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Which Engagement Ring Should I Get

Engagement Ring: What type should I get?

The best, agreed would be

The best color
colorless, grading D-E-F

cut-the best cut-ideal/excellent, then very good

clarity-the best clarity you would want to wear daily VVS2, VS1 then VS2

platinum is the more expensive metal

What shape runs most expensive? Asscher and heart shaped-hands down both appear smaller than ct wt. Then round brilliant appears ct wt. Oval-appears larger than ct wt, marquise, pear, cushion are in the middle of cost. The pear and marquise run expensive, but because of the dimensions appear larger than there carat wt. Radiant, emerald-appears larger than ct wt, princess-appears smaller, are least expensive.

Carat wt. will depend on the shape, and the setting having sidestones or not.

My suggestion would be to get an undersized 1ct (.83-.94), because of the price differences, and because the quality is much better for the money.

I've got .89ct E/VVS2 very good cut emerald solitaire in platinum, it was 4700 and appraised for 8000.

I'd get close to what I got, or go with an asscher.

Which engagement ring should i get?

First of all, I agree with one of the above comments. PICK THE ONE YOU LIKE the best. This is something you cannot ask strangers to pick for you.

Personally, I would not buy SILVER, because silver tarnishes, unless you get the kind that is called "925" silver, that does not tarnish. A good jeweler should be able to explain this to you. "925" is usually silver that comes from Mexico as they have the best silver mines there.

One thing you should also consider, is the style of ring you pick, when you put it next to a wedding band. If the center of your ring extends too far, then you might have a hard time finding a band to match.

My preference is WHITE GOLD, and they are NOT that expensive. has some really nice rings. The clarity ratings of their diamonds is very good, not to mention, affordable. There are other places online to look at white gold rings, like Amazon.

Here's my pick from White gold, $199.

My opinion, is get a nice, affordable ring for now, then perhaps for your 5- or 10-year anniversary when things have settled and you are still together, perhaps your husband can then buy you a really nice diamond ring as a token of his endless appreciation for you.

Mall stores usually have a mark-up price. Online is better. If I were to choose a mall store, it would probably be JCP.

To me, a nice engagement ring is one that is classic and timeless. Simple yet elegant.

Good luck! The rings you have chosen are all nice BTW.

I suppose the engagement ring is for your fiancee, correct? Usually, when people buy engagement rings, they pay attention to the following:The centre stone (preferred gemstone)Ring setting (gold, silver, brass)Design (simple, intricate, functional)Fiancee’s personality/personal preferencesYour available budgetWell, if you want to keep up with the times and find a modern-looking ring for your future wife, you may want to look at the latest engagement ring trends for inspiration or to get ideas on the types of ring that women like these days.However, if you want a more personalise touch to your engagement ring, you can do. These days, many groom design their own ring. which makes the whole proposal process more poignant and intimate. This also increases feelings of affection for soon-to-be brides and grooms.No need to worry if your own custom engagement ring is not perfect. Besides, you have the leeway to solicit the assistance of master craftsmen and setters. In Melbourne, jewellers offer the option to customise engagement and wedding rings. You can also opt to order diamond rings online while specifying your requirements through the order form.The main takeaway here is that you have to look at all angles when choosing an engagement ring. Remember, this is a rare occasion that every woman looks forward to. By giving her elegant jewellery and expressing your desire to be with her for a lifetime, you’re carving a beautiful memory in her heart.

I would like to suggest the solitaire engagement ring which you can get under $1000. Because it does not involve mistakes as it is considered as one of the best solutions to make your loved one's eyes shine.As the old saying goes, If you believe diamonds are a girl's best friend, then the diamond should be the center of attention which is certainly the case in a diamond solitaire ring.In the case of these rings, the cut becomes an important characteristic: it concerns the shape, number, and positions of the facets and also quality and proportion.It is the classic among engagement rings, because, it is among all the most desired, the brightest. The Solitary will never go out of fashion, it is forever.Other great reasons, besides their classic appearance, many women love solitaire engagement rings are:PracticalityAbility to dress upUnmistakable as engagement ringsBest of luck!

Should I wear a fake engagement ring?

there is a very simple solution to the issue of men hitting on you at bars: tell them that you have a boyfriend. if the guy is relentless, ask your friends for help or even ask the bartender. i think that by putting on a fake ring, he'd be more concerned about you wanting to be married than about what guys at bars were doing. besides, you aren't property. just because a man compliments you doesn't mean he wants to get in your pants. just because i admire a nice house doesn't mean i want to buy it. you're allowed to enjoy the attention, but YOU have to make sure you are in control of the situation (by telling them you have a BF).

