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Which One Would You Buy

Which one would you buy: the iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X? Why?

iPhone X and iPhone 8 have substantial differences.iPhone X( pronounced as iPhone 10) is the super flagship of Apple for 2017. While iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are just upgraded iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with some tweaks here and there.The biggest difference between both iPhones is display. X features an edge to edge OLED display completely eliminate home button. While 8 and 8 Plus still have the universally loved and iconic home button.iPhone X is a treat for photographers. It now has ‘Portrait Mode’ in both the front as well as back cameras. iPhone 8 doesn't feature dual camera but iPhone 8 Plus does and has a Portrait Mode but not in the front camera. iPhone X has optical image stabilization in both its lenses. While 8 and 8 Plus doesn't.Portrait Mode in iPhone X uses AI to examine the contours of your face and "light" you in a variety of flattering or dramatic ways.For the same shot, for instance, you can create different effects like "Natural Light," "Contour Light" and "Stage Light" . Only iPhone 8 lacks this feature.Face ID.It's facial recognition software that's only available on the iPhone X, which means you can unlock your phone by just looking at it. Which you don’t have on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It even allows you to pay with your face using Apple Pay.AnimojiOne of the most fun features you can have on your device. Apple is introducing a new Animoji feature in iOS 11, which are animated versions of the popular emoji found on the iPhone. Animoji will use the Face ID hardware face-scanning features of the iPhone X to create custom 3D versions based on your own facial expressions. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus lack this full of fun feature.iPhone X has a mesmerizing 5.8 inch OLED display while 8 and 8 Plus have 4.7 and 5.5 inch Retina Display.Without doubt iPhone X is much better than 8 and 8 Plus. It offers so much more as compared to it smaller brothers. If I had to buy I would go with X obviously. But I value headphone jack and Android too much that I can never switch to an iPhone.Ajinkya Khobragade

If you had the money, what 3 things would you buy?

Global Domination ( delivery via FedEx Ground is ok within 1–5 years)Immortality Elixir ( I’d like that shipped Overnight)I won’t need # 3 - because I will have everything I need (including my own brand of evil laughter) to have my own little live game of Civilization 5 with better graphics where I’m a benevolent leader of the world, taking it to the stars ….P.S.: This question needs more restrictions & details, to get a more serious answer.P.S.:If you enjoy short tidbits of historical trivia - subscribe to my blog right here on Quora called History Bits . I try to add a story or two every week.

Scion xd vs xb. Which one would you buy?

I assume your talking about new Scion's b/c the xD is a new redesign of the old xA

Go with the xB. It is very quiet inside and now has a 2.4L engine instead of 1.8L which helps out a lot since the old engine wasn't very strong and the redesign for the xB had it gain 700lbs. It also is very roomy inpart due to its boxy shape with good cargo room and steering is responsive. It only gets 23 mpg though for being a such a small suv. For safety it has standard side curtain airbags and electronic stability control.

The xA has a ride that is bumpy and wind noise and the engine straining noise are pronounced. It also is cramped inside.But some good things are standard ipod dock with 160watt stereo and standard anti-lock bracks and esc.

In the end the xB is better and more practical and livable.

Which one would you buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus?

Neither: I'm happy with the iPhone 6 i presently have and see nothing on the 7 which justifies the expense. I'll keep an eye out for next year when it's Apple's 50th birthday when there are suggestions that Apple will skip iPhone 8 and call it iPhone 9 to try and suggest they've finally released a radically different and innovative model.

The only benefit I'd find useful on the 7 is the water resistance, a feature which was long overdue. But the lack of a headphone socket is not only awkward due to the need for an intermediate and easily-damaged dongle but also because I can no longer listen to music on my cans whilst charging the phone at the same time.

Which one would you buy? 2014 used Tesla S or 2019 Models 3?

