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Which Country In Africa Did The Ottoman Empire Affect And How

How did the fall of the ottoman empire affect the middle east?

Although the arabs had been promised self government for their help in winning the war, the Ottoman territories were divided between France and Britain.
New states were created by drawing lines on a map and Britain got control of Palestine, Iraq and Transjordan - France got Lebanon and Syria.
All of these new states are inherently unstable because no account was taken of differences in religion, traditions or tribal rivalries.
Palestine has been the worst affected because the British started to let in jewish immigrants from Europe and the USA who eventually formed terrorist gangs, drove out the British and massacred many arabs before setting up the state of Israel.
There has been trouble ever since because of the existence of the terrorist state of Israel

How did World War 1 affect the Ottoman Empire and European colonies and dominions?

The Ottoman empirev was so weakened by its defeat in WW1 that it disappeared altogether soon afterwards.

As for European colonies and dominions:

Those belonging to Germany pre WW1 were divided up between the victorious Allies.However,their hold on their existing colonies and Dominions was seriously weakened by WW1,even the though the Allies had won. Europe lost its self proclaimed moral and cultural dominance globally as a continent due to the war - after all,if the best that Europe and Europeans could come up with was the 4 years of senseless slaughter that was WW1,in what way could they claim to better than other nations and peoples on other continents?

This was an idea taken on board in America,Japan,and by the peoples in European colonies in Africa and Asia.

How did religious tolerance in the Ottoman Empire affect the spread of Islamic culture and values in the regions the empire conquered?

Allowed them to be accepted into new regions with no resistance?

What effect did the Ottoman Empire have on Greece? Did they leave alot of Arabic influence in it?

Greece was changing and influencing the ottoman empire in a positive way while the ottoman empire was changing greece in a negative way, full of suffering.

RE Lady S: The only reason Bosnia-Herzegovina prospered from Ottoman influence was because they didn't have any infrastructure they where just a tribe, any organized tribe or group of people could have improved their system, no offense. Greece on the other hand was at the highest end of civilization, they where actually the creators of civilization, and after being conquered by a clan of people with an inferior infrastructure it was all down hill from there, they where brought down. Their schools, sport arenas, theaters, art galleries and all other essences of culture where crushed. and as I saw in another answer to this question someone said that everyone was prospering in that time but Greece was unlucky to be a part of the Ottoman empire for if they weren't they would prosper too. But why where countries and tribes prospering in those times? Did they all of a sudden after so many years of existence find out how exactly their population should be run? The reason they found out is from Ancient Greece. When the Turks invaded Greece they uncovered a whole lot of knowledge that they couldn't even begin to comprehend (things we still learn today from elementary school to University and beyond), lots of books (on many differnt subjects) where burnt but the best ones they kept for themselves. The turks and Italians and nations around Greece Slowly slowly began to use the Greek texts and put thing into action all the other nations began copying each other since they saw that the other had something they didn't and the knowledge spread everywhere from turkey to Northern Africa to France and even England. This is why at that specific time there was such a big change in all those countries, and they all prospered and they where taken out of the dark and other major countries started recognizing them. This is what created the renaissance in Italy and across europe after the Start of the Ottoman Empire 1300AD it only took 100 years for the Renaissance period to start. Those countries where now given sports theatre art music and a whole culture derived from ancient Greece.