society influence and shape individuals?

At an early age our parents have great influence on how we behave and on our moral values. While growing up you go to kindergarten, school, etc , etcDepending where you grow up, and the things you listen and do you are building your personality, many times you emulate , copy and react to life situations depending on your closest influences, and experiences.In my native country we did joke about black people, Jewish people, Italian , etc, but when I came to USA racism took a different turn. I saw a different point of view, I understood you will be judged for your skin color, the way you walk, speak, dress and where you live. I speak and write broken English, and I understand I will be discriminated , example:When I moved from New Jersey to Florida I try to find short cuts, got lost and stopped a bar to have a drink and ask for directions the man behind the counter responded: Quote” we do not serve your kind”Now depending if you go to church or go to a musk or synagogue you are going to be influence in how you see the world thru “religion”We have people that have friends, and this friends influence them to blow themselves up in the name of Allah.I was offered the opportunity to start a business in Germany, and knowing how German people are, I declined. Don’t need to be abused anymore. Regardless where you go in our world people have their own opinions of life, countries, religion some find balance some other become extremists and go killing people because they don’t the other person political opinions.Depending on your personal up bringing , life experiences, religions, friends you are going to be shaped to believe in one thing or another.Example: statistically speaking people from South America believe they are entitled to Universal Health Care, but in Uruguay South America my parents always paid blue cross and Blue shield insurance, so I know Universal Health Care does not work, more over when the government takes control of your health care bone and organs transplant like they did in Uruguay , my mother was told she needed to wait 2 years for a hip transplant, so two years on painkillers !The above is how society influence and shape individuals

Why are Indians not concerned about pollution?

Though I agree with all answers about our highly polluted states and our inappropriate and careless approach towards pollution emission, but as a nation the statistics for the most pollution emitting countries are totally different.CO2 emissions are being 'outsourced' by rich countries to rising economiesOutsourcing of emissions comes in the form of electronic devices such as smartphones, cheap clothes and other goods manufactured in China and other rising economies but consumed in the US and Europe.Per Capita Emissions -Emissions on a per capita basis bring contributions to climate change down to an individual level. Looking at this metric, the order of our top 10 emitters changes considerably.Among the top 10 absolute emitters, only two have per capita emissions that are below the world average. Canada, the United States, and Russia emit more than double the global average per person. On the other end of the spectrum, India’s per capita emissions are only one-third of the global average.Emissions IntensityThe level of GHG emissions per GDP is a commonly used metric of emissions intensity. It is useful when looking at the de-carbonization of the national economy or energy system.The graph above shows emissions intensity for the top 10 emitters’ whole economies and energy sectors. For the energy sector, the world average is 372 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) per Million $GDP, but intensities vary across countries. Seven of the top 10 emitters actually have a below average emissions intensity; Russia, China and Canada are above the world average. These differences result from varying emissions levels and size of economy, but are also dependent on factors such as a country’s energy mix the carbon intensity of sectors like electricity and heat generation, manufacturing, and transportation.All these statistics signify that not just Indians but citizens of other more developed nations are far less concerned about pollution emission.Source

What is Scientology?

I don't know .. all I remember is that years ago some guys with folders asked me some questions.. I can't remember a thing about it.... perhaps you can tell me?