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Who Is Your Lease Liked President Opinions

In Your Opinion, Which US President is Worse than President Bush?

REAGAN was horrible. He knew of binLadin during the Iran Contra Affair. Ollie North mentioned him in the hearings. Remember, when we were selling arms that are being used against our own men now?

And he raped the school systems - after he got done all school programs were totally cut. Totally, done. No more sport intramural, no more after school tutoring, so more debate teams, etc.

He cut United Way funding into nothing. No more programs for job training, no more homes for Special Needs children and adults.

But we have lots and lots of nukes stored up - don't we?

And we have approx 20% drop-out rate and welfare keeps rising.

I don't like to stick up for W the moron EVER, but Ronnie ruined our children for the sake of stockpiling nuclear weapons. Like how many nukes will it take to obliterate this whole planet?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Carter WAS NOT a bad president. Don't forget he came in to clean up this country from Nixon/Ford disaster. And was only given 4 years - and the Ayatollah was creating a disaster. Carter was ahead of his time with environmental and green issues. The gas crisis forced us to start making smaller cars - and the Ronnie went in and destroyed the tax credits for green living (improvement in insulation, windows, roofs, etc.) and negated the clean air act Carter put into play. So you can also thank Ronnie for the wonderful Hummers all of the road and the increase in pollution and greenhouse gases.

George Washington, at least in terms of making public opinion the basis of decisions. Washington, and most members of the Federalist Party, believed that once government officials were elected, the people should get out of the way and let the chosen officials make their own decisions; democracy was seen as no better than monarchy.

Mine!Now that I’ve got that out of my system…In an attempt at neutrality, I’m going to put aside policy and focus on competence — not least because that was one of Trump’s key selling points.He promised to hire “the best people”, and in some cases he now has very good folks. But (a) a lot of them were 2nd attempts (b) there’s very little sign Trump is actually listening to “the grown-ups” (c) he refuses to let them fill key positions on their own and (d) insists that no one can be hired who has ever said anything negative about Trump in public.And then there are the budget cuts.Put it all together and even the best people are unlikely to do a halfway decent job.Then there’s Trump’s refusal to read any document longer than 1 page and/or 9 bullet points. Brevity is a marvelous thing, but that’s not how you understand the stakes in Syria or China. Remember when it leaked that Trump was angry he’d signed an Executive Order giving new foreign policy powers to Bannon? Trump whined that no one briefed him on what was in the EO.A document that was a page and a half long.In a crisis, can you really see someone like that demanding his people bring him all the facts, challenging their assertions, demanding they dig deeper? Can you imagine him having an open and productive discussion with the Intelligence Community to digest and utilize the massive amount of information coming out of our national security network? Or can you see him firing off a Tweet about how it’s SAD! that North Korea is firing missiles at Japan?Thought so.It is theoretically possible that Trump will eventually realize his own limitations, and switch styles. That would be pretty rare in a 70-year-old. It would be highly unlikely in a man who’s claimed to know “more about the military” than our “rubble” generals.My money is on him being the worst in history.

I would have to go with James Buchanan. Every president in history is faced with certain challenges over a full term. In general, the quality of the president in measured by how he responds to those challenges. Buchanan was elected in 1856 and undoubtedly slavery was the biggest issue of his time. His approach was constant appeasement to the south - after Pierce had tried constant appeasement to the south. Arguably Pierce could be considered worse in some ways, but I cut him a break because of his son’s death, and the fact that Pierce almost certainly had PTSD as a result.Buchanan’s actions regularly favored the south and his hope was that by giving the south what they wanted, that they would be convinced to remain in the union. By this time there had been some 20 years of experience that the south would not compromise on the issue of the expansion of slavery. Buchanan was little more than a rubber stamp for party leadership and I’m not sure he ever considered what was best for the nation as distinct from what party leaders wanted. However, the thing this cliches it for me is that when the south secedes after Lincoln’s election - Buchanan fails to act. Obviously, the Civil War was never his to win by then, but after secession he doesn’t even mobilize troops or verbally object to the secession. When you are the president you lose the ability to say, ‘Not my problem’. Any parent knows that when your 5 year old threatens to run away, you don’t actually let them do it.A lot of others here mention GWB. I consider Buchanan so much worse than GWB because GWB was faced with various crises and he acted to fix them. In my book, the guy who attempts to solve the problem and fails is better than the guy who sees the problem but then fails to attempt to solve it. If you are going to strikeout - go down swinging. Especially when the problem is preserving the union.

