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Which Supermarkets Offering To Pack Personal Items In Plastic Bags Before Entering

How to reduce your use of plastic bags?

Plastic bags can be real weapons! Virtually all of the plastic we’ve produced and used is somewhere on the planet, and according to the Plastic Disclosure Project, plastic negatively impacts more than 700 species of birds and animals.
We know plastics have disastrous environmental effects, so why not share ideas on how to reduce their usage?

What can be in my carry on if I'm flying with Bush Intercontinental airport?

I was wondering if I will be able to bring my toiletries on my carry on when I fly at Bush Intercontinental airport. I've never flown before, so any other helpful hints will be appreciated, too. I'm just going to be gone for the weekend, and I have an extremely tight budget, so I can't check a bag. I have a special brand of face cleanser and moisturizer that can't be bought at grocery stores or pharmacies that is the only one that doesn't give me a rash. Will it be ok to take with me if I just put it in a clear bottle? Also, I've heard that the overhead bins fill up fast, and that there is a good chance it will be full and I will have to check my bag anyway. Is that true, because I really would be in a bind, then. I seriously do not have the money to check a bag. The only reason I can even afford to fly is because I didn't have to buy the ticket.

Why aren't paper bags offered as an option at grocery stores anymore?

Thanks for the A2A.Paper is still an option at the chain I work for, unless you are in a state or city that does not allow them. The fact is though that paper has not been a popular option for years. I have been in the business as a career for 18 years, but worked part-time at a Piggly Wiggly around 1991. Back then, plastic was already preferred. The only customers who asked for paper were either older shoppers, more affluent shoppers, and/or folks driving vehicles with large cargo areas. Groceries in paper bags don’t roll around as much. Poor people went to plastic early. Paper bags are hard to handle on a city bus or when you have a long walk.Paper bags are more expensive, and take up lots of space on a delivery truck compared to plastic. One small box of plastic has 2000 bags. A large bale of paper bags only has 500 bags. In the early 2000s, I ordered paper bags by the pallet - now we order one bale at a time. Cost-wise, paper is darned expensive, takes up a lot of storage space, and is rarely requested by customers.We only order paper maybe once a month. Sometimes we forget. When we do, the unusual shopper who wants paper will invariably complain and say we forgot on purpose, and are forcing them to use plastic. It’s nothing of the sort. We strive to give our customers exactly what they want, when they want it, but mistakes happen, especially when young Front End managers are involved.You may want to ask a store manager or Front End supervisor if that may be the case where you shop.

What are the things that an Indian student should carry while moving to Germany for studies?

Last minute panic and packing issues are always there but first, take a deep breath.Now, there must be a tonnes of things you wanna get along. But important and most important ones are as follows:1) inner wears - they are relatively expensive here2) thermal wears - 3 to 4 pairs3) jeans - 4 to 5 because more than that isn't required to be honest4) t-shirts - say about 10-14...depends on you...but that's more than enough...5) slippers for home6) sport shoes for everyday use7) boots for wearing while going out casual...8) towel- 2 are enough9) socks - 5 to 6 pairs are fine10) cream and lip balm and face wash - say 2 each11) body wash/shampoo and all that - 1 small each for first few days coz its really cheap there... and no need to carry that weight12) bed sheet - 2 single ones13) blanket - 1 is enough because we bought another one here itself to put it on bed sheet...and that's more than enough to keep us warm since heaters are on all the time...14) JACKET & CAP & GLOVES & MUFFLER! - 1 each but best quality like from eastern or western stores.15) Formal shirts + Suit (1)16) 1 or 2 ethnic wear17) Medicines- for all kinds of problems with prescriptionThat's all the things you need for yourself...And now -some extra things:StationaryLaptop accessoriesUniversal converterA lunch box kind of box for yourselfVERY IMPORTANT - all your documents and 2 copies of each! with BIOMETRIC photos - at least 20 photos!!!So I know keeping all this in one suitcase is quite difficult. But there's a solution !Keep your minimum pair of clothes/bed sheet/blanket/jacket/warm wear/laptop and few important things like personal things with you while coming.Rest all will cost u Rs 5500 to send 20 kgs in around 15 days by Indian post!I think I've covered everything for you. All the best! P.S. Don't forget to put a label/tag on your bags with your details (not all) on it, the first time you are traveling.

Is it weird to bring a backpack to the grocery store?

I don't have a car so I always bring a backpack to the store so that I can put some of the groceries in. this way I can get a little more, or it's just less that I have to carry in my hands. also, the backpack is stronger than the paper or plastic bags you get at the store. and especially if I take my bike where carrying bags would be difficult, I can just put everything in the backpack. but, I feel people are looking at me like I'm weird when this happens: after I pay for my stuff I go out to where the carts are by the entrance and transfer the some of the groceries from the paper or plastic bags into my backpack. I've never seen anyone else do this so I was wondering if there was anyone out there that does this to.

Bulk buying environmental benefits?

Here is a source for your persuasive letter.

"Buy big. If you can’t buy bulk bins that allow you to refill your own container, buying in larger quantities still reduces packaging by increasing the volume-to-surface-area ratio."

The key is the reduced packaging. If you buy a larger container, the amount of product should increase at a larger rate compared to the surface area.

This is not true if what you buy is just three of the regular containers in a cardboard box and wrapped in plastic. You may see that in Sam's Club with laundry detergent for example.

Good luck with your paper.

Are the reusable "green" shopping bags catching on with seniors?

I work at Wal Mart and yes the bags are really catching on! I have not only noticed seniors but also younger shoppers using them as well. I love to see shoppers using the bags. Not only does it reduce the use of plastic it helps cashiers and baggers to fill these bags because it is faster and sturdier for shoppers to carry. Please all of you switch and those who use them keep up the good work! My best to all of you as we enter this holiday season.