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Who Is This Woman Seriously Shes Nice Looking

Went on a date with a girl who wants nothing serious. Is she worth my attention?

(I would appreciate more comments from the ladies.)

I went on a date with this girl I like (she's nice) who broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago. (I work fast). Anywhoo, I've been being friendly with her, maybe a little flirty here and there, and I got her to say "yes" to a date with me which we went on today. (Don't worry, we paid separate bills). This was all because the girl is busy all the time and I thought she could use a break at least for one day. We went out to eat and then on a walk.

Eventually she tells me that she's not looking for anything serious, which I think is fine. Tons of girls say the same thing and a week later they're in a relationship. (Go figure)

So I'm in a position where she's told me that she wants me to be her friend because she needs a friend right now. (Possible friendzone issue?) I, being a naturally friendly guy, am okay with this idea but I certainly will not be her tool. Is there any chance that this might lead to something or am I just pissing in the wind? (I find it quite difficult to get the girls I REALLY want to chase me.)

If so, how do I find out?
If not, tell me why you think so.
Please be mindful of a useful answer. As I am going to consider all of them. Thank you.

Do guys look back and seriously regret dumping the pretty, good girl?

~Depends on the type of guy.
A good guy will rethink his attitude and think if he has done the right thing,but an ignorant sex seeking guy will go after anything that will raise his self importance,perhaps she is a popular girl (they tend to be the trashy ones) and he wants to fit in.
He may rethink his attitude but there are chances that he is just those typical idiotic guys you must avoid,even if they seem nice.

Do looks really matter in life? Do good looking people have an advantage?

Yes, looks matter.Don't tell me that you have not been bullied in school/college/office because of how fat/skinny/nerdy you look?Don't tell me that you were not made to stand in the back rows during stage performances in school, while a few beautiful faces were always there at the first rows?Don't tell me that you weren't judged by how you look,  Fat : you must be eating your siblings’ food as well. Skinny : Don't your parents give you any food to eat? Fair : How much makeup have you applied?/how many visits of parlor do you make in a month? Dark : start applying sunscreen, fairness creams, blah blah blah…Don't tell me your first crush was not because of how cute/sexy he/she looks?Don't tell me when you imagine your future partner the first question that pop up inside your head isn't 'I really wonder how he/she will look like? 'Don't tell me that the person you loved the most didn't chose someone else who was more impressive than you in terms of looks?Don’t tell me that you don’t click on ‘Read More’ whenever you see a picture of someone good looking on Quora answers?Don’t tell me you don’t follow hot/cute girls/boys on Instagram and admire how perfect they look?Don’t tell me that you have not been rejected because of your looks?Don’t tell me that this little kid is famous because of his talent and not looks :Don’t tell me this girl did something extra-ordinary and became an overnight star because of that and not because of her looks and wink and expressions? :And girls don’t tell me your heart doesn’t skips a beat everytime he smiles ? :Don’t tell me that good looking people don’t have any advantage !Looks do matter in the society we live in and this is one of the bitter truths that we need to digest.Good looks matter but it is a good heart that makes all the difference :)-Unnati :)

Ugly Guy/Ugly Girl + Decent Looking Guy/Decent Looking Girl aka Mismatched Couples, WTF?

Now, since I am a guy, I'll be the first to admit....LOOKS DO MATTER, HIGHLY. I am not a handsome guy, I'll also admit to that! But I go out a lot and see these mismatched couples, ugly guy/ugly girl + nice looking guy/nice looking girl and I agonize thinking, WTF, I mean really WTF?????? Now before you answer with the PC answer of "oh, maybe he/she is a nice person", seriously, reality check yourself!! Unless the repulsive one of the couple (and by repulsive, I mean fairly overweight, bad skin, caveman/cavewoman looks) is loaded with money, it is NOT natural for these decent looking men/women to have such little regard for their partners looks!! Even if the repulsive person is a "nice" person, how do you deal with the romance with someone who may have back fat, hair all over and generally all around disgusting!? Now of course, a supermodel male or female can be evil and have a horrible personality so naturally you wouldn't want to spend your life with them regardless of their looks. That I DO understand. But I also know that if you ask out someone, usually the person bases it off initial impressions, i.e. LOOKS! I think these mismatched couples are due in large part to the attractive person in the couple to have some serious psychological ISSUES!! What are your thoughts?

