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Which City Do You Prefer To Stay Delhi Or Mumbai

Which is the best city, Mumbai or Pune?

Pune!I came to Pune from Delhi. It wasn't a choice. My job brought me here. Since I love to explore new places, I didn't mind. Initially I had planned to move back. I used my SIM card on roaming for an entire year just to keep myself motivated to go back as soon as I get an opportunity. But then I fell in love with the city! <3I'll tell you why Pune, but before that let me tell you I have been to many cities in India, for job, as well as leisure trips. I've seen Delhi, Dehradun, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune among the big cities with good job opportunities. So far, I've found Pune the most balanced city in all.Now let's come to why:Pune is a perfect balance of Urbanization and a little bit of Country. It can be peaceful and happening at the same time!Weather is perfect! I won't call 15–18°c too cold in winters or 30–35°c hot summers.It's not sticky and humid like the beach side cities, though it's in the close proximity of tons of beaches. The breeze is always brisk and refreshing.Being a valley, the place is serene! Simply beautiful! Hill stations are close by.Oh! Just visit the place in monsoon once! It's a must. I'll say no more.Job opportunities? No problem! Education? Well ranked schools and universities from Pune are listed over the internet. Verify yourself. Planning a start up? Not only will this city provide cheaper options, but also your space to think. Medical facilities? Some of the bests are available here.People say nightlife in Pune is not hap! I disagree. While majority of the city does believe night is meant to be slept through, there are plenty of hang out places for the “night riders”.I won't say transport is the city's biggest asset but it’s not the worst either. If you work in IT, special bus services are available too to all major locations - MetroZip for Hinjewadi and CityZip for Magarpatta.There are a lot of places around for weekend getaways. You can even visit Mumbai as a tourist.You won't be spending your life in a local train just in order to reach from one place to another.As I said a perfectly balanced place!

Which city would you prefer among Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad if offered same package and for same company?

It depends on what you prefer.Lemme be clear from the beginning, I’ve never been to Hyderabad or Mumbai. So you can guess a bit biased answer.Weather:Well, Bangalore has the pleasant weather out of all three. Pollution is rising gradually no doubt. But the weather remains pleasant through out the year.Rent:Hyderabad is best no doubt. Bangalore is costlier and Mumbai is costliest.Food:If you want to go with cost, again Hyderabad wins. If you want street food, Mumbai will win. Bangalore is the hub of mixed cuisine. If you want a Meal, you will find it at low cost at many places in Bangalore also. Street food is not that of a good option in most of Bangalore except few places. But if you want to dine in with friends or family, Bangalore has variety of options.Transport:Again Hyderabad will win this round as traffic is lesser. In Bangalore, Metro work is taking pace. Once that is done, traffic is expected to be much lesser. Mumbai’s traffic condition is worst.Availability:In all three places you can get whatever you want. Better services and facilities in all sectors as most of them are available by private means, whether it’s medical services or other sectors. Medical services are a bit better in Bangalore I think.Entertainment:Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai all have better entertainment options if you know where to find them. (I only go to occasional Movies and am a teetotaler, so don’t know much about night life.)The last and most important thing for me:Places:However busy might be your work life through out the week, a weekend getaway will soothe your soul. Bangalore will win this round hands down. You have multiple options to visit and with better connectivity.Be it the beaches in Gokarna, Mangalore in west coast or Chennai, Puducherry in east coast. Just a night’s bus journey is enough.The westernghats, Kerala forests, Karnataka mountain coffee plantations all are nearby.Just for small rides for a day journey, Bangalore has a plethora of options. And once you come out of the city, you won’t have any traffic and the roads are awesome.So if you want to save money, go for Hyderabad. If you want to have new experiences in life by traveling to new places, choose Bangalore.I’ll choose Bangalore any time.

Where would you prefer to live- Mumbai or Delhi? And why?

Mumbai Definitely.I have lived both in Mumbai and Delhi for 8 and 5 years respectively. Colaba(mumbai) and Chanakypauri(Delhi).Mumbai tops the charts for me in many ways .Climate - Delhi has extreme climates whereas Mumbai’s Pleasant climate stills keeps me fresh. The monsoons, the Mild winters make Mumbai the best to live in. Winters in delhi freeze you to death and Summers in delhi roast you. I hate the climate in delhi.People - People in Mumbai are lovely and full of love unlike people in delhi . It covers all the people I have met.Cost - Delhi is an expensive city compared to Mumbai.Food- Well you have to give equal points to both of them . The Momo’s of Delhi and VadaPav’s of Mumbai are really a match to each other’s rivalry .It’s Khan Market for Delhi and Khao gali for Mumbai.The Sea - Mumbai is an island and Delhi is NOT .Cleanliness and Standard - In comparison to any other major city, *cough* Bambaii *cough*, Delhi is the cleanest place on earth. The roads are wide and expansive, and parts of the old city have been modernized, especially with the coming in of Metro. More breathing space, lesser crowds, better infrastructure and more money being fueled in both their health and sanitation budget, Delhi is far better in Mumbai in terms of living. ]Freedom - Political centers (like Delhi) may have a lot of advantages but the unrestrained freedom and the casual air of abandon, as brought about by commercial hubs like Mumbai, are missing. Mumbai has a truly bohemian, cosmopolitan outlook. Different ways of life are accepted wholeheartedly without stringent censure and there is a kind of ‘Live and Let Live’ ideology followed by its inhabitants.Delhi might not as easily accept differences, preoccupied as they might be, more with outward appearances in terms of dressing up, behavior and lifestyle.Security - Delhi is the city where you always need to be on guard while you enjoy its gardens, museums and theatres; against the aggressiveness of its people, against nasty cab driver, surly service staff, and against the sheer philistinism of its social life.Mumbai, with its buzzing nightlife, edgy urban energy and stringent safety measures as well as the mentality of people, allows you to have fun as and when you want it. And while Delhi continues to have an equally riveting night life, we wouldn’t put our money on the safety measures.Mumbai may be very conjugated unlike a very vast Delhi, but my experience puts Mumbai on Top

