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Who Is The Most Evil Leader In The World Today

Which current world leader has done the most evil?

Indian PM manmohan Singh n gov chairperson Sonia Gandhi.. they have plundered the Indian nation of all its resources n impoverished billions of Indians.they have been head of gov that has looted billions of dollars via scams of unimaginable extent. 2g scam, coal gate, cwg games scam,sand mining etc.they r also responsible for creating enmity among various groups among people for their own political interests. They are practicing divisive politics for a decade now to fill their bank coffers. Even hell wouldn't suffice to punish such hopeless and worthless people.

Who is the most evil leader in human history?

I present to you king leopold ii of BelgiumUnder the rule of the Belgian King Leopold II in the 19th and early 20th centuries, up to 10 million were killed in one of the greatest acts of mass murder in human history.His funeral cortege was booed by the crowd.Leopold's reign of exactly 44 years remains the longest in Belgian history.From the beginning of his rule, Leopold ignored the poor conditions of millions of Congolese inhabitants, many including children, were mutilated and killed.Leopold extracted a fortune from the Congo, initially by the collection of ivory, and after a rise in the price of rubber in the 1890s, by forced labour from the natives to harvest and process rubber.Christened the Congo Free State in 1885, the size of Leopold’s area was an astonishing 76 times the size of Belgium. Comprised largely of jungle, it was initially a huge financial burden. But when worldwide demand for rubber boomed, Leopold cashed in. Congolese workers were sent out into the jungle to slash down vines and layer their bodies with rubber latex. Later they would scrape it off their skin – often taking flesh and hair with it. The work was labour-intensive and injurious to health.Leopold’s hell operated by an insane logic. Villages were set quotas of rubber and the guards were sent in to collect it. If a village failed to reach its quota hostages would be taken and shot.

Isn't Kim Jong il The Best Leader In The World?


Which country is the leader of the Arab World?

They do not have a leader. Iran is the dominate power among the Shia but they are a minority. Saudi Arabia has the most wealth and is Sunni but their brand of Islam is not shared by other Arab countries.