A girl said i look really nice with my new hair cut. what does this really mean??? im kind of confused lol?

also if a girl talks about a guy with her bestfriend. n u ask her bestfriend wat did you two say about me? and the girl says idk and starts laughin. what does this mean??? is she tryin to hold a secret???

How do I tell a girl she has a nice rack?

Two things:First, you don’t just say this. If you’ve been dating a woman for a while and you want to compliment parts of her body, that’s awesome, go for it. But you don’t just walk up to a woman and say, “Nice tits, Mabel.” Come on. How horrible are we trying to be???(Caveat: apparently women get the waiver on this and are allowed to say all kinds of things about each others’ boobs…I, for one, will never even think of wanting to restrict this activity in any way…I mean, seriously, that’s just awesome)(Caveat: why yes, I am a 13-year-old boy inside a man’s body…don’t ask me how I got here…long story)Second, I hate to break this to you, but…if a woman has a right bonnie set of tits, she already knows it. Seriously, she’s the one who wakes up everyday and puts on a bra…or not…heh-heh…heh-heh…and deals with them. She sees herself in the mirror. She sees other women walking around. She knows that her double-Ds are awesome. You want to impress her? Walk up to her and say, “Hi, I’m Doofus, how you doing?”, then actually talk to her as a human being and not two large, beautiful orbs. Women are more than their boobs.(Caveat: BOOBIES!!!)EDIT 12/15/16: It dawned on me that I was forgetting a chapter in my life…when I worked at the adult bookstore, there were many…professional…ladies who would come in and, in many cases, if they’d had recent work done, they would ask my opinion on the work. Being the manager, I couldn’t possibly say, “Oh, no ma’am, please don’t show me your fleshy orbs of power…ew, icky”, I pretty much was required to look.(In some ways, that really was a great, great job)So, if a woman actually asks, “What do you think of these?”, then yes, you may comment. That’s allowed.(Oh, the memories of when they would ask, “How realistic do they feel?”)(Yes, I’m a boob man, SHUSH!)

A girl called me ‘really good looking’ and we've been talking frequently but she seems to be ignoring me today. What did I do wrong?

At the beginning of October, this year I met this truly beautiful girl. I was in a bar with some mutual friends of ours, when she approached our table and sat down.She caught my eyes from the beginning. Besides being stunning, she had some sort of magic on the side. Later I found out tat she was quite different and had quite different passions from the other girls I knew.She was looking something like this.Fast forward to next morning when I found her on facebook and sent her a friend request. The next screenshot is actually showing the very first messages of our conversation.We set up a date/meeting, a week later (because I was working) at a club (yeah I know but we happen to like techno). When I arrived she was kissing a guy :) That was quite funny though :DSo if she’s ignoring you maybe she wanted to have a play with you and boost her self esteem, or maybe you lacked initiative and she decided to dump you. Or maybe it’s just your imagination.However dude, I think that you should move on, ant just tell other beautiful girls how you perceive them.

Am I the only person who thinks Pippa Middleton is average looking at best?

Honest to God, I don't understand how anyone thinks Pippa one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Seriously? To me, she is VERY average looking - and teetering on the line of kinda ugly. At best, she's a 5. Sure she has a nice enough body, but her face is meh. Her sister Kate is WAAAYYY better looking then her. I'd say Kate's an 8-1/2.

The people who think she's so hot are probably the ones who thought Sarah Jessica Parker was hot as well. Remember that whole craze?