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Who Wants To Buy A House In Ethiopia I Want Some One To Be My Partner In Buying A House In

I don't want to buy a house under a flight do I make sure?

Actual flight paths can change in an instant. Sometimes planes have to choose a different route due to weather or other reasons. Also, I don't think that you are looking to be clear of the flight path of airplanes, but rather away from the approach/departure path. You probably don't want the noise coming from planes overhead.
My suggestion is to simply find a home away from an airport. As long as a plane is cruising you're not going to be annoyed by its flight path because its too high to be a nuissance (especially commercial jets which fly pretty high). However, when they are low (during approach and takeoff) you can hear them quite clearly. As long as you keep away from an airport you should be able to avoid any unwanted noise from aircraft

What kind of Business you want to engage in? Are you an Diaspora or a Foreign Investor? What will be best for you is before making any investment make sure you understand the Investment and Tax Laws. If you are a Foreign Investor make sure that the sector you want is allowed for Foreign Investors to engage in. Currently Ethiopian Investment Commission provides many incentives for investors and there are many investment opportunities. The Top investment opportunities includesAgriculture: Ethiopia has suitable climate and types of Soil required for the production of variety of food Crops.Manufacturing: Production of Food, Beverages, Tobacco, Textile and Garments, leather goods, Cement and Chemicals.Tourism:Mining:Ethiopia Offers excellent Opportunities for mineral prospecting and Development and has a substantial deposit of gold, tantalum, platinum, nickel, potash and Soda ash.Real Estate and Construction:Construction and Real Estate is becoming the best sector for investment in Ethiopia. Posh Apartments, Luxury Condos, houses with one or more stories and Villas are filling the landscape of the outskirts of Addis Ababa.N.B: Cheap Labor is also one of the biggest advantage for Investors.Best of Luck.

Why some ethiopians look so much like indians..?

HI Desi Girl

How are you?

I'm sorry for not replying to your quesitons of late but I've been extremely busy. My computer consultancy/engineering business is now number one on google. After many weeks of trying I'm now on the first page, position 1 of the Google listings. Ive missed the Unique connection that we had online with you asking quesitons and me responding. I will keep in touch always by answering your quesitons okay. Take care and stay in touch-YOU ARE NOT RACIST and anyone that says you are, are IDIOTS and need to go back to School to learn how to read and write. I've made a decision and that is when I get enough money to purchase my house in India (big mansion shice my business will provide the necessary funds for this) I will come over to India and live for a while. I'm not going back to Guyana. The people there are fake with their friendships. They have Hindu people yes living there but a lot of their friendships are fake, I should know, I went to Guyana last year, I spent 6 months over there and the person who was supposed to be like a brother to me treated me like dirt.

Where can I buy Havana Honeys filtered little cigars?

These were my favorite cigars, and now I can't find them anywhere. I know that there are a few places out there that sell them, but I am having one hell of a time trying to find them. Can anyone help me? I'm looking for these but in Vanilla. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.

The reason is, most people want to adopt babies or infants, and healthy ones at that. In the US and Canada, few such babies or infants enter the system.In rare cases, the mother, while pregnant, decides to make an adoption plan, and then on birth, executes it (perhaps having selected the adoptive parents beforehand). While ideal (for the adoptive parents), such adoptions are the rare exception nowadays, given the lower stigma around single parenthood.More commonly, children enter the system through a children’s aid mechanism (called CPS in most states, CAS in much of Canada). These agencies first try to “mend” the broken family (make the birth parents good parents); and when that fails, they try for a family adoption (uncles, grandparents). A child who enters the system has thus proven not suitable for either of those avenues. So, the child is typically either (a) is a few years old—these attempts at “fixing” the family, and then family adoptions, take months or years to play out, or (b) is younger, but comes from a VERY difficult background (a birth family has to be VERY problematic before an agency will swoop in and take away an infant, without even trying to patch up the family), or (c) some combination of the above. So, children are likely to be older, and will present some physical (like FAS), emotional or developmental challenges as a result of these troubled first years.Many adoptive parents feel they are simply not up to that. They’d rather adopt internationally.

Can a civilian buy an F16 fighter jet and fly it normally?

Actually from my past experience and knowledge, I think it's definitely possible in the future. My grandparents used to own a small airport and two former F16 instructors owned retired Russian L39 fighter jets as personal recreational aircraft. If you've ever seen Tomorrow Never Dies, that's the kind of fighter Bond steals in the beginning and takes off to avoid the cruise missile explosion while a bad guy takes off in another to intercept Bond.

They were really neat planes; small size but had that awesome sleek fighter look, had the weapons and ejection seats removed to comply with civilian laws. It's an expensive hobby but planes in general are very expensive. I guess they got a really good deal on them and probably paid about $250,000 I'm guessing which isn't a lot for a jet plane. A typical small private jet like a Citation is about $500,000 min. and I believe F16s cost upwards of 10 million.

They were always breaking down though lol and fortunately a veteran mechanic there learned how to fix jets as well. But they did go over 400mph I believe which is very fast for a civilian aircraft. I do remember that for some reason they were only given permission to land at that airport where they were kept and maybe needed special permission to do otherwise. I'm not sure why that was because I'm pretty sure small private jets can land anywhere with proper runway length. Just cause it's a retired fighter seems irelevant considering it's been unfitted for civilian use.

An F16 definitely would be possible someday. If I ever become ultra wealthy, I'd buy a MIG-25 Foxbat fully mechanically gone through for my personal use ha ha (might need to hide from certain regulations for a civilian pilot to own a Mach 3 capable retired fighter lol).