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Which Of These Would Be The Best Choice

Which of these bases would be the best choice for preparing a pH = 5.00 buffer?

ammonia (NH3)--- Kb=1.8x10^-5
methylamine (CH3NH2)----- Kb= 4.38x10^-4
ethylamine (C2H5NH2) ----- Kb= 5.6x10^-4
aniline (C5H5NH2) ----Kb= 3.8 x10^-10
pyridine (C5H5N) ---- Kb= 1.7x10^-9

What would be the best choice between Mercedes, BMW, or Audi?

Whatever you decide to buy make sure has a good warranty or certified or buy extended warranty because maintenance is really expensive and repairs out of warranty are very painful expensive.I bought a beautiful 2013 BMW X3 a couple years ago with 30K for around $32k fully loaded with 1 year left of warranty and love the power, handling, looks, comfortable until a couple days ago started running super slow and out of warranty at 67k, took it to dealer and first they said it was a sensor for $1000 the next day they said timing chain as well and expect to pay around $5k plus on repairs. Ouch!!! I couldn’t afford to pay the over $3000 for 2 more years of extended warranty on power train at time of purchase. As soon as I fixed it will trade it in for a more reliable and less expensive car like Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, etc… I always had Hondas and never had such problems. My whole life wanted and dreamed with a BMW and now is my worst and most expensive nightmate.Luxury cars are for the rich people who can afford them along with expensive maintenance and repairs.Expensive lesson learned: never buy or own a luxury car without warranty….

What is the best choice to make in this situation?

When the love is real, it lasts. She is probably frightened that the love isn’t strong enough and that the relationship will end.She may be right.I fell in love with my wife when she was studying in my country, then she left.We stayed in touch, and eventually got married. Never dated, just wrote and called often. We were meant for each other. Married 22 years and still happy.I would have crossed the world for her, and her for me. Maybe it isn’t that strong for other couples, but in our case it was.So although I don’t know all your circumstances, and although it’s not possible to know what the future might bring, at 21 it’s probably a mistake to let the Canada opportunity drift by because she is against the idea. Again, if it’s strong, it will last. And if she’s conscious of that, then she’s doubting the strength if she’s saying “Choose between Canada and me”

What item would be the best choice to sell online to make the most profit?

The best things to sell online are digital products. With digital products you can sell to anyone in the world and there’s no postage or handling costs. This means the savings can be passed on the the person promoting the product.Affiliate marketing lets anyone sell other people’s products for a share of the sale. Digital products typically pay 40–50% commissions on a sale.With digital products you can automate the sale and delivery of the product too, and you don’t even need to handle goods or talk to customers yourself.Subscription Affiliate Programs offer the bet value to affiliate marketers when selling digital products. With subscriptions, you can earn ongoing income from each sale you make; rather than a one off commission.Subscription affiliate products are things like software and memberships which offer ongoing value to your customer.(See my bio for more info on this)

Consider the bases in the table. Which base would be the best choice for preparing a pH = 9.00 buffer?

Consider the bases in the table. Which base would be the best choice for preparing a pH = 9.00 buffer? My best base was ammonia.
Explain how to make 1.0 L of this buffer.
ratio = ___________ M base : 1 M acid

Which base would be the best choice for preparing a pH = 9.00 buffer?

Which base would be the best choice for preparing a pH = 9.00 buffer?
Explain how to make 1.0 L of this buffer.
ratio =___?___ M base : 1 M acid

If you are given four choices of gas (O2, CO2, H2, N2) to be used in a fire extinguisher, which one would you choose? Explain why each gas would be suitable or not suitable.

Palinkas answer is basically correct. I would just point out that N2 is slightly lighter than air (MW = 28 vs. Air at 32), however it will quickly dissolve in air reducing the oxygen concentration, but over a longer time it will dissipate. Carbon dioxide itself is mildy toxic but it would kill you from displacing the air you need to breathe in all likelihood before the toxicity was ever a problem. At higher concentrations it leads to an increased respiratory rate, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmias and impaired consciousness. Concentrations >10% may cause convulsions, coma and death. That is not a big concern considering the amount you are going to use to put out a fire and anyway the smoke would be a bigger problem - the main thing is getting the fire out. You should not be hanging around the fire area for very long anyway as there will be numerous toxic fumes and smoke besides the heat. Another drawback of CO2 is it will form carbonic acid in water, so afterward if water is sprayed on the fire, if there is also the CO2 around still, you are spreading a mild acid around. This is again a minor problem compared to getting the fire out. CO2 can be kept in liquid form in the extinguisher at relatively low pressure, something like 55 bar or around 800 pounds per sq. inch, depending on the temperature), whereas N2 gas can not be liquid in an extinguisher unless it is at -300F, and therefore the amount you would have around as gas would be too little to put a fire out. N2 can only be a liquid at cryogenic temperatures. I am not aware of any type of N2 fire extinguisher, except where the N2 is used as a propellant in a dry powder fire extinguisher. Of course, if you happened to have N2 around as they do in some chemical labs or chemical plants, and had a means of getting it aimed at the fire, and you had nothing else to use, then it could work, but that was not the question.Remember, at best you should be dealing with an incipient fire - beyond that let the fire department handle it.So the answer to your question is undoubtedly to choose CO2.

Psychology Question??

A researcher wants to obtain a "movie" of changes in the activity of the barin using images from different time periods. Which of these would be the best choice for this researcher?

A) functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
B) positron emission tomography (PET)
C) electroenecphalography (EEG)
D) computer tomography (CT)

Which masters event would be the best choice if ATP considers to convert one of the existing 1000 Master's event to Grass Court Masters event?

Currently, there's not any option to include an atp 1000 (grass)tournament  before Wimbledon. It's because the time gap between Roland-Garros and Wimbledon is very small(In 2016, RG ends on 4th june and wimbledon starts on 27th june). Moreover, there are two atp 500 tournaments already between these two slams(Queens and Halle). Even if time permits, either Rome open or Madrid open would be a better option. Torronto or Cincinatti cannot be scheduled earlier, because these are the only two 1000masters tournaments before US Open.However, this is my personal opinion and as of now,no existing 1000 masters tournament can be converted into grass tournament. We can expect this in future years.Also, there will be no point in scheduling 1000 masters(grass) after Wimbledon.Hope my answer is sufficient. :)