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Which Video Do You Like Best And Why

Why should I like a YouTube video?

When you watch a video there are two individuals :Content Creator (Youtuber)Content Consumer (You)Liking a video has benefits for both the above mentioned individuals.For Content Creator :MotivationWork SatisfactionGarner Larger AudienceHelps Video Ranking In Similar CategoryBetter Search ResultsFor Content Consumer:It helps Youtube to improve User Experience (Better Search Results and Suggestions).It’s Easily Accessible to you in your liked playlist, you can watch it later without going through the hassle of searching it again and again.Your consuming it for free , that’s the least you can do and if you liked the video , you are motivating someone to provide you with even better content.Personally If I find a video of new Youtuber good , I always like and comment on it to motivate.Even on Quora always Upvote the answer you find worthy.

Which video game do you like best Madden NFL 2017 or NBA 2017 or NHL 2017?

I only played NHL 17, soooo imma say NHL 17

What video game genre do you prefer the most? Why?

RTSThere’s nothing more satisfying than constructing a massive army and watching it destroy your enemies in a huge climactic battle. Sure, it depends a lot more on reaction than other types of strategy games, such as TBS, but I prefer it because war isn’t turn based. A lot of war is won and lost by how an army reacts to an enemy. Some favorites are Age of Empires and Star Wars: Empire at War.FPSI know FPS a lot of times gets flak because of it’s unrealistic and arcadey style, but it’s just good fun, especially with friends. I’m not a big fan of playing online because I think a lot of people online take it too seriously, but get a few friends together and blast some aliens or each other and I’ll have a great time. It’s even better if you can work together to take out the enemy. Call of Duty is fun, but my favorite is Halo.RacingI love cars, and I love them driving fast. There are many, many racing games out there and a lot of them are meh, but a few stand out as truly unique or just straight up fun. I prefer street racing to circuit racing because it feels much more dangerous and thrilling. Games like Burnout and Split/Second add intentional crashing to the mix, which turns up the intensity. Then you have games like Grid 2 which is a simulation-arcade hybrid, and a very fun one at that.

Video games or movies, what do you prefer and why?

Both are good.. But here's the catchVideo game is activity. Watching movies is passivity.Let me explain..Video GamesIn video games, you take actions. You get outputs by doing so. For example, you throw a grenade (action) and you see your enemies burn (outputs). And then, further actions are being taken. The whole thing is interactive. And once you add stories to it, it gets even more immersive!MoviesIf Christopher Nolan decides to kill the protagonist, there's nothing you can do. Well, you can always curse him, but that won't change anything!So for preference, I will go for video games most of the time. It feels good in a weird way to see something happen in a virtual world due to the actions you've taken with your mouse and keyboard or game controllers. Not to mention the RPG games like Witcher 3, where your decisions and actions will change the story and the outcome of it!It's like being Christopher Nolan in a mythical land!!Now that's awesome!!!

What video game would you like to see as a movie?

I would love to see a film adaptation of dark souls. They could play with the idea of the hero being reborn again and again after dying sort of like they did in the edge of tomorrow. for a director I Would go for someone with a knack for gritty imagery perhaps whoever filmed cormac mccarthys the road or maybe the guy that made pans labyrinth and hellboy 2 ( Cuaron the Mexican director I believe)Now as to the lead character we would need someone whos on the older side, a sort of anti hero who can project the whole semi-undead whos a couple deaths from going insane idea. But who can also manage a action oriented role.Perhaps Viggo Mortensen after losing some weight, it could also be someone like Benicio del toro or maybe a scruffy Keanu reeves.

Which video equipment would you like to use to make the best travel documentary?

Live video wireless monitoring device is the best for outdoor sports, outdoor video broadcasting, outdoor photography/cinematographer. Get Info for Wireless Video

How many times can you "like" or "dislike" a video on youtube?

Yes, it only works once. I tried to like a video that are in my favorites or I bookmarked on firefox that doesn't have many views and ratings, and it the ratings never change. The ratings will change for you when you like or dislike a video showing a thumbs up if you like it or a thumbs down if you dislike it. So yes, only once, unfortunately Otherwise there will be trolls or haters who can click dislike as many times as they want or bandwagoners, fanboys, etc. that can like a video as many times as they want. The important thing is, youtube does this for a reason so it detects which accounts have liked or dislike a specific video, and to prevent those unwanted like and dislike spams. But of course there will be a lot of more spam user acccounts and troll accounts that people make a lot to do so, but that takes too much time.

Who is the girl in t.i's video "whatever you like".?

The girl's name is Reagan Gomez-Preston and she's from The Parent Hood and Love Don't Cost A Thing