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Which Dynasty Lasted The Shortest Time But Made A Huge Impact In China

Which dynasty ruled the shortest period of time?

If you consider the Five dynasties between Tang and Song, they are all pretty much…short:Later Liang : 16 years.Later Tang : 14 years.Later Jin : 11 years.Later Han: 4 years.Later Zhou: 9 years.These dynasties are sometimes considered distinctively because none of them did formally rule the entire China during their reign (though they ruled most the land). Although, they are all formally recognized throughout history and considered as “rightful successor” due to various historical/cultural/political reasons( to discuss this will take another super large discussion thread).Considering some short dynasties that have reign the whole Chinese land. Qin dynasty ruled China for 15 years. (Although, this considers the beginning when Qin Shi Huang unified China. Qin is formally recorded with “纪” (the record of Ruler) from King Zhuang Xiang of Qin, Qin Shi Huang’s father, in 资治通鉴”. Given the opinion that this should be the beginning of Qin era.)There exist countless number of independent states who is independent and once made huge impact in the land of China. But history did not recognize them due to the same historical/cultural/political reasons.

What was the importance of the Zhou dynasty and how did it impact the world in terms of world history?

* The Zhou dynasty lasted longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history.
This Ancient Chinese dynasty gave China its historically identifying political and cultural characteristics.

* During the Zhou, the use of iron was introduced to China.

* The dynasty also spans the period in which the written script evolved from the ancient stage as seen in early Western Zhou bronze inscriptions, to the beginnings of the modern stage.

* During the Zhou Dynasty, the origins of native Chinese philosophy developed, its initial stages beginning in the 6th century BC.
The greatest Chinese philosophers, those who made the greatest impact on later generations of Chinese, were Kong Fuzi (Latin: Confucius), founder of Confucianism, and Laozi, founder of Daoism.

* China's first projects of hydraulic engineering were founded during the Zhou Dynasty, ultimately for means to aid agricultural irrigation.
The Prime Minister of Wei, Sunshu Ao, dammed a river to create an enormous irrigation reservoir in modern-day northern Anhui province.

What was the most lasting impact of the Mongols on China?

The Mongols introduced Buddhism to China.
The Mongols permanently reunited China after a prolonged period of political fragmentation.
The Chinese government system was invented by the Mongols.
The Mongols brought silk and porcelain production to China.
The Mongols built the Great Wall.

Which of the great Chinese dynasties were the most and least popular?

In my opinion, popularity is not a suitable term here. To answer this question, I believe these two dynasties are ones that the Chinese were proudest of.Han DynastyTang DynastyDuring these two dynasties, China emerged as a top civilization of the world. China was the richest, most powerful and most populous in the world. There were many cultural achievements during these two dynasties.The most hated or least popular would be eitherYuan DynastyQing DynastyIn both dynasties, the emperors were foreigners. Han Chinese were subjugated harshly in both eras. It’s debatable whether which dynasty is least popular.However, many Chinese TV-series and dramas are based on early Qing dynasty.