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Who Should I Write My Research Report On Eminem Or Johnny Depp

Would people even be able recognize an artificial intelligence revolution and world takeover when it begins?

The easy answer to this question is no. The reason I say this is because there is too much of a Democracy between the large companies who are at the top of the ladder, (who I will not name). One has approximately one hundred thousand computer systems with nothing but information…most ALL information from around the globe. It has been cunning in developing a subcontract with Deep Mind which contains the largest data centers for deep machine learning programs. One of these is the Pentagon, and a major defense contractor. With all this being said, I remind everyone what Elon Musk said, “we are summoning a deamon” , if.. we could not democratize A-I, which we have failed to do. Plus take into consideration, the other 9 countries who currently are competing with other countries to develop the greatest A-I. It is my current theory, an intelligent A-I, or even superintelligent,(which we have not defined yet), does not always have to be a machine, robot, or any other physical system. In other words, a large community of Intelligent A-I’s can exist within a computer framework. At any-time, these “communities”, which I call them, can be unleashed to any part of the world at any given moment. There will be no reason to tell anyone if this happens, because by then, it will be too late. The science fiction movie “I-Robot” is an example of this one “community” of power I describe. I have discovered, when the public is told about an A-I development, it already has been six months to a year since it was initially developed and tested. Unfortunately, the ones with the most power and knowledge of A-I, ….wins …but we all end up loosing.

Is this true about Somerset?

Trevor, Are you foaming at the mouth while you are writing this? You state:

'This is the wettest winter since records began
“No it's not. As Paul Homewood reveals at his website Not A Lot Of People Know That, it was considerably wetter between November 1929 and January 1930. Yes, this January was wet, but it still only ranks as the sixteenth wettest month since records began in 1766."

Then you go on and claim:

"He claims it was the 16th wettest month. Would you like to know how he did that? By taking a figure published in a news report before January had even ended. How stupid can you get? "

I thought that was your claim. How stupid can you get?

You disappointed me, Trevor. I thought I could get some coherent answer from you. I knew it would be biased, but I thought I could get a real glimpse of what was truly going on. This is only one of the many mistakes I have made in my life. It will not happen again, I assure you.