I own a 2014 Tesla Model S P85, so I already made that decision. Of course, I made it 4 years ago when the Model 3 wasn't an option.I think either choice could be good, depending on your needs. There are tradeoffs both ways.The Tesla Model S could be a P85. That will have better performance than a base Model 3. It would also come with free Supercharger access for life. You would have to pay for Supercharger use in the Model 3.Unless you buy a very late year 2014, it won't have Autopilot features. That was introduced in late September or early October.Same for all-wheel drive. That was introduced at the same time as Autopilot.The Tesla Model S won't have an overall warranty any longer. The batteries and drive train will still have a warranty for 3–4 more years (8 years total).The Model S is a significantly bigger car with a very large cargo capacity. It can easily haul 8 sacks of horse food, 50 pounds each, without even putting the back seat down.The Model 3 is much smaller and more nimble to drive.If you want a smaller car, all the latest features, and a warranty, the Tesla Model 3 is your obvious answer.If you want a bigger car, need to haul lots of stuff, and are ok without an overall warranty, the used Tesla Model S could be just what you are looking for. I've been very pleased with mine. At 81,000 miles, it still drives exactly like new.

Which one would you buy the One plus 6t or Google pixel 3?

That is a good question. Both are worthy devices. Can both work on your carrier?The best things about the Pixel 3 are its camera, power and speed, and the regular reliable feature and security updates. My wife has one and she loves it. I have an original generation Pixel XL, and after 2 years I see no reason to upgrade. I have seen Pixel 3 ads for $100’s discounts now.The One Plus 6T is highly reviewed, and seems to be nearly as good as the Pixel 3 for a couple of hundred dollars less. I am less knowledgeable about their feature and security update policies.I think you would be happy with either one, if they both work on your carrier. If you are thinking of changing carriers, the Pixel 3 works on all US major carriers. I know the One Plus does work on Verizon. Activate Your OnePlus 6T Smartphone at Verizon as well.

If you could have any laptop on the market which one would you buy and why?

What I’ve been doing the last couple years is buy refurbished 5-year-old machines. I would not buy the latest top-of-the-line high-end gee-whiz machine. It’s simply not necessary to do so - for me and my needs.I write software and frequently have Eclipse and Visual Studio Code and several Docker images and other stuff (GitKraken, Postman) all running at once. Which means I do some significantly large tasks on my computers.Over the last 1 1/2 years I’ve used 100% of my time on a 2012 MacBook Pro upgraded with 16GB memory, a 480GB SSD and 750GB HDD. That machine has been excellent able to handle everything I threw at it.The bang-for-the-buck is much better by doing this. Consider as an analogy what happens when you buy a brand new car - as soon as you drive it off the lot, the value plummets, and then keeps going down. On the other hand, used cars have a more stable value since that initial depreciation has already happened. The same holds true in laptops - the brand new laptop, as soon as you take it home the value plummets because it’s now used.A good condition older laptop is still a quite competent computer, especially if you upgrade it to maximum memory and an SSD.An example - I realized a need to own a Windows laptop for checking compatibility on Windows. I started to just get a Windows 10 license to run under VirtualBox, but the $199 price tag for the license put me off. Then I found there are stores selling refurbished Windows machines, and often the price including a Windows 10 license is close to that $199 price. Hence — How to get Windows 10 Professional for freeAnother example - the guy who built his own iPhone 6s from spare parts he bought in China, a couple months ago he recorded some advice for folks looking to buy a cheap iPhone. His answer was not to try and do what he did, but instead to simply find a refurbished phone that’s a couple years old. Almost certainly the performance will be good enough, and you’ll save a ton of $$$’s. The cheapest iPhone is a refurbished phone, rather than building one yourself, says Scotty, the DIY iPhone GuyBottom line is you do need to evaluate your own needs and act accordingly. But, for most of us any computer built since 2010 would be perfectly fine so long as you max out the memory and install an SSD.

If you had a chance to buy one thing in this world, what would you buy?

Originally answered as: What would you buy if it existed? The question has been merged not once but twice since, and the meaning has been lost completely along the way.A documentary with live interviews with Dante and Beatrice. (But I'm not sure I would dare to watch it. Some things are better not seen.)A full grammar and dictionary of the extinct Taíno language, Proto-Indo-European, and Proto-Uralic.A full description of the history of the Basque language.A portrait of Sei Shōnagon.A recording of Jean Sibelius' Eighth Symphony.A recording of Mozart's Requiem, completed by the Maestro himself.Jane Austen's unwritten novel.Glasses with which one can see what infrared and ultraviolet look like.Too much asked? Then just sell me some yoghurt with a flavour of chestnut and apple, and yoghurt with a flavour of lemon and cardamom, please.