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Which Is The Best Part You Think Is Absent In Online Shopping.

What is the positive and negative impact of online shopping?

Base on my experience the positive is…you can buy stuff that not available at your local stores.A variety of choice to choose.Some online shops offer cheaper price.Easy, buy stuff only in a few click on your pc or smartphones, it convenient for people that always busy.Save time, money, energy, well you dont have to spent money on fuel or pay for the bus fare.Negative:Addictive, you might spent more money and buying stuff that not neccessary( i have seen a lot of ridiculous item for sale online), it another story if you are rich people.Your item/parcel get stolen or lost( happened to me many times and i got no refund).Item might be different from what you see on the online shops (this one is so annoying )Problem with the qualityThe shipping is too long, i used to buy stuff on aliexpress and sometimes it took 2 month for the item to arrive, but it was free shipping.Scam, i get scam a few times on ebay but im able to get back my money from paypal resolution center.Well theres a lot more but i can’t write all of it , its 1.50am now i should go to sleep, bye.

My parents won't take me shopping?

Okay so I'm 13 years old and I have a paper route so I deliver papers and get paid like $20 every 2 weeks. Since winter's coming up and it's already snowing here I need winter clothes! Now my mom doesn't like shopping AT ALL. She says there's 'too much people' & she doesn't like crowds :P well I have my own money and I want to go shop for a new jacket, long-sleeve shirts, and maybe a pair of jeans. But my mom won't take me! I could ask my dad but he would only suggest ugly clothes that I don't want.. and I could go with my friend but I'm to shy to ask :S I don't really have any close friends... so what can I say to my mom to convince her to let me go shopping? I know I'm lucky to have a few clothes already and that there's poor children who have no clothes at all. But just.. I need winter clothes lol.

What do you think of this on demand shopping chatbot?

Google is already doing this and its recommendations probably get us closer to what we look for than those of personal shoppers from all over the world.We’re learning to adapt to the exponential growth in product offerings and information online. Our interactions with products have become more active than passive, from discovering our fashion needs to how we search for products. We prefer highly relevant recommendations than volume. We are developing greater relationships and loyalty with brands than intermediaries. All of these changes will eventually allow us to be more aware of what we need and more independent when we shop.To capture the advantage of human intelligence over AI in style recommendation requires a level of personal interactions and understanding, which is absent from your described service. Do we need personal shoppers from all over the world to give us global product information? Not anymore. A personal shopper can be in the US while recommending products from Italy and Japan.

What are the most important features which are absent in Shopify?

Additional Customer DetailShopify does not allow you to store additional information such as date of birth or any other detail you would like to storeAccount Management (customer-side)The concept of customer account in Shopify is near non-existent and is only used to store address and some basic customer data. Customer can log-in view their order status and change their stored shipping address. That's basically everything you can do.Limited Checkout page CustomizationYou can't customize the checkout page much. If you buy anything from a Shopify store, you can tell it's a Shopify store because all their checkout page looks the same.Not that is a bad thing because they have one of the smoothest checkout process available. It's a bad thing when you want additional information from customer.Multi-country/Multi-LingualFor Shopify, this is a bit hard to achieve. Although it's do-able but it's really complicated. The only solution for Multi-country is by having another Shopify account. Three-level Categorical SystemIf you are selling something with really complex categorical system like a car which is categorize under: Car Manufacturer, Engine type, Wheels, Year, New/Used, Mileage. STAY OUT OF SHOPIFY! This is perhaps the only real limitation that turn people away from Shopify.But if you are selling something that has really simple categorical system. Shopify works like magic. You don't even have to waste time to sort them into category (aka collection in Shopify), you can set it to detect the title of the name.

Link between being bisexual/lesbian and having an absent mother?

This is interesting coz I believe there's no formal studies about this. Answers are all based on experience and encounters :D

With your question, the answer is, yes and no.

Yes because in sociology, your environment aside from genetics is one big factor of your behavior, attitudes, etc. and sexual orientation, thus your family aside from friends and etc. is one of your environmental factor molding you into who you are.

No because there are several factors to consider aside from home (family), consider environment (friends, people around you), genetics, etc.

How common is a missing cabin air filter? Is the shop ripping me off?

I went in for an oil change as I have several times before. Sat in the waiting room eating some fast food, the technician comes in and holds a dirty air filter directly over our food, showing me it needs to be replaced. He then takes me out to my car and shows me my glove box and neighboring parts torn apart and lying in the foot well. Explains that they checked the cabin air filter and it wasn't even there! They recommend replacing it at a cost of $35, because of the labor. Not a huge cost, I almost did it, until I started wondering why they seemed suspicious to me.

Before servicing the car, they never even mentioned checking the cabin air filter or asked permission to open the glove box full of personal information, let alone tear half of the inside of the car apart. Afterward, they went on a story about how they just started carrying the filters in stock, that one of their cars was missing a filter once, and tried to sell me on how they are important for people with asthma or babies, etc. Of course, they had seen me unload our baby from the back seat earlier! They asked if there had been any bad smells, etc. I told them it has never been a problem and we just finished a long trip with the heater on the whole time.

I told them I could not pay $35 for a filter and would go to Autozone to get one and put it in myself. Since leaving, there has been the burning oil smell they asked about. Never smelled that before now!

The fact is, my wife bought the vehicle brand new 8 years ago and has been the only owner. She has never had anyone check the cabin air filter and is sure it has never been serviced or replaced. I’m quite confident they don’t sell this vehicle without the filter! Is there any chance they really did just go to check it and it wasn’t there?! Is that standard procedure for any other shops? Should I report them to the BBB, online reviews, etc?

Where is the best place to buy diamond earrings online?

Candere begins not very long ago. In 2013, founder Rupesh Jain an IT engineer from Mumbai started his own maiden venture, steering away from the world of offline jewellery; a world he was born into. Competing with the ideals of old school shopping and a vision of making precious jewellery available to those who loved to shop online, he started Candere; an online website to bring jewellery of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship to the masses. His vision was further strengthened with the idea of bringing an online showroom with customizations available, something that was absent in the offline world. With a vision of breaking the myth, that ‘diamonds are only for the rich’, Candere began its journey.the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings is not as strict as engagement rings, cut remains cardinal to the overall beauty of the diamond. Marry it with a good carat size and the best bang for the buck color and clarity grades, and all you need to do is pick one of the best online vendors above. Choose impeccable settings, and watch your diamonds dance in 360° HD!

Is being late better than being absent?

Okay so I was blonde and left all my clothes in the washing machine and they didn't rinse, so I'm going to be around 3-4 periods late now. All my work is online so should I just stay home and do it or eventually make my way out of the house? haha