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Which Persian Empire Was In The Prince Of Persia 2011

Don't you think the prince of Persia should actually be Persian?

Well the problem with movies like these is that the actors are trying to portray a person. Keyword portray. You don't necessarily need a person of ancestral background to play a Persian. As long as the actor has the right look and costume. They are supposed to be believable to the audience. Like 300 for instance. Gerard Butler played a Greek and he's actually Scottish..and everyone loved the movie and no one got mad that he is Scottish playing a Greek.

I thought the same thing when I heard Jake Gyllkeaklfjsljfhal (sorry don't know how to spell the dudes name), will play the Prince. Once I saw the trailer I was sort of drawn away from him being a white actor and more on the visual aspects of the film. Though another example would be Avatar The Last Airbender film, mostly all the cast is of caucasian descent. I was actually a little upset that Aang himself is caucasian and the water tribe are aswell. I mean they could've made the water tribe Inuit at least.

What has happened to the family of the Shah of Iran after his downfall?

Their life seems to be very depressing living in exile. I do sympathize with their situation and the tyranny of them not being able to return to Iran, even as visitors.The family is somewhat broken, these are the children of Farah Pahlavi, The Shah’s last and most powerful wife.Leila, the youngest daughter killed herself in 2001 due to severe depression. Imagine being a Princess where people in the Empire shouting death threats towards you.Ali Reza, youngest son killed himself in 2011 at his apartment in Boston. They were some rumors saying he was homosexual.Farahnaz, the Shah’s eldest daughter is unmarried and most likely suffers from depression as well.Other remaining family members like Shah’s twin sister Ashraf Pahlavi died in 2016 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. She faced lots of discrimination by not having the same ability to make political decisions under Pahlavi dynasty because of being a woman.Shah’s first wife Fawzia, who was Egyptian, her only daughter Shahnaz Pahlavi, has been living in Switzerland ever since the revolution.Reza Pahlavi is the first son and he’s hoping to return back to Iran and bring back the monarchy with constitutional parliament very similar to countries like Japan, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Malaysia and other countries. He believes that most Iranians admire a monarchy with kings and queens being symbolic with a democratic constitutional party and political representatives.Reza Pahlavi’s children with their grandmother Farah Diba.Noor Pahlavi has been making headlines globally and people both inside Iran and abroad do see her as a princess.Reza Shah who founded the Pahlavi dynasty. He’s the one who industrialized Iran. Recently, they found his mummified body in Iran. Mummified body found in Iran could be of ex-ruler Reza ShahThanks for the request in advance Paşa DəmirçiPeace,

When did Jews return to Israel?

When did Jews return to Israel?There are several answers to this question…The most obvious is that no Jew has returned to the northern kingdom known as Israel. That is why we have the legend of the 10 lost tribes, resulting from YHWH’s (the Jewish God) alienation and exile of Israelites for all perpetuality.Some remnant of the followers of Moses managed to survive the numerous invasions & exiles of the Jews, and never participated in the diaspora of the southern Kingdom (Judea). So have from the mists of time never left Palestine, so could not return.What fallaciously exists, in direct opposition of the Jewish God (YHWH) who enforced their eviction, in what is now called Israel, are simply political exiles (Zionists) who have claim to be biological Judeans.Worldwide, it is estimated that there are between 14 & 20 million Jews. Less than 50% live anywhere close to Israel. Most live in the USA. So the Jews as a united identity have not returned to Palestine.etc etc