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Which Movie Character Wears A Red Gown

Famous book characters that wear ballgowns?

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Princess Fiona
Cinderella (or any of her 'evil step-sisters' or her 'evil step-mother)
Cersei from Game of Thrones
Princess Aurora
Guinevere (married to King Arthur)
Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland)

Are there any princess stories where the main characters wear pants (not dresses)?

Jasmine (from Aladdin):Ariel as a mermaid doesn't wear pants OR a dress, because she doesn't have legs (although when she does get legs, she starts wearing a dress. Who would trade fins for a dress?!)Mulan while she's pretending to be a man (although she does wear a kimono for other parts of the movie):

Who is the best dressed TV or movie character?

This is very subjective question, statistically speaking, the movie characters from the 40s to 60s era dressed elegantly and looked at their best, and most costumes from those eras are now timeless classics. There is a reason behind it, the idea of personal stylist ( who dictates the celebrities) were unknown back then, the actors worked with the costume designer directly (  Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and every other top actor worked with Edith Head) and had their creative inputs, more over the fashion designs and costume designs were not mutually exclusive back then. Most actors looked at  their best without even trying, for example Cary Grant wore his own wardrobe in some of his movies like North by Northwest and To catch a thief.Costume designers like Howard Greer, Adrian, Irene, Helen Rose, Edith Head and Travis Banton  were well known as Couture  designers. These were the people who dressed the yesteryear stars and made them into style icons. In the late 60s the influence of costume designers were drastically decreased to the point now that nobody cares about  the costume designer. Its not a coincidence that most of the style icons worked during the heyday of fashion (costume) design.Edith Head (who won a record eight Oscar awards for best costume design):Helen Rose ( for Elizabeth Taylor):Adrian Adolph Greenberg ( for Marilyn Monroe):Steve McQueen ( Thomas crown affair) Bullitt MovieRobert Redford in Three Days of the Condor Dean in A Rebel without a causeJames Bond:

Movie character day help!!!?

Harry potter.
tie your hair up
get a stick as a wand
I'm sure you have some sort of glasses somewhere , use those
Black dressing gown
Draw a lightning bolt on the left side of your head with a red pen or marker.
Good luck and have fun !

Audrey Character-Little Shop of Horrors?

in the film she wear a black dress with a little white colero and some leopard print of which are around and in fashion at the moment!
in a lter scene she wears a leopard print dress with black stillettos see pic below:


Does anyone know a nerdy female character or a ditsy female from an 80's teen movie. I need a monologue ASAP!?

wanda from alien from la

Does dress indicate character?

What do your clothes say about your personality?The clothes you wear reflect your personality — be it quirky, disciplined or sophisticated. Here's how you can pick the right set of clothes to reflect your mood and occasion.You can use the clothes you wear to reflect your personality and mood a lot.Do you prefer bright coloured clothes? Perhaps it’s to do with your positive thoughts. Or, if you have an eye for abstract prints, it is likely that you have a bold personality. Your wardrobe choices can depict who you are as a person, say experts.The design team at John Players — which offers a fashion wardrobe for men — have decoded how a man’s clothes can help people interpret his personality.Bright outfits: Yellow, orange and redIf you move away from the classic grey and blacks and wear the hot colors of today, you are definitely a trendsetter and a change-maker. You are friendly, and people approach you for help with an ease. The bright colour radiates positive energy, making you feel comfortable. Such shades are a symbol of your dynamic personality.Styling mantra: Wear such colours with a raw pair of jeans or chinos to grab all the attention that you want.Abstract Prints: Tribal, geometric and numericIf you play unscripted with the prints, then you are nothing but bold. You are outspoken and spontaneous and do not wish to be spoon-fed. The prints are unique and classy — and so are you. You are seen as someone who knows it all and will express your individuality by using your creative mind to inspire and create new ideas.Styling mantra: Do not accessorise with these prints.Necklines to suit your style: Crew vs V-neckMen who love their crew neck are more logical in their approach. They are practical, uptight and would take a lot of time before making a decision. Their no-nonsense approach to work is highly respected among peers. The men who go for a V-neck, instead, are seen as chilled out and casual loafers who would not give in to the pressures of the world. Natural go-getters, they are often driven by their passions and instincts.Styling mantra: Be it V-neck or crew neck, one should be very sure of the occasion before carrying the look.The classic: Black, grey and blueThese colours are a symbol of age-old tradition. Hence, when you carry these colours, you are seen as a culture loving person who is more urbane and groomed. Sophisticated and well-organised are two words that top the list of your personality traits.

Why were the Indian characters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie so poorly dressed for the ball?

It is deliberate and racist. While Gayle Laakmann McDowell and the others might try to defend them and give them the benefit of doubt, I cannot accept that for a multi-million dollar franchise it was just an oversight.I might have agreed with them if the characters were unimportant, but in that scene, they were in the limelight as the dates of the central character and the best friend.The dress is Indian but it is not made for a party (and neither is the horrible way it is tied). They deliberately used this dress for making it obviously quirky, without making the characters too important ( if you remember the boys are not interested in their dates, while at least one of them is expected to be joyous for getting any kind of an attractive date).Andy Lee Chaisiri is right. South Asians are still not an ethnic group that really protests at its description in Hollywood. I am not really a fan of demanding or criticizing the stereotypical descriptions ( especially in comedies). But, they are now being deliberately used to project an image of quirks with no sense, poor and uncultured, with just the right amount of uber rich and IT people.EDIT: I re-read my first line and it might send the wrong signals. I am not saying that other people are trying to cover up WB's ass. I believe that they believe that it was an honest mistake.

What is the name of the beautiful girl in the red gown dancing in Enrique Iglesias's Bailando video?

She’s Ana Karla SuarezINSTAGRAM: Ana Karla Suarez LimaFB: Ana Karla Suarez Official

What to wear to an oscar themed party?

Living Actor

A Living Actor Hollywood party is a chance for you to dress as your favorite actor or actress on the Red Carpet. If you are a huge fan of Angelina Jolie, now is the time for you to don a elegant, classic party dress and a beautifully simple hair style. You don't have to spend a fortune on an elegant ball gown, or get your hair and makeup professionally done. The idea of these parties is to exude a celebrity presence, which you can do by simply acting the part. Check second-hand stores for dresses and accessories, or inexpensive retail stores such as Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe, who often sell cheaper versions of celebrity fashions. Buy a dress that you can wear again, and it will be worth your money.

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood-themed parties are a great way to dress like celebrities, while pulling off a fun vintage look as well. Choosing an outfit for Old Hollywood-style parties is a little easier because there are already premade costumes for some famous actors and actresses. For instance, if you want to go as classic Marilyn Monroe, you can easily find a version of the white halter dress for which she is so famous. You can also dress as Marilyn Monroe from a different time in her life. Find a famous picture of her, and then model your outfit after that particular look. Check vintage, second-hand or thrift stores to find an outfit appropriate for that era. If you can find something that is perfect, sometimes it just takes adding an accessory from that era to make it look just right.


Another way to attend a Hollywood party is to dress as a character from a TV show or movie. Choose a character who is highly recognizable, so that you don't have to spend your night explaining to people who you are. One way to do this is to choose a character that has a signature or memorable look. For example, if you are a big Quentin Tarantino fan, consider dressing as a character from "Kill Bill," such as Uma Thurman's all yellow tracksuit. You could also dress in Uma Thurman's famous outfit from Pulp Fiction--a white button-down shirt with black capri pants and no socks or shoes. When trying to find a character, think of your favorite TV show or movie, and choose an outfit that incorporates pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

Hope this helped and good luck!