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Who Was Aleister Crowley

Was aleister crowley an atheist?

Crowley was a paradox. To an agnostic like RAW he certainly would have seemed like an agnostic, to a pagan like me, a pagan. Perhaps he's other things to others, but I do know you can belong to any religion and join his organizations. Perhaps it's the nature of the Occult, that the truth behind it all is more important than the religious method practiced in specific.

Is Aleister Crowley Evil?

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They all come out to defend their sick idol.
then cry that people should act and react and treat him and satanist with moral based values like "respect, and tolerance, understanding" when satanism is anti-morality.
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Great trick they've done to warp the facts and history and perception to make this vile piece of scum some sort of dark cool trendy rebel into dark ****. Sounds interesting when the facts of rape, murder, pedophilia, abuse, torture, etc is omitted from the details so the wanna-be satanists can enjoy their little rock band club.

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Has Aleister Crowley really gone away?Did he really do all those awful things they say?Is he buried beneath the sod?Or was Aleister Crowley really GOD?ALEISTER CROWLEY:I AM a God. I VERY GOD OF VERY GOD; I go upon My Way to work My will; I have made matter and motion for My Mirror; I have decreed for My delight that Nothingness should figure Itself as twain, that I might DREAM a dance of names and natures, and enjoy the Substance of Simplicity by watching the wanderings of My shadows.See! to be God is to be lost to God.That which I cling to is my proper essence;Nor is there aught at any periodThat may endure the horror of my presence.I conjure up dim gods; how frail and thin!How fast they slip from this appalling level!This is the wage of the fellatrix SinDrunk on the icy death-sperm of the Devil.I were a maniac did I contemplateThe outward glory and the inward terror,Sick with the hideous light myself createFrom the dark certainty of gloom and error.For I am that I am— behold! this “I”Hath nothing constant it may measure by.Should I take pleasure in the fond perfumeThat curls about my altars? in the throatsThat chant my glory in the decent gloomOf lofty minsters? Shall the blood of goatsAnd bulls and men send up a fragrant steamTo me, who am? Shall shriek of pythonessOr wail of augur move this dreadful dreamTo some less melancholy consciousness?I have created men, who made them godsOf their own excrements, and worshipped them.I cannot match these calculating clodsWho twist themselves a faecal diademFrom all the thorny thoughts that plague them most;Break wind, and call upon the Holy Ghost.

Is Aleister Crowley Sgt. Pepper?

Are you familiar with the concept of "logic"?

I ask because you clearly did not apply it when arriving at this conclusion.

Anton Lavey vs Aleister Crowley?

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,

Part of the difficulty in comparing the two is that they both did 2 wholly different things. Crowley developed a system of Hobbes mixed with Nietzsche and liberal doses of Victorian era Occultism eventually building a system about the interaction of pieces and how each piece is a whole unto it's self.

LaVey instead took the works of Ayn Rand and dressed them up in the historical fears of Europe with a degree of ceremony added. To put it simply, this was much more Libertarian than Crowley established for Thelema.

If you mean which had the better ideas instead of asking about "Dark Sides," then it was hands down, Crowley. Crowley built his system upon the basics of society- people doing what they do in relation to each other. LaVey built a type of emotional Hedonism without the seclusion aspect.

Love is the law, love under Will.

Aleister Crowley: Prophet Or Kook?

ariel, i too cannot decide which theory to believe. so much has been written, both supporting and decrying him.
i found this on a website -

"Crowley's entire religion, (Crowleyanity as it sometimes referred to by some cynical authors) liberally mixes elements of Christianity, Gnosticism and the Masons into its magickal rituals. It's hard to conceive how mildly Crowley and his followers would have been received if they were judged according to our contemporary standards. Thelemites, those who follow the laws of Thelema, often greet one another with the shorthand "93", which is the numerical value of the phrase "Love Is The Law, Love Under Will", the proper response to the "Do As Thou Wilt..." phrase.

Subcultural Relevance

Aleister Crowley may seem, to the uninitiated, like an unmitigated egomaniac, a charlatan, a mad man, or worse. It can be argued, even by occultists, that this was indeed the case. However as occultist, Crowley remains unparalleled. How many contemporary practitioners can actually claim to have manifested a lasting change on the world. After all, changing the world around you is what magic is all about, and Aleister Crowley did it better than anyone. To say that Crowley was ahead of his time would be an understatement. Aside from the glamour of his "wickedness" which will always have a certain appeal, his greatest gift was perhaps his ability to reshape the theory of magic from a modern psychological standpoint, refashioning it into a tool for the New Aeon, a contribution that has yet to be matched or exceeded. "

it seems his huge ego and over-enthusiasm took over and his desire to shock the world over-ran his undoubted abilities and intelligence.

a lesson for all egos methinks!!

blessed be

Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) was born to a devout English fundamentalist Christian family of the Plymouth Brethren sect, now considered a cult, to which he adhered until his father, Edward, died in 1887 when Crowley was 12, at which time he became a committed Satanist, despite (or perhaps because of) having virtually memorized the Bible. Crowley had been abused in a private Christian boarding school, documented in his autobiographical essay, “A Boyhood in Hell.” Crowley accepted Buddhism about 1902 under the influence of his friend and mentor, Allan Bennett, who later became a Burmese Buddhist monk, taking the name of Bhikku Ananda Metteyya. Crowley published a number of significant Buddhist writings about this time, including “Pansil,” “The Three Characteristics,” “Science and Buddhism,” and The Sword of Song, the latter reviewed by G.K. Chesterton no less. Crowley described himself as a “Buddhist rationalist,” and incorporated many Buddhist principles and practices into his system of Scientific Illuminism, codified in the organization of the A∴A∴, which Crowley founded with George Cecil Jones in 1906, 1907, or 1909 (sources differ). Crowley subsequently converted to his own religion of Thelema in 1909, when he wrote a long poem entitled Aha!, described by Crowley as “my greatest magical poem.” However, he realized the historical relativity of the Law of Thelema during his Esopus Island retreat in 1918, after which he appears to follow Lingbao Taoism, a hybrid of Taoism and Buddhism. This experience presaged the opening of the grade of Ipsissimus (the highest grade of the A∴A∴), which Crowley subsequently claimed in 1921 (it appears that Crowley claimed the grade of Magus in 1916, though sources vary between 1914 and 1919). Crowley wrote his own paraphrase of the Classic of Purity (Qingjing Jing), a Lingbao classic, attributed to Ge Xuan (164-244 CE), during this retreat, as well the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching, which he used for divination throughout his life. Crowley also identified himself with Ge Xuan, the reputed founder of the Lingbao School, as a previous incarnation.

Aleister Crowley was one of the first people to explicitly realise that you can change the world by pushing a lot of people out of their comfort zone at once. That was one of the basic tenets of his idea of magic. Occasionally you see public figures who've clearly been influenced by this or at least have the same idea.He also had a big influence on the West's recent fascination with Eastern philosophy. He was one of the first western authors to write about tantra and concepts within the kama sutra. Additionally I believe he did make us slightly less prude about sex. One thing he supposedly used a lot of in his magic were "deviant sex acts", and in his time the most deviant sex acts were homosexuality and masturbation. We've come a long way since then and I wouldn't be too reluctant to say he had something to do with that.