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Which Swim Suit Options Do I Have

How to buy a swimsuit?

Well, unless you have a private pool in your backyard, you will have to "wade into" public view in your swimsuit anyway. Unless you are shopping at Loehmann's almost all fitting rooms are private, and a private fitting room is a perfectly OK place to try them on. (If you do, keep your underpants on underneath. Thank you.)You can buy swimsuits online too, if you know your dress size. In the US I find Lands' End to be a great place to shop for swimsuits because they have not only a huge size range, but three different leg cuts that are great if you want a more or less modest line at the legs of your suit.For real swimming/ exercise swimming you probably want a one-piece tank or maillot style suit. You could also try a tankini style, which is two pieces but keeps your midsection covered. You can buy those in two different sizes if your top half and bottom half are different sizes.

What options do I have in swimwear as a male (competitive swimming)?

Consider cut or style,And material or fabric,And costs.Most Guys suits are one of these three: a Brief or Jammers or Boxers (beach, baggie, trunks).Some suits have more of a wet suit or leggings style. Those are rare. Triathlete use them in cold water settings.Most swim suits are with a fabric of nylon, Lycra and other stretchy fabrics. Polyester and cotton and other less ideal fabrics can be used too. Neoprene is used with wet suits and heavy duty bottoms.Guys can get away with all sorts of trunks. Best to be sure if the shorts have a tie string so it can be made snug.Some guys like a top too, often called a rash guard, to keep the sun off and perhaps help with modesty and warmth.

Would you ever have to wear a bra under your swimsuit?

No. And actually underwear should not be worn under swimwear, because swimwear is made from man-made fibers which have the tendency to get dry faster, meanwhile underwear usually has cotton content, which absorbs the moisture, and keeps it, so wearing an underwear or bra under the swimsuit would affect the capability of swimwear to dry fast, which is not very healthy.Many swimsuits/bikinis have in-built cups with underwire, or padding which offers more support. If you feel that the swimwear that you are wearing is not offering enough comfort then please seek out for another one with additional support. Also if the main concern with the swimwear is that the nipple will be visible, then try other styles which has light foam cups in order to avoid nipple-show.

Blood going through my swimsuit from my period?

Excuse the uninformed or less experienced answers you've read thus far, you can choose to use a feminine cup which prevents blood from leaving your body and you remove it when you're ready to resume the flow. Feminine cups can be left in for many hours, up to 10 or 12 I believe. I have changed tampons hourly on really heavy days only to still spring a leak, there is no specific time period that works for everyone. This is why feminine cups are a better option in your situation. They are great for vacations to avoid the heavy flow and embarrassing results thereof. Another option BEFORE going on vacation is visiting your gyno and telling them you're going on vacation and don't want to have your period and would like to discuss some options. Best of luck to you.

How popular are sheer swimsuits? I was shopping online for a new swimsuit and I notice there were a large number of sheer options available.

Being a women who owns about 11 sheer bikinis and 4 one piece sheer swimsuits I have to say they are getting a little more popular I’ve been wearing them for over 15 yes and over the last 3 or so years I’ve started seeing more on the beaches and we are big lake boating people and I’ve seen about 6 to 8 this yr do yes there getting more popular I don’t think they will get to be the suit to have and you’ll see them all over because there’s to many women that are prudes and would never wear one and there going to point and snarl at any women wearing one and some people can’t handle that myself I don’t care and I just laugh and go on about my way all the time thinking you should get yourself one so that your husband stops staring at me and pay all his attention to you lol. I also laugh because I read on here all the time that boobs are not a sexual thing but put a sheer bikini top on and all the sudden that women is just being a slutty and wanting sex. It’s a vicious cycle lmaochristine

What kinds of competitive swimsuits can a trans male wear on a swim team?

I would take ques from other members of the swim team are wearing, then I would find something that suits me…Technically speaking, a Trans man can wear any competitive swimsuit that a cis man wears.

Sims 3 Ambitions, stylist career?

I had the exact same problem and I JUST NOW figured it out. It was because my sim hadn't talked to the person wanting a makeover that she couldn't give her the makeover. I made my sim (Jean) talk to the woman who wanted the swimwear (Molly) and ASK HER ABOUT FASHION SENSE. Then just click the thingy the sims stand on for makeovers and the "client" will be one of them.

Happy Styling! :]