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Which Male P Name Do You Like Best

What are some beautiful Chinese male names?

Firstly, about family name, we have limited choice of family names. And I don’t recommend you to select too infrequent family name. Choose a familiar one is better.List of common Chinese surnames - WikipediaSecondly, about given name. Our names all have meaning, so I suggest you give more specific information to let me help you.Like 斌 bin (first tone) is quiet commonly used in given name, because it composed by 文 and 武, which contains a good will of not only having knowledge but also having a strong body.And my given name is involved with the day I was born, it was the first day of the autumn in Chinese calendar (lunar calendar). So in my name there is a character 秋.

A good name for a male demon?

I think of names that are a little unusual, but not necessarily associated with "demons."

The guy in the picture looks like he'd be a....


I need CUTE names for a male MALTESE dog. Please please suggest?

I'm getting a doggy for my 20th birthday, it's a year from now. Yes a lot of time from now BUT I want to pick out the cutest name, I dont want to miss out on the best. So I'm gonna gather all the possible cute names for a male Maltese dog and pick the best one! Please provide as many as you can think of. Nothing manly please. I want something adorably cute, like the breed :D <3

Thank youuuu all! :)

What are some cute unisex names?

Aaron is male, as is Michael, Nichole is definitely female.
Whatever you do, don't name a male child 'Nichole' or he will hate you for the rest of your life.

What are some good German Shepherd names?

Alfonse (Fonzie?)
Adi (short for Adolfus - Hitler gave that name a bad reputation, but "Adi" still sounds pretty - Adidas was invented by Adolf Dassler or Adi Dassler)
Bert (Bertrand)
I like the "Barak Obama" answer, but I would call him "Bark (Obama)"

Liberty (I knew a beautiful old dobbie named "Liberty". Very dignified name.)
Lucy (I know a boxer named "Lucy", and the name enhances her beauty.)
Mattie (Madeline)
(Candy) Candace

That's about all I have. I tried to think of names that would fit the breed. Perhaps, when you meet him or her a good name will come to mind based on his/her behavior.

What can I name my black and white male kitten? I’m having such a hard time finding the right name that I like.

What can I name my black and white male kitten? I’m having such a hard time finding the right name that I like.You can, of course, look online. There are hundreds of lists available for the seeking: Lists of baby names, male and female; lists of CAT names, male and female; lists of names by religions, nationalities, classical names, au current names, edgy names. There are list of names you SHOULDN'T use for many enumerated reasons.Finding names is, certainly, not the problem. Finding the RIGHT name is.Well, who is around that can help you with that choice?? Hmmmm. Could that be little Tux, (short for Tuxedo — see, you can even find others not on any list)?Every cat I've ever come across, or been owned by, has told me their names, what they wanted to be called. What you should do is get comfortable with your boy and speak some names out loud. Check in with him as to which he likes. Listen carefully. He'll let you know.This is my boy, Moxie. He strutted. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that his name was MOXIE, because he was full of it, that if you looked in the dictionary for the definition of Moxie, his picture would be there. I almost didn't listen because I usually had cats who gave themselves “people” names so there would be no confusion as to who was really in charge. Not a Fluffy, nor a Kitty amongst them.Good luck. Enjoy the search!

What are some beautiful arabic men names?

You can realize how subjective this can be. This is just an opinion:Yousif: I love this name! It sounds cool, and you can call yourself Joe, or Joseph if people around you having trouble pronouncing your name.Adam: I like this name for its simplicity and even though it’s considered Arabic, it’s pronounced almost the same everywhere in the world. I don’t want to impose any prejudices and religious biases on my baby boy, Adam is cool and neutral. Even though a bit creationist :P, would have listed Darwin, but isn’t Arabic.Ali: I don’t like this name in the Arab world, because it’s very very common and overused, but if you are living in a non-Arab country, it’s a very nice name and a love it out of this context.Tarik: It means a shining star. I like this name, but it has two constants that don’t exist in most non-Arabic languages, the heavy T and the heavy K.Hashim: which means witty and sharp. It’s also neutral, religious wise and I love its sound.NOT MUAHAMMED: please leave this name if you have a bit of love to your child, names are meant to identify people, and this name is the most common name in the world, it’s like calling your son man. And there are like 5 different spellings, none of them is easy. And it labels your son forever.Omar: OK, I’m really in love with my name, but not in the Middle East, it is the most Sunni name ever, and can even impose danger on one’s life, but otherwise, I’m crazy about my name.