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Which Pair Of Shoes Should I Buy Do You Think

Should i buy a pair of gucci shoes?

i have enough money to buy a pair of Gucci shoes that i really want , and when i went to ital i tried them on and they fit me like a glove but now i'm wondering if i should buy them or if i'm just wasting my money they're 420 euro and i have 500euro . please help , it's a big dilemma and all my friends are telling me i should get them and my parents said they would help me out .they're 5 inches and are wedges .

What do you think of a man having 25 pairs of shoes?

As a guy who’s recently gained an interest in shoes and owns a growing shoe collection currently consisting of (only) 7 pairs of shoes, I think it’s perfectly fine for a man to have 25 pairs of shoes (and actually quite admirable too), that is, if he makes sure to not put any of them to waste by neglecting them.In my opinion, every man should at least have 3 pairs of shoes which are:A trainer (eg: Adidas Ultraboost, Nike Airmax) for use at the gymA casual sneaker (eg: Vans Old Skool, Adidas Stan Smiths) for well, casual wearA dress shoe (eg: Oxfords, Durbeys) for formal occasionsAnd to take it a step further, it’s even better to have different pairs of the same type of shoes but with different styles and colors. Like for example having a formal black Oxford and a slightly more casual brown loafer, where both of which are considered dress shoes. This gives us more options and let’s us have fun matching these shoes to a larger array of outfits, making our shoe collection way more versatile and interesting.

Do you think I could get 10 pairs of quality shoes with $2k or less?

I wear clogs and only good quality clogs. For $2k, I can get 20 pairs of high quality shoes/clogs that will last me 100–150 years with daily wearing.

How often do you buy a new pair of shoes?

buying has to with demand and individual needs,it doesn't matter how many times you get a shoe so long has the need arise then you've got no other option than to buy however its crucial to note that buying has to do needs and not wants because human want are unlimited

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I own about 70 pairs of shoes. I would have more but I gave some away and threw away some that were old and worn.

1 pair of knee-high stiletto dominatrix boots, several pairs of strappy sandals, a few pairs of espadrilles, various styles of high heels (strappy, peep-toe, basic pump, kitten heel, maryjane, etc.), 3 pairs of tennis shoes (different colors), sling-back sneakers, mary-jane sneakers, 2 pairs of running shoes of different style and color, 10 pairs of high-heeled boots (mid-calf, knee-high) of different styles and colors, and so on and so on.

I'm not in a position to tell someone they have too many pairs of shoes. For me, it's an obsession...a fetish. And I am not ashamed! ;) Living up to the shoe fetish stereotype...guilty as charged!

For men, having a shoe for every occasion is nice. Having a shoe that goes with what you have in your wardrobe is nice. Depends on ones fashion sense and style. Having a shoe to match/compliment the outfit ties it all together very nicely. Depends on the guy really and what they do for a living and where they go to hang out/what hobbies they have.

Should I buy a new pair of shoes if I already have 3?

Are those “three pairs of shoes” just “shoes” for you?If they are just “shoes” to you, it depends on circumstances. Can you afford it? Are they long lasting? Do they match the occassion and your existing clothing? Is the price / quality ratio worth it? Is it a shoe you’ll wear often?If they’re not “shoes” but “a pair black ankle boots, a pair of brown Mary Janes and a pair of versatile Converses”, and what you want to get is “a pair of brown chunky heeled Oxfords”, then… Get your life! You can never have too many shoes. Just choose wisely.

When do you decide to buy a new pair of shoes?

I am currently thinking of buying a new pair of shoes. Not because my current ones are worn out but I am thinking of buying a summer pair of shoes that are a bit more open and will keep my feet cool as we going into summer in New Zealand.I live in Auckland, New Zealand and it is still only spring and the the weather is starting to get hot.So I am thinking of buying another pair of shoes now and that is the reason I am thinking of buying them. Of course I also like the shoes that I am thinking of buying as well.

Should I buy Shoes OR Clothes FIRST?

Shoes! They can make or break the outfit, and take a longer time getting used to and broken in. Clothes are usually the simplest thing to start shopping for, just hit a local resale shop to get some REALLY good deals. I hope this helped!

How many pairs of shoes should a 13 year old have?

Whatever you can like and can afford.

I've been spoiled ALL my life (LITERALLY), so I cannot related to your problem totally.

But don't feel bad. Even with being spoiled, i got one good pair of shoes to wear for an entire school year until... i think, 7th grade. Then my mom bought me out of style and cheap name-bran shoes when my other pair of shoes got worn out. And trust me, since 2005 leading up to 2007, i did not complain a lot when i had to wear them until my mom got the money. Just time to time.

But, one consequence when you're spoiled for a WHOLE 14 years, when you're told no, you throw a huge fit because you didn't get want you want when you want it.

And I'm 16, and i still get real angry when I'm told no. I'm like, 'WHY?'

I am thinking of purchasing a nice pair of shoes. Where should I go to do this?

well for sports shoes you must go for skechers . it is one of the best brands. you will surely get the most stylish and comfy shoes out there . you will have to go to  chandigarh or  delhi to shop for it and of course the option of  online shopping is available