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What would happen if a recruit in a boot camp laughed at his drill instructors all the time and showed no fear or respect?

When Sweden had conscription all men had to serve in the military defence. There was ways to avoid military services but it was not social acceptable so sons of the rich and the mighty would all serve as conscripted soldiers.The high prestige positions suitable for upper class men, such as navy or cavalry officers demanded that you would start at the bottom as a private soldier and experience more and not less of hardship and discipline.Thus the framework for creating and maintaining military discipline was very restricted. A lot of punishment were illegal and most who were not could only be carried out with the conce of the punished soldier.In spite of this an effective system of punishment was developed. One common way was to apply collective punishment. This was actually illegal but could be done anyway.Example: collective punishmentIf a soldier had been disrespectful the entire company could be lined up to march to the canteen. Then suddenly the company was order to turn right, then left and so on. The lunch was in danger. Questions would be heard from anonymous voices. What is going on? Someone has done something! Who is it?Finally someone would answer: It was XXX. The pointless marching would stop and the soldiers allowed to go and eat lunch.This would cause a peer pressure on the soldiers who did not behave.Example: Barracks prohibitionAn official punishment was to not be allowed to leave the barracks. Everyone else would be going home over the weekend except a poor punished soldier. His friend was most likely have found it amusing because there is no joy like malicious joy. On Monday when the soldiers arrived from their weekend the punished soldier would hear comments like: I saw your girlfriend out on Saturday night. Never seen her so happy before…Example: Forced transferA soldier could be transferred from his unit to another unit. This was used as a way to frightening soldiers. When I was in the coastal artillery the officers used to hint about a place called Gotska Sandön. They told stories about soldier who had been transferred to guard duty on the island and that they had been begging to be transferred to anywhere else to serve in any position.No one dared to question the story.Example: Unfavorable commandingThere is always jobs that need to be done. Some job is not as pleasant as other. If someone had missbehaved he was likely to get the worst jobs.Again: No punishment. Only coincidence.

What's the best BTS fanfiction?

There are a lot.And I know others are mentioning it here, but seriously, if you want good fanfics, go to AO3.DON'T. GO. TO. WATTPAD.And since we're talking about good BTS fanfics, I'm here to promote my favorite writer from there:TheOrgasmicSekeCheck out their works. Jesus Christ. I love all of them.There are a lot of other good authors and fanfics, but there isn't enough space to write them here, so I'm gonna mention a few.Where the heart is - (i lOVE THIS ONE)Just skin - (bruh)Steal your heart - (cUTECUTECUTE)Seeking a friend for the end of the world - (I'M STILL CRYING OVER THIS ONE, IT'S FROM TheOrgasmicSeke)Actually, TOS has a series of fanfics and they're all really good. Read them all.Trying to behave (but you know that we never learned how to) - I've heard about this one but not read it because my heart is weak. Edit: I read it and- it's so fucking good? But also so angsty, and yeah, hEADS UP WITH THIS ONE, it may trigger some people. Read the tags, be safe.All the king's men - (MUST READ, but be careful.)Blow me like your french horn - (it's not what you think, istg. Really funny)Will you B Minor? - (part of Blow me like your french horn, funny af)Conflicting Arrangement - (MUST READ)These lyrics will write themselves - (this one is OC heavy but seriously, really amazing. There are a lot of things people must be aware of.)I'm a teepee, I'm a wigwam (don't worry, man - you're two tents) - (i love this one)Ocean claimed - (just)The less I know, the betterThe Songbird and The Sea - (SO. FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL):-)

Does anyone know of some new movies coming out in 2008?

Sin City 2, Jurrasic Park 4, Indiana Jones 4, Harry Potter 6, 10,000 B.C., The Lovely Bones, Star Trek 6, Wolverine....

there are more and the dates on all of these are TBA 2008...

hope this helps..

I Might Be An Adult, But I'm A Minor At Heart!!?

Minor Threat - Minor Threat

What are some lines or lyrics that you think sum up your personality or describe you as a person?

BQ: Favourite band from Washington, D.C.?
BQ2: Do you prefer listening to music through earphones or headphones? (when not playing it through a stereo)
BQ3: Shuffle 5?