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Who Do I Go To If I Found The Cure For A Disorder Do I Go To A Research Facility

Cancer research conspiracy?

The answer has been found in preventing it in the first place. U.S. law 103-417 has shown that over 20,000 studies conclude we can prevent disease such as cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis, 2 of the 3 biggies, by proper healthful diets. Here is a link to the FDA's website and law

The problem is, who's going to advertise it? Not the pharmaceutical industry as that will put them out of business. Not the disease associations, Cancer Inst. Diabetes Assoc... as that will put them out of business. Of course we keep supporting them because we want "the cure". Diabetes magazine, a national publication, wrote an article how drug companies are not looking to create cures, they are looking for more ways to treat symptoms. In fact, they are looking forward to the next block buster disease. Diabetes has lancetes, glucose monitors, shoes, socks, insulins, boots, several drugs for circulation, glucose monitoring... and more. The are waiting for a similar disease to create more products and profits. This is why I don't support the "Race for the Cure" or any other like organization.

We all know that eating properly is key but, did you know the FDA raised the servings amount of fruits and vegetables to 9-11 servings everyday? Why? Because our foods do not have the nutritional value they had 50 years ago and we need to eat more to get the same previous value. Who even eats the 3-5? That is why we need to supplement our diets with whole foods nutrition. That is also why I became a wellness consultant and although I know the task ahead of me is daunting, the reward will be great. I could sure use your help in spreading the word. Thanks.

Morgellan's Disease. What is the cure?

With what EXXTON says of "delusional parasitosis" is true for many cases.
But I just saw on the news last night that a boy had something on the side of his lip for a long time. It looked like a blister. The mother took him to the doctor . The mother suspected for a while that it is Morgellan's Disease. The doctor suggested the mother seek a psychiatrist- for herself!!
But later, she notified a scientist who took samples of the fibers coming from inside the boys "blister" , and examined it under a microscope. They found fibers that were not human hairs, NOT ANYTHING SYNTHETIC, and they also determined it WAS NOT LINT.
Still, it left him and other authorities of the research center BAFFLED.

Another case was a lady claiming that it is slowly causing a mental deterioration and aches and pains all over her body. She seemed more in pain than delusional. Poor lady. The agony affects her family. Her 3 daughters have the same conditions. Yet the doctors , going by the book, do not know what else to do than say that it is all in their heads.

There have never been extensive research done on MORGELLAN's disease. Cases have been mentioned throughout our history, but not enough study was done about it. Thus, you will NOT FIND this condition in any MEDICAL BOOKS.
Scientists should come together, raise money, and start a research and at least be able to DISTINGUISH THE CHARACTERISTICS of Morgellan's disease.
That way doctors will stop classifying what those people have as DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS.

If I have a mysterious incurable condition, would research benefit to examine it once I die?

A2ADrug trials use humans for the final stage of testing. When I was a young poor college student I had hypertension for no external reason-it was an inherited genetic trait.I joined a drug trial clinic and received most of my medical care from them for about a decade. I was well treated and given different types of drugs as well as placebos in some trials. I also got paid for my time and learned a lot about hypertension.My best friend had stage 4 cancer when it was diagnosed. She joined a trial drug experiment and it helped her cancer for about 6 years. Both she and medical science benefited from her taking the trial drug.So not only mysterious or unusual medical conditions are studied but common diseases like high blood pressure.I’ve done drug trials off snd in my whole life. Especially when I needed extra money.I also have arranged to donate my organs to UNOS if I die in a hospital or medical science if I die at home.I have all the forms filled out already-better to be prepared for the future when you reach your mid 70s.

I'm scared out of my mind i think i have depersonalization disorder?

i need some advice on this.. i thought i just had simple anxiety but i started to get deeper into my research and i looked up depersonalization and a lot of the symptoms are the same as mine i feel as if my mind gets fuzzy my eye site becomes a bit blurry and everything around me doesnt seem as real as it should be almost as if it were some sort of a dream or something i haven't been getting a lot of sleep.. and now im even more scared to go to the doctor and ask him what to do because even the name of this problem seems horrible.. i really dont want to end up in a treatment center or anything of such im so scared right now please give me some advice im only 17 and my life has almost come to a complete stop i cant stop thinking about such negative things like "what if this isnt real" im so scared im going to go crazy do you think my doctor would put me into a treatment center am i safe to go to the doctor and get the help i need?

Is there a cure for a brain tumour (glioblastoma multiform)?

my husband was told in september he had this terrible disease. is there anybody out there who is going through the same thing or who has been through this.
any help would be gratefully accepted.