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Who Sings That Oh Song In Progressive Commercial At Flo

Commercials: What sort of money does 'Flo' make for all those Progressive ads?

Based solely on the number of spots and that she gets residuals based on airing on a national basis - she's probably pulling in $200-300k a year just on that.Normally, when you do a spot, you agree to a general embargo on another competitor ( this is standard if you're just standing around enjoying the product) but she's so recognizable now that they probably locked her out from doing any other campaigns - otherwise people will think, hey flo loves chevron gas or ballpark hotdogs! That's negotiated but it's probably at least $500k since she's so well known now.AND as she's so well known now, they've probably locked her into personal appearances and or merchandising - so I think it's safe to say she's probably pulling in $1.5m a year at least but of course, I'm just guessing - it could be much more - but I can't imagine it's less than that by much since we're in year 5? Of this campaign with her "famous" and as the face of progressive.

Who is more annoying? Flo the Progressive Gal or the Geico Gecko?

Both Insurance commercials are annoying.. actually all and any commercial is annoying!! LOL
p.s. If you notice all commercials now days are about "insurance" "legal prescriptions" "lawyers" "cars" "eating" and the such!!
Ever since they pulled "cigarette commercials" I stopped watching them!! hahahaaaa
I guess they can't seem to find more important issues to make commercials about!

Porn of Flo the Progressive Insurance girl?

PLEASE...let some things remain sacred

What are the best trance songs?

Here's my Top-10 list:10. Tiesto - Adagio For StringsTiesto is one of the very few artists whose sounds are really unique. Infact it can be safely said that one can recognize which track is Tiesto's from a bunch of unheard tracks. This is one of his finest works. 9. Above & Beyond - Air for LifeYou don't need vocals to enter into a state of trance. This track is a really complex blend of sounds. One of the finest tracks in the Uplifting Trance genre.8. Above & Beyond - Thing Called LoveThe love wizards, Above & Beyond. True to their name, this track is above and beyond this world.7. Ferry Corsten feat. Armin Van Buuren - Brute (Armin's Illegal Drum Edit)The utterly brilliant work of two exceptionally talented artists. It is played on almost all Armin's and Ferry's sets. This track has immense variation.6. Above & Beyond - Sun & MoonArguably one of the most beautiful love anthems in the trance world. This track has actually witnessed love proposals! :DMan Gets Down on Knee for Proposal During Above & Beyond's "Sun and Moon" at EDC5. Oceanlab - SatelliteInsanely trippy, highly complex track. Above & Beyond, again, Hats off!4. Andrew Rayel - 550 SentaThe 21 year old modern-day Mozart. The piano piece is exceptionally beautiful.3. Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan - We Control the SunlightThe 2011 Tune of the Year on ASOT. Sheer genius of Aly & Fila, Uplifting Trance specialists.2. Armin Van Buuren - J'ai Envie De ToiVery complete, very fulfilling, truly amazing track.1. Oceanlab - Breaking TiesThis one leaves the listener spellbound. Truly divine track. It is flawless in all aspects — Music, Lyrics & Vocals. It is PERFECT.

R&P: Let's decide -- What are the best songs of 2009 (Round 1 - Part 17)?

Disappearing Ink by Deerhunter
I was trying to figure out why Jackie Collins Existential Question Time didn't appeal to me, why I didn't care about it at all so I read some of the other comments and I totally agree with Howling Glory, it's plain. Plain or ordinary are more accurate words for it than boring.

Hand of the Host by Isis
Isis isn't something I'd listen to on my own but I did enjoy the music on this track and the growl-singing is at a minimum. The other one is hilarious. I think they're going for something dark and intense, the music and lyrics seem very earnest, but they achieve unintentionally funny.

Bitter Heart by Zee Avi
They are both rehashed vocal styles. I picked Bitter Heart because I think the quirky, girly, pop style is a little fresher than the smooth, vampy, do-be-do jazz style. Although, I do expect to hear Bitter Heart in a commercial featuring a perky soccer mom with two rambunctious ragamuffins trying to get her windows streak-free or her laundry fluffy within the next six months.

I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers
The plow truck needs to throw some salt because the roads are icey n' slippy. Next year I'm going to nominate a polka song for the competion...something with the lovely accordion.

Alive by Leona Lewis
Everything I said about Death Dies Hard by Deathstars applies to Vulture by Patrick Wolf. Alive is less of a joke so it wins my vote.

What are the best songs with unusual time signatures?

Ooh you've hit one of my favorite subjects!  I've always been a classic (1970s) Genesis fan and they have some of the best songs in odd time signatures.  There are lots of bands who do this well: Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and other less curmudgeonly bands. But Genesis really lived in this world - especially before Phil Collins's pop influence took over.  As such they be came masters in this genre which is why their songs don't feel odd.Here are a few:The album "Trick of the Tail" has two of the best. "Dance on a Volcano" smashes out a 7/8 that switches between frenetic anticipation and a rock solid power groove. "Robbery, Assault, and Battery" has my favorite odd time of (cough) all time, 13/8, well it switches back and forth between 7/8 and 6/8. I don't know how Tony Banks can play that over-the-bar solo. Yet he does it similarly live so he ain't just getting lucky.  Halfway through Mike Rutherford's guitar solo comes in and it's almost soulful. In 13/8.From the Peter Gabriel days:  "Cinema Show" on "Selling England by the Pound" has a beautiful instrumental section in 7/8 at the end.  They have a great groove going and a sweet set of chord changes that Tony Banks solos on top of. Finally, "Supper's Ready" on "Foxtrot" has an entire section dedicated to the time signature:  Apocalypse in 9/8. The band repeatedly cycles thru the measure hitting the same odd beats each time giving the section a very primal feel. Again Tony Banks solos on top. What's fascinating though is that he plays in 4/4 at times while the band sticks to 9/8. It's awesome how he departs from them and they all come back together for the finale. A great album to experience all of these songs is their live "Seconds Out" album.  Bill Bruford (of Yes) and Chester Thompson (of Zappa) alternate the 2nd drummer duties.  When Phil is not singing he doubles with the other drummer. Here is where they really shine in the odd time signatures.  With two drummers they can experiment with exploring different ways of making them groove. Just like you can play 4/4 lots of different ways, there are tons of ways to play odd time signatures.  They find lots of them.  So much fun to listen to. Three more to consider:Soundgarden playing "Fell on Black Days" in 6/4. Not "unusual" per se but suitably unnerving.Sting playing "I Was Brought to My Senses" in 7/4 and "Seven Days" in 5/8.Enjoy!StuartOriginal music for Film and Television

Name one gay club/bar for each of these global cities? And a little description of the place!?

New York City
Los Angeles
Washington DC
San Diego
San Francisco
Minneapolis-St. Paul
St. Petersburg
Sao Paulo
Rio De Janeiro
Beunos Aires
Monte Video
Mexico City

Do you know some songs that start slow and calm, but build up and end up epic?

Most of us doesn't even know a lot of artists out there making individual tracks, because there is a lot more other famous pop stars out there who drop there album in a continuous time, as the rest are left unrecognised, so when it comes to the famous one's they have got there records from famous companies as it keeps on promoted, so for the other unfamous artists it's a struggle to come up, as it takes time for them to come with a great track as they have to compete with the famous one's, as one day when they drop that extraordinary music album it gets banged in the industry and it gets famous over night and he gets deal from all the records and it is promoted over time and he becomes famous.