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Which Is The No.1 University For Undergraduate Study In Civil Engineering In The World

Which University in UK is the best to study civil engineering?

Imperial college LondonAlthough you might at some point wanna pull out your hair and drop out, but once you've gotten through with it the reward is priceless and amazing.The location is just superb, LONDON!!!!!it can be distracting cause of clubs and other houndreds of places to goto, the teachers are amazing and good at explaining things, as i said easiler on it is a pretty hard university and the course makes things worse, this is not to discourage you im just telling you the honest truth, i worked about 60 hours a week from lectures to practical to seminars to group tutorials, and the 60 hours don't include my perso study timeLong story short i’ll advice you to try out imperial college londoncheers \U0001f37b

Which is the best university for civil engineering in the world?

There are two type of people in the world, you know. The first kind shows off their diploma, their yacht and tell the world they’re the best in the world. The second kind gets the job done.I started engineering studies at one of the finer institutions here in Denmark, and it was all about international this and that, ISO standardizations, high level physics applied to explain what happens when you throw tennis balls, the whole smash.I later changed to a minor engineering academy (playing in 3 bands didn’t do much good for my studies, and I needed the move to get my priorities straightened out), and there it was more like “when yer’ buildin’ a house onna flat field…” (quote from a memorable class).Thing is, the world’s best doesn’t exist. The worlds most prestigious, maybe, the world’s most admired or bragged about, the worlds highest budget, yada yada… it’s all a very nice glass tower fantasy, but they don’t necessarily produce good engineers.I’m a darn good engineer nowadays - I can state that as a simple fact. That didn’t come from graduating at MIT, Stanford, Oxbridge or wherever, it came from finding a good school and smacking my butt in the seat, nose in the books. The school was quite ok, but I’ve met my share of clueless graduates from somewhere fancy. It’s your abilities that cut’s it, not the school logo.Also, may I add, the ability to balance personal life and work life. If you can do that, you’re well underway. Working 18 hours / day never benefited anything, especially not in the long run.

Which is the best university for civil engineering in India?

During my time (mid sixties to mid seventies of the last century) the University of Roorkee’s claim to being the best place in India to pursue studies in Civil Engineering was unchallenged.Many of the text books written on the subjects were authored by the professors at Roorkee. The nation’s top civil engineers were products of this university.I studied at Roorkee and got my Master’s degree in Structural engineering from the University of Roorkee. We had the largest civil engineering department (with the largest number of staff, and most specialisations) and the best lab facilities among all the Engineering colleges in India, including the IITs. In some subjects, I had the rare privilege of being taught in the class by the author of the very same text book that was prescribed and which we were using as our reference text.The whole town was considered some kind of Mecca for Civil Engineers. Major Civil engineering organisations/laboratories were located in Roorkee in the same or adjacent campuses. The Water resources development Training Centre, The school of research and training in Earthquake Engineering, the Central Building Research Institute, the Structural Engineering Research Centre (it later moved to Chennai) and the Irrigation Research institute were all located in Roorkee.I felt privileged to have lived and studied there for two years as a post graduate in the structures section of the Civil Engineering Department, after completing my BE(Hons) from BITS Pilani. I opted for this University for doing my Master’s programme after getting admission offers from IISc Bangalore and BITS Pilani.That was during the pre-computer and internet era. I don’t know how it fares now and what its ranking is, in these days of the internet and all this modern technology.GV

Which university to attend, McGill or U of T ?


Canada has one of the best and most respected education systems in the ... permanent immigration options for international students. Every year, thousands of students from other countries pursue their educational goals in Canada. And there are best engineering programs offered, like ... Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

McGill University - As of 2011, McGill ranked 1st in Canada and 17th in the world. was rated the 20th best engineering school by U.S. News and World Report. Currently, there are about 4 500 students enrolled at the College, who study in undergraduate and graduate programs at one of its six faculties: Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Chemical Engineering, Mining and Materials Engineering, Urban Planning, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Montreal - Montréal has consistently been ranked one of Canada's top universities. The 2011-2012 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Polytechnique Montréal is one of Canada's leading engineering schools and is the largest in Québec.

Toronto - The University of Toronto is ranked first in Canada and 27th worldwide in the Academic Ranking of World Universities; first in Canada and 17th worldwide. There are Courses in several majors , The undergraduate engineering science program consists of courses from Mineral Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mechanical etc.

Is China a good destination to study civil engineering?

Not only is it good, it is probably the best, especially if you are interested in railway engineering.The best thing about China is that it has had more experience building large-scale civil engineering projects than all other countries combined. This includes ports, port facilities, railway, high-speed railway, airports, highways, bridges, etc.All of these projects use the latest materials, and in the process, the Chinese have developed new construction processes. It is way ahead of the US, EU and Japan in this respect.

Which university should i study in??, ABET accredited or ACQUIN accredited?

i'm living in Cairo and i have two choices for studying civil and construction engineering
1-the german university in Cairo which holds an ACQUIN accreditation (accreditation certification and quality assurance institute)
2-the american university in Cairo which holds and ABET accreditation (accreditation bored for engineering and technology)
so which one should i chose?

What are the best engineering colleges in the world?

First:  By "vote" or by designation, MIT has been ranked as the world's best engineering college since the rankings started over 25 years ago.Second:  Harvard (certainly at the undergraduate level) is Not an engineering college.   No one would go to Harvard as an undergrad to study Civil Engineering or Chemical Engineering or Aero-Engineering.... (for example)Caltech, for undergraduates, is a Technical university with an emphasis on fundamentals (science and mathematics), but not on hard-core engineering.However, both Harvard &  Caltech are very good for certain graduate engineering programs, but MIT, across the board, is best for all engineering.