In your opinion, who are the best and worst US presidents?

My personal favorite is James K. Polk; He was a devious man but tried to continue Jackson's teachings (who I also like). He entered the White House with four goals and achieved them all in his terms. He was a reasonable man, went to war with Mexico despite trying to be reasonable, he bargained with the English which proves this. He was a somewhat decent man also, making himself available twice a week for the public of Dc, not even the founding 5 fathers did this. Polk is my favorite because of these reasons and he turned America from a colony to a continent. He was also the hands down most hardworking and quite honest in the history of US presidents.

There are however a few presidents that did a piss poor job in my opinion, I personally think that Zachary Taylor wins though, he didn't even want to be the US president. He was desired by the Wihgs and Democrats because of his unique stances on slavery, he was on the fence about it in truth and this was his selling point. Anyway he had no experience in politics, he was after all an Army man with the nickname 'rough and ready', both in appearance and personality. He was an in-objective, unlikable, difficult to work with and was poor at public speaking. He basically shows no traits of a good president at all. Having said this he died in office one year later due to cherries he ate, I suspect Taylor could have been the 5th assassinated US president, having said that there's only around an 4% chance. After all latest postmortem show he wasn't killed by arsenic, that's not to say he wasn't killed by something less traceable. There where many poisons around his time especially ones that could be hard to trace and there was plenty of people with motives.

I also think Coolige was a push over and Nixon destroyed all trust that the world had for the US government and I think the government will never recover totally from Watergate.

I have recently become extremely obsessed with US politics in particular the presidents.

As a side note does anyone else knowledgeable in this are think it likely that James Buchanan (15th) was the first gay US president?

An Female US President? What's your opinion?

The nineteenth modification, which offered women human beings the right to vote, is in user-friendly words 88 years previous. i recognize that a lady ought to and does have each and every correct to carry such an workplace as a guy, yet change is equipped in inches and not in any respect miles. We nonetheless have a discrepancy in pay between the sexes, so chauvinism does exist, will it exist contained in the election procedure, perchance. In different countries, women human beings have served properly, yet had to conquer a great deal to attain this variety of position. i trust that for some, the country is waiting for a lady to steer, yet she should be a trailblazer with an truly thick pores and skin. I actually have enclosed a link to three different widespread woman leaders, perchance this can coach you that success has been had by technique of persons of the option sex, and perchance right here contained in the USA.

Top of the list is almost certainly FDR, whose New Deal policies might often individually amounted to bupkis, but collectively helped keep the country afloat through the Depression, and whose overall political cunning served the U.S. well in the run up to, and initial years of, World War II. FDR has a bit of an unfair advantage in having had more terms to work with than anybody else, and therefore more time to be effective. Below him, I’d put:George Washington - setting the template for Presidential behavior and prerogatives was a big deal, but as President #1, Washington also got to be effective in such matters as establishing the Federal judiciary, U.S. Mint, and U.S. Navy, finding a home for the U.S. Capitol, and successfully navigating two of the first challenges to the health of the Republic in the Northwest Indian War and the Whiskey Rebellion. Oh yeah, and the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution during his Presidency too.Abraham Lincoln - The successful prosecution of the Civil War sure as hell had a profound effect on the country.Thomas Jefferson - Dear United States, happy 15th birthday! I bought you a Louisiana Purchase as your birthday present! Well, really I’m terrible with money, but I convinced Congress to get the $15m together to do it.Original question:In your opinion, which US President was the most effective?

James Madison was the smallest U.S. president, standing 5" 4" and weighing about 100 pounds.I leveraged my advanced boolean skills, coupled with my incredible googling abilities to deliver spectacular results!  All your answers are belong to me!  "Google, Who was the smallest, lightest US president?"

Original question: “What is your opinion of President Trump's performance as president?”Well, I expected him to be terrible. But he’s far, far worse than I could ever have imagined. For one thing, I thought that he was somewhat intelligent. But if he is, he’s not making any use of it. His ignorance is astonishing and his unwillingness or lack of interest in doing anything about it is - to say the least -disheartening. He doesn’t even pretend to play at being President. He just wants to keep campaigning and receive adulation. For example, the whole government shutdown stand-off is about his ego, not about policy. He pretty much acknowledged that to Schumer today.What a jerk!