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Which Is A Worst Reason For Voting For Someone

What's worse- voting for someone that I fundamentally disagree with or not voting at all?

Not voting at all.You chose US Presidential Elections as one of your categories.    Because of the way the system works, there are only two real possible winners.   Each is the compromise candidate of one of the two major parties, and there are going to be large numbers of people in each party who would have preferred another candidate.However, it's very likely that one of the two candidates is worse than the other.   The only way you can really get to a point where both candidates are exactly equal would be the Moon Over Parador situation, where you're voting for the same candidate in the two different parties.Make a list of the reasons you fundamentally disagree with for each candidate, and then compare them.   I bet one list scores much higher on the "fundamentally disagree with" scale than the other.   So vote against that candidate.If you refuse to vote "against" a candidate (which I feel is certainly a valid voting strategy, but some do not) then how about making a list of all the reasons to vote "for" each candidate, and then compare those two lists.   I think again that you'll find one list more compelling than the other... and since you aren't voting "against" then the negatives for each candidate shouldn't matter to you.But I'll even give you a third reason to vote.   It's because there's a long slate of candidates and other issues on that same ticket.   So even if you refuse to vote for either of the two evils (and believe me, I feel your pain on this) you should still show up and vote on all the other items on the ballot.   Don't let the extremist fanatics who actually support those two candidates be the only people deciding all the other people and issues being decided!

Have you ever voted for someone due to one specific reason? If so, what was the reason and did something come of it?

I voted for Jimmy Carter because he was a born-again Christian. It was the biggest disappointment imaginable. Four years later I voted for his opponent, Ronald Reagan. I still wish I had not been so gullible.Now I listen to every word, analyze every position, and measure every factor. My best chance to make a difference is at Primary time, so that is when I make my biggest appeals to those in my sphere. The general election for the presidency is a two person race. I did not vote for Ross Perot, even though some of his arguments seemed sound. To me, he disqualified himself as a serious candidate by running third party. American politics can only support a third party presidential candidate if we make the electoral college proportional. Perot could have created an electoral college tie up, resulting in a different result than we got if he had only been able to make that vote talley translate into electoral votes. He might have even thrown the election into the House of Representatives. At least in 1996, we might have had a President Bob Dole. But alas, it is what it is. Perot should have had enough sense to know that going in, and since he didn’t, I had not trust in his judgement for the rest. I considered Bush a better choice the first time, if only for continuity of a reasonably good run, and consideration of the courts. Perot spoiled the chances of that, and I hold him responsible for it. He should have done what Trump has done, make a play for the primary and become one of the two, or done the decent thing, get out, picked a side and supported it.

What are the worst reasons people had for voting for Donald Trump?

The people who support Trump out of spite and gloat about drinking “liberal tears” and the like. (I have encountered quite a few of these sociopathic imbeciles on this very site.) Because reality is just a troll game with no consequences beyond the lolz.Let me be clear: I despise Trump and everything he stands for. I think his supporters are, at best, badly misguided. At worst, my feelings towards them are unprintable. That said:I can understand someone who is economically disadvantaged and thinks Trump will somehow fix the economy. They’re wrong, but I understand it.I can understand someone who thought Obama’s policies were misguided or wrong and wanted a conservative president (even if it’s Trump). They’re wrong, but I understand it.I can understand someone who’s so loyal to the Republican Party that they’ll hold their nose and vote for someone who theoretically disagrees. They’re wrong, but I understand it.Heck, I can understand someone who is an actual bigot or white supremacist supporting Trump because they think he’s one of their own. They’re wrong, and in this case evil, but I understand it.Someone who thinks it’s worth electing a criminal moron and endangering democracy because they think it’s funny, or because they want liberals to feel bad? That degree of sociopathic contrarianism is beyond my comprehension.And frankly, I’m not sure I want to understand it. Because frankly, that way lies madness.

If you vote for a racist, why would someone think you're a racist?

So a lot of white conservative people in Mississippi voted for Cindy Hyde-Smith who has joked about lynching in a state with one of, if not the worst histories for lynching.
She also joked about voter suppression, not only attended when she was a child but actually sent her child to a known segregated school after desegregation that was funded by a far right wing group (the Citizen Council called the "Uptown Klan", the forerunner of todays Council of Conservative Citizens), knowingly accepted donation money from known neo-Nazis like Peter Sieve, publicly praised the Confederacy, etc.

But the people who voted for her knowing all this are upset because others are looking at them as racist for some reason...

Why would voting for someone who is a far right wing racist make the voters racist?
I can't quite put my finger on it....

Is it possible that the voters are not racist and just voted for Cindy Hyde-Smith because they like her voice? Hmmm.

Should you vote for a candidate if your only reason for voting is to prevent another candidate from holding office?

What you have described is called tactical voting or strategic voting. It is the unfortunate result of the “winner take all” sort of voting system that most ostensibly democratic countries have. The fundamental flaw of this system is the inevitable trend toward a 2-party system because minority political views/votes are essentially ignored because they’ll never win in an election. The consequence, in turn, is the “elected” government only represents the popular support of a minority of voters, since a substantial amount of their votes are due to strategic voting.This kind of undemocratic 2-party system is entrenched in most western democracies, and there is no changing it in the foreseeable future. The limited and frankly 2 bad alternatives presented to the electorate is undemocratic, but still marginally better than no choice at all. Therefore, I say you should still participate and strategically vote against the candidate you dislike the most.

What are some reasons to vote for Erdogan?

In my point of view, I can't find any good reason to vote for him.He has been very bad at politics and contradicting himself many times.He doesn't have any solid and logical political direction, he just does something to save the day and he only thinks about his power other than the good for the people in Turkey.He also banned many things in Turkey; as an example, Wikipedia has still been banned to use in Turkey.Can you think any leader that is afraid of the information in Wikipedia? It is ridiculous for a leader to be filled with hate towards a web encyclopedia.He also hates LGBTI people and women in general, he talks about them in an inappropriate way. He hates and afraid of everything. Have you ever seen a person that feels power inside hates anything? Hate is a sign of feeling incapable.He is not powerful, his power is fragile and he knows this. As a result, he is so afraid of anything and anybody that does not support him.The people voting for him have had misleading information (media spreads wrong information about economy and many other things in Turkey) about economical or political power of Turkey. Also conservative people think that he is supporting their existence and their beliefs.There have been also many debates about his cheating on votes.Many journalists, thinkers, writers, human rights activists in Turkey have been prisoned in his time.In conclusion, there is no reason to vote for such a leader.

Why do people ages 18-24 have the worst voting record in history?

They turned out in record numbers in 08... however, they have the worst record because they turned out for the fraud who was elected.
Can't get much worse than that.

Why can't we "Vote for the WORST answer" along with the best?

I think it is obvious that lame answers do not get votes, but worst than that these lame answers actually getting so many votes and then they get the best answers. but it is a cool idea but unfortunately people will abuse it and use it against other users out of hatred.

What would be a reason to vote green party?

Because you support their platform and you care about building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society.