If you like the look of a diamond and can afford a bit more, you can get a Canadian diamond. They are laser-inscribed and certified. If you don't mind simulants and you still want that diamond-ish look, you could try:a created moissanite (pros: lots of sparkle and fire! slightly harder than CZ. cons: yellow tinge, may be brittle),a white lab-grown sapphire (pros: WHITE and hard as heck, cons: not as sparkly as diamond),or even a CZ as it is inexpensive enough to replace if it gets scratched/chipped or lost. If ethical colored stones are your goal, search for sapphires mined in Montana. Fewer color choices than the overall market (usually just blues, greenish blues, greyish, etc), but you know exactly where it's coming from, and sapphires are excellent, durable stones for rings. :)

Should I finance my engagement ring?

save up your money to pay atleast half on the ring, or maybe look at a ring that is within your budget. I know that if you love this woman that you want the best for her, but dont sacrifice your financial stability for a piece of jewelry. The ring is important, but it is not worth your trying to live above what you can provide.

If this woman loves you for you then it is not about the money or the ring. But if she is stuck on image and superficial things, just be prayerful that this is what you want to attach the rest of your life to.

If she loves you she will be willing to live within what you can provide..that is not to say that she will not want nice things and expect you to be a provider in your home. But just make sure that is the type of woman that will be by your side...for richer or for poorer.

You could if you want. You’ve got a couple of options and they’re fantastic, I think.Option 1: You can pawn it, and then take the money and buy yourself something beautiful that makes you feel special. You could also be super responsible and use the money to invest in some stocks or funds that will give you a return that the relationship clearly didn’t! Sorry, bad humor. Sometimes, pawn shops have unique items there and you might end up finding an item you want instead of exchanging the ring for money.Option 2: Take it to a jeweler whose work you think is beautiful and ask them to melt down the ring and make it into something new for you. You then get to repurpose a piece that once had some meaning behind it.Whatever you decide, have fun with it!

Should I buy an engagement ring at a pawn shop?

It's entirely up to you where you buy her ring. Though my ring came from a jeweler, I don't think a ring from a pawn shop is necessarily bad. Buying from a pawn broker allows you to get more bang for your buck, and believe me, when it comes to engagement rings, women want a lot of bang. lol

If your girlfriend has a practical side that appreciates value, and isn't into designer labels and showing off, then she might just agree with your store selection.

Personally, a pawn shop ring would have bothered me 17 years ago when my husband proposed. Today it wouldn't bother me one bit. I know love, marriage, and forever have nothing to do with the rock on my left hand. I also have a much different view when it comes to money then I did way back when.

The key to preventing a pawn shop purchase from blowing up in your face is to be 100% honest with your girlfriend. Tell her immediately where you bought the ring, and your reasons for having done so. I think as long as she knows the truth up front, from the very start there won't be much of a problem.

Best of luck and congrats on your decision to propose!

Engagement Ring vs. Bridal Set?

Congrats on taking the next step in your relationship, that's great!

Lots of the girls on here have been talking about how great sets are, and they are nice I agree but I thought I'd let you know why my boyfriend decided against one.

He wanted to let me choose. He thought it could be something we did together, maybe so that our weddings rings could match (obviously his would be a bigger version), and because he wasn't sure how "flashy" or "plain" I would want it to be. I like that we'll get to go out together and pick out our wedding rings, and I like that I will have the option not to wear my diamond as in certain situations in my life I'd prefer just wear my wedding band (like when I'm playing sports). However, that's just personal preference for me.

The bridal set is nice because it takes the guess work out of it, but I think it's only really necessary on certain cuts of the diamond and styles of the band. My ring will look great with a nice white gold band. I couldn't say the same for a Marquis or Heart-shape necessarily.

As for the wedding band, you can keep it until your wedding day where it is passed to a member of your wedding party (the Maid of Honour, Best Man or Ring Bearer) until you exchange the rings. It's okay to show it to her though - it's not like seeing the wedding dress before the date.

I think when you find the perfect ring you'll know - and if it comes with a band or doesn't your girlfriend is going to be thrilled that she is going to be your future wife.