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Which Gender Have A Higher Unrealistic Expectation Of The Future Partner

Is it me or do a lot of girls have unrealistic expectations in relationships?

The girls you may have met, are probably the girls who have no idea what a true relationship is like. They are demanding not because they want to or anything, they are demanding because they don’t know what is and how a relationship functions.When you don’t know how a relationship functions, it is very easy to put your demands and expectations on an extreme level. Some expectations is okay, but the ones that demand or expect a guy to do something, tells you that those girls really don’t know a thing about relationships other than infatuation (or, they’ve been through relationships where the guy treats her like a princess, allows her to dictate him or believes in some false myths).Most girls/women who have been through a relationship will have more realistic, practical, or in some cases, reasonable expectations according to their own experiences. These women will expect less of you except for the basic manners, etiquette, how you treat others in general, etc. In addition, these women are more than likely to ask for your input on how you view a relationship in general, intimate ones, family ones, etc. in order to gain more insight on who you are as an individual and whether or not you are compatible with them; according to the similarities you share in hobbies, thoughts, perspectives, politics, etc.However, not all women who’ve been through a relationship ask for the other person’s input. Not all women who’ve been through a relationship know what expectations are reasonable. In general, expectations are created through personal opinion, beliefs influenced by family, beliefs influenced by religion, experiences in first person, etc.In that case, if you hear women who have unrealistic expectations, nod in acknowledgement, end that discussion, and walk away. A man should not have to worry about achieving a woman’s long list of expectations (except for the very basic ones) in order to make her feel loved or happy. A woman who only feels happy when a man tucks his one knee in and allows her to dictate him is not a woman, but a tyrannical person.

Society's unrealistic expectations of women?

I am working on an essay for my English class about how women are expected to put more time, money, and energy into looking nice than men are. I am only a paragraph and two sentences in, and I already have writers block! Here's what I have so far:

I remember standing in front of the mirror with my eyes closed. I would pray that when I opened them, I would have somehow transformed into one of the beautiful models I saw in my mom’s magazines. I was only in the fifth grade. Even at this young age I felt society’s pressure on girls to be pretty. My friends seemed to feel it too. We constantly worried about how we looked, and spent our lunch periods discussing makeup and dieting tips.
Over the years, our fascination with being beautiful grew into an obsession. I could spend hours curling my hair and putting on makeup, and my friends could do the same.

Who do you think has higher expectations in love: men or women? both? or are the expectations different?

Like others have said, I wouldn't presume to say what entire groups of people expect.

But for myself, I expect to be treated the way I treat the other person. *note* this goes for bad or for good. If I do something wrong, I don't expect the person to "just get over it" because I know that I wouldn't. If I do something right, I expect my partner to appreciate it, the way I would if they did something nice for me.

The vise versa "Treat others the way you want to be treated" is my mantra, and therefore my expectation of others.

Can masturbation ruin my future sex life?

I am 15 years old. I started masturbating at 12 years old. I have constantly tried to quit but have failed. I am currently stopping but i think that i am starting to have symptoms of ED. I am scared that my actions will ruin my future sex life. Also i have read that watching pornography will actually cause actual sex to be less desirable or will cause me not to have an erection during real sex, if this is true, by me stopping masturbation now will that change that? please help i am very scared that my sex life is ruined for the rest of my life

My standards are so high and I'm so picky when it comes to my boyfriend's personality, maybe that's why I've been single for 4 years, is that being arrogant?

Here’s the thing and you probably aren’t going to like it.You deserve to have standards. So does everyone else.If your standards are too high you’re likely reaching for unrealistic expectations and you probably have an extremely high self worth. Which is awesome.But it’s time to start being realistic.For example lets say you want a guy who is good looking, smart, athletic, likes jazz or the blues, is a man’s man, pays for dinners, smiles all the time, defends you to his friends, only has friends that are as great as him.It’s not going to happen. That guy doesn’t exist. If he does he’s probably not single.I’d be willing to bet your standards are so high because you don’t really know what you want in a guy. You’ve been single because of that. I highly doubt if you met someone that was a great match for you but didn’t check every box you would break it off.*** if you are then yes you are being arrogant***So maybe start realitically trying to figure out what you want in a partner, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Nothing wrong with standards, nothing wrong with high standards but they have to match expectations and you’re going to have to be willing to bargain some things over others.Also a piece of advice. Nobody is who they say they are when they first start dating. You are getting (usually) their best version and you are giving them your best version. Things change when you get comfortable around them. Thats when the real YOU comes out.So evaluate yourself. Evaluate who you want to be with and then go from there.

Number of sexual partners?

well I am 23....and first I will say the number itself would really depend on a few matter what my number was I wouldn't want it to be outrageously higher than mine....for instance if I had been with 10 people ever....and they had been with 75...that would be cause for concern...however if I had been with say 20 people and they had been with 25...30...although even that seems like it would be way higher than my 20...that I could live with. In general I really wouldnt want to be with a guy who had been with more than 30 women...and would greatly desire he had been with less than that. It would absolutely not matter to me if who I was with was a fact it would make me feel really good...although I would be nervous because I would think they had no idea what they were doing...I would be all for teaching them and being patient with them getting comfortable with sex. It would have so many benefits, I would never wonder if they were thinking about past lovers...if they were comparing me to past lovers...I wouldn't worry if they had an std. And I would know they must really think Im special to chose me to give their virginity to. I am from a small town, and unfortunately all there is to do here is drink and have I know a lot of people with very high numbers and it is really a turn off to me...if someone I know/meet has been with under 10 people, I am very surprised and find it very admirable and respectable. however...I hate to admit it but I have been with about 20 people and that is a number I really really wish was lower...I had only ever been with 5 and then went through a very hard phase for about a year or so where I drank a lot and had a handful (or 3) of random hookups that left me sad an unsatisfied and so would go drink in my depression and do it all over again, it was a vicious circle I was going in. I am ashamed and embarrassed by some of the things I did and people I hooked up matter what my partner told me their number was...I would try my hardest not to judge them by it because I would not want to be judged for my mistakes...I guess it depends on their approach as well...if they slept with a lot of people and seemed proud of it...well I would be concerned about that. If they were like me and had a lot of regrets and seemed shy or embarrassed about it, it would make me much more understanding about it. I hope anything here helped at all!