Which Parts Of The Brain Are Affected By Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy?

You said "Have a person with CP who having anxiety, visual, mood, pain, and sleep too much problem. Can the person mistaken and not be diagnose as MS?"
The answer is NO. If the person has CP - it would have already been diagnosed at a very young age. For the symptoms you described, to be diagnosed with CP, those symptoms would have been around since birth.
There are cases people are diagnosed with CP as adults... but the symptoms are so mild they don't get picked until there was a particular problem which needed investigating. But for the symptoms you described... if it was CP it would have to be present since birth and NOT just present itself now.

The symptoms are alike but CP is permanent and the area of the body that is affected will ALWAYS show those symptoms. The damage to the brain is permanent and manifested since birth. MS symptoms can come and go. You said she "act childlish when she get rejected from people. " and " being abrasive socially " - even that does NOT sound like MS.
There might be some other cause in her brain. I wish you well in finding some answers to her condition.

That's my opinion.
Hope that makes sense.

What tissues and organs are affected by multiple sclerosis?

eventually all organs are at risk. The main disease is in the Central Nervous system, but since the brain controls everything else all organs could potentially be affected. It is really just the luck of the draw..

i hope you get your answer!

Is multiple sclerosis genetic?

May 31st is World Multiple sclerosis awareness day. Do children suffer from MS and if so how serious is the condition and what are symptoms and treatments? To answer these questions, first we need to understand what is Multiple sclerosis and at what age it can appear?Multiple sclerosis or MS is a neurological condition that effects nerves in the central nervous system – spinal cord and brain. Sclerosis means hardening or scarring of patches of tissues. Multiple because these tiny patches happen at more than one place in the brain or spinal cord. It is a common condition affecting young adults and three times more common in women than in men and diagnosis happens in their 20s and 30s. But, MS can be diagnosed in younger as well as older people.Does MS affect children? Answer is yes. One in every 100 people with MS will experience the symptoms before the age of 10 and between 2 to 5 in every 100 people experience their first symptoms before age 18. Those who are diagnosed with MS might have had showed early symptoms of MS at young age.Some of the important questions and answers regarding childhood MS are:Do children get MS?Answer is yes. Some children show symptoms of MS in childhood but most in early adulthood. Reasons for causes probably same.What are the MS symptoms in children? Continue Reading

What effect does multiple sclerosis have on nerve impulse transmission?

MS causes demyelinization. Demyelinization is loss of myelin. When myelin is damaged, nerve impulse conduction is faulty or absent, causing impaired body functions or sensations. Exactly which sympoms occur is determined by the parts of the brain affected.

The myeline can attempt to heal itself, forming a plaque or scar. But the nerve never returns to 100% function.