Which Is The Best Exhaust For My 01 Mustang Gt

Would a 2009 Mustang GT Exhaust system Fit on a 2009 Mustang v6?

Nope, but check or ebay and you can find a dual exhaust kit for your car.
Well it will cost more to take it to a muffler shop and have them do it. Well maybe anyway, depends on the shop. Ask around. Or maybe pick some exhaust piping and do it yourself. Ebay always has great deals. I got my cat back off ebay. It took a little extra work to get it to fit right, but at half the cost I can't complain.

'06 mustang, what exhaust?

any metallic shop's going to over cost you, and putting it a immediately pipe could desire to artwork in spite of the undeniable fact that it may could desire to welded on and you're able to desire to easily cut back a hollow interior the bummer yet i propose all it is factor much less in case you opt for your mustang to sound propose make it propose get a vortex supper charger bolt that component on the intake and bam you in hassle-free terms have been given approximately 8lb's of enhance and your mustang's propose. and it may supply you the sound you opt for for.

Exhaust and Rims for 06 mustang GT?

Visit sites like for wheels/tires. Its really a matter of personal preference. I will say that a heavier combo will slow the car down and extend your braking distances. But more than likely you won't notice this. What you will notice is that with a lower profile tire you feel the bumps more.

As for exhaust, I can't think of anybody with black exhaust tips. They are all polished or chromed. There are numerous companies making axle backs for the s197 cars.

Mac (I have)
SLP (Loudmouths might as well be straightpipes)
and more.
You are going to want to search for video clips on these to hear how they sound. Be careful, the louder the exhaust the more drone you get in the car. And don't expect flowmasters to sound like the flowmasters on the previous generations. These cars sound different due to a different exhaust setup.

What is the best sounding exhaust for a 06 mustang gt?

Flows sounds good on Mustangs... can't go wrong with them. But if you want a real deep sound go with Mac Prochamber midpipe and get Mac catback. It depends on what sounds you like for your car. everyone has a different opinion than the other guy... not everyone likes the same thing, SO I suggest you listen to different exhaust setups before you pick a exhaust to see which one you like. Search on Youtube OR Streetfire and decide for yourself so you don't regret it afterwards. Good luck to you.

What parts should I add to my 06 Mustang GT?

06 Mustang Gt Parts

I own a 2007 Supercharged Mustang and I drive it all year round... Oh and I live in Minnesota.To put it in words, the winter time is a blast for the car. I gain tons of horsepower from that cold air. But what's it like to drive in the snow?I don't put snow tires on, I just use the stock Pirelli's. When it's snowing, you have to learn how to drive and how to compensate for spinning out or having the rear kick out on you. Once you master that it's no different than any other car. The only thing that's tough is if it's really slippery out and you go up a steep hill, it can get scary... I've had my tires peeling out and I kept loosing speed while going up a hill. You have to estimate these things ahead of time and you'll make it up just fine. The other thing is from a stop it takes a minute to get going, whereas front wheel drive or all wheel drive cars catch traction much quicker. All in all its not as bad as most people like to think it is, and I actually enjoy it! It's fun to kick out the rear around a corner and drift down the road.Plus what other car could you feel so nostalgic in like I did when I took this photo in my Mustang:Here's another pic, snows just starting to melt from a year or two ago:You'll love the car. There are so many options... You can keep it looking fairly stock and mod the engine big time and have a sleeper, or do both exterior and engine mods, it's tons of fun!

2010 Mustang Borla exhaust?

I would shop around for full bolt on kits. Having shop crushed bent pipes is not going to aid your performance and or sound. Also the owners at Borla are real *******. I know because I work in the aftermarket performance industry. I would support; Bassani, Corsa, or Flowmaster. You might also check if Ford has a kit.

Also note that if you go too aggressive then your daily driver will drive you nuts on the highway with a loud drone.

You might consider that if you are making payments on a 2010 you really could sell it and go with a 2011 V6. Put this $1000 into a down payment on a car with 100+ more HP and true dual exhaust.

Help modding my '01 mustang?

save the money and forget that X Pipe. If you want to get some extra ponies the best way to do it is the major 3 mods.


Get a full Cold Air Intake, should run you around 2-300 for a good one, check out or

Full Catback exhaust(got my truck done with flowmasters for just under 300 at a muffler shop) Flowmaster, Magnaflow, cherry bomb all make great mufflers, but each has a unique sound so check for vids of each type on a stang.

ECU, Since its an 01 you have the option of getting one of the power programmers or you can just get a chip that changes the fuel/air curve and gives you optimal performance. With the power programmer you can change alot of stuff besides the fuel curve such as the top speed limiter, change shift point, redline etc.. This will probably be the most expensive part at around 300-400 bux.

for everything you should be able to get it within the $1000 price range and net you anywhere from 20 - 30 extra hp. which should get you into the 300 mark at the flywheel(you have 285hp stock at the fly)

Hope this helps, you have anymore questions feel free to email me.

Ps.. the intake and exhaust n what not are not Tuner bs...people were modding muscle cars long before tuners were available in the US. as for the X Pipe H pipe ive always heard the X Pipe is alot better and the h-pipe just mellows the sound, however, I could be wrong on this and have got that backwards...

this way if you want to modify anything later you can worry bout direct engine parts like Throttle body, intake manifold, and headers which would all prolly give you another 50 or so horses give or take.

Just shop around to find what parts are the best..i personally like everything from edlebrock..cant go wrong with them

I have an '06 Mustang GT and i need help finding the right Exhaust for it any ideas?

any of the performance exhaust systems (bassani, borla, magnaflow, flowmaster, slp) will offer about the same level of performance-dependability.

really then the exhaust choice comes down to sound....i ran bassani, catbacks with x-pipe on my last car (modified GT) and run magnaflows/ x-pipe on present car (04 cobra).

the system you are considering sounds excellent.
-if you are also installing longtube headers you must be considering some down the road serious modifications as these really take any increase in power you make to the rear wheels- excellent choice!
-additionally choice of a catback system with x-pipe, great for sound and also flow through for further power enhancement

in terms of sound try here

there are also lots of mustang sound clips on you tube, if you have not already looked there.

(if you do CAI, 75mm throttle body, and a re tune with a diablo predator you will increase overall power by about 18% with this exhaust 3.73 gears to be really quick off the get go, and last a kenne bel or whipple).

cheers 04 cobra (built out, supercharged-whipple at 15lbs,
measured at 575rwHP on a dyno)