Which is the best city to live Delhi or Mumbai?

It’s like asking do you like apples or oranges!!!Both come with their own greatness, uniqueness and issues.I have lived in both cities. Yes I will agree security for woman really has become a huge factor in a decision. Delhi is surrounded by places like Up bihar etc which does not help as far sa attitude goes.But it’s much larger, has everything, including a brilliant metro system. It’s educational system is the best in all of India. Absolutely the top schools and colleges. Opportunities are abundant. It helps that costs are low. The roads and infrastructure is delightful. There are a gazillion places to go to in and around Delhi. Its history is deep rooted.Mumbai is crowded, not at all up to the mark on infrastructure, and traffic is a nightmare. One tends to sweat a lot. The beaches are just badly maintained. And real estate costs are better not discussed.But it makes up for all this with its vibrancy. It also offers a gazillion places to go to in and around.To answer your question - here is an old line I heard but it sums it up - apne marzi ke kahaan, apne safar ke hum hain. Rukh hawaon ka jidhar ho, udhar ke hum hain.It means you can’t control or decide what life has in store. You will go whichever side you find the wind blowing.If it takes you to Delhi, go feeling good. If Mumbai, go feeling good.

Better travel destination – Mumbai or new delhi?

It must be Mumbai.Summer means don't come to delhi ,it will be very hot around 45c temperature.There is no sea which is the main thing affects delhi very much.Both are congested ,busy,top,favorable,costliest cities,but the vote goes to mumbai because u love the beaches,near to GOA.u can enjoy and feel good this summer. Have a mumbaikarar vacation.

Which place is better, Delhi or Bombay?

I think I am qualified to give this answer as I have been born and brought up in Delhi and spent my college time in Mumbai. I love both the cities and they are beautiful in their own ways.I shall point out the differences and you can prioritize .~ Delhi is cleaner and greener than Mumbai but on the other hand air quality of Mumbai is better than Delhi .~ Mumbai’s night life is safer than that of Delhi but prices and crowd are the same .~ Weather is okay in both the cities , in Mumbai its rainy and humid always and the weather is more or less same throughout the year and in Delhi you can experience all the weathers in their extreme form (personally i love winters).~ People in Delhi are well dressed and the same doesn’t happen in Mumbai because of the humid weather but do not believe in stereotypes as people in Delhi also go out in pyjamas and Mumbai people also dress well too.~ Both cities have different street food and both of them are amazing, depending on your taste.~ People are pretty much the same , there are good people and bad people . I guess a place doesn’t really define its people.~ Ofcourse there is a culture difference but almost all the festivals are celebrated really beautifully ( personally i love Ganpati puja of Mumbai).~ You will get the same things , literally everything is same from expensive malls to street shops.~ Mumbai is more expensive than Delhi.~ Space problem is more in Mumbai because of the opportunities there ( the entertainment industry and various companies ).~ Delhi has a lot of tourist places like qutub minar , akshardham , lotus temple , India gate etc and Mumbai has gateway of India , marine drive and beaches etc.~ Mumbai is well connected by local trains and Delhi by metro.~ Schooling system is different , Delhi has 11 th and 12 th in school whereas Mumbai has junior college for 11 th and 12 th.~ Delhi has wider roads but traffic is same.~ Mumbai keeps on going on 24 * 7 and Delhi relaxes in the evening.PS: I think both the cities are amazing to live in and the difference between them is same as the difference between any two cities of this country.I hope this was helpful.

Where should I do my articleship from, a big city like Mumbai or Delhi, or from my own city, Indore?

I understand when people move to bigger cities for want of more work exposure during articleship. However, for cities that are moderately developed, I’d prefer you stay back in your home-town and finish off your articleship. I have my reasons:Articleship is not a huge deciding factor in either your CA final Exams or future job prospects. In case you are supremely interested in something that is not there in your hometown you can consider moving.In case a firm in your hometown provides you with good work exposure, then you can balance studies better in your hometown than in other bigger cities. Also, rent!Articleship is a phase that prepares you technically. Moreover, it shapes your soft skills. It is a learning phase. In case you want to move to a bigger city to experience corporate culture then I assure you there’s plenty of it once you clear. You might even want to see less of it later on :PAs long as you get good work exposure in your hometown, do not blindly move to a city just because you’re bedazzled by the size of the city or the talks of seniors/ peers who flaunt the lifestyle of big cities. see what suits you.I am in no way against someone moving to a bigger city for work exposure but I am if it is done blindly, without putting in much thought, plainly because you are interested in moving for the heck of it. I hope we all make wise decisions